How to Play 9-Ball Pool: Sinking the 9

How to Play 9-Ball Pool - Sinking the 9

9-Ball pool, a dynamic and strategic game, has roots that trace back to the early 20th century. It has since evolved into a popular cue sport, played by enthusiasts and professionals alike. This fast-paced game is known for its clear objectives and the skill it requires to master. Unlike its cousin, 8-ball, 9-ball pool is … Read more

Beginners Guide To Racking Pool Balls: Cue to Success

Billiards, more commonly known as pool, is a game that dates back centuries, blending skill, strategy, and a touch of luck. One crucial element to start the game off right is the rack. Mis-racking can affect the game’s outcome, so understanding the proper technique and strategy behind racking pool balls is imperative for any player, … Read more