Who Is The Best Pool Player In The World? The Pool Hall of Fame

The world of cue sports is replete with talent, precision, and a rich history of competition. Identifying the best pool player in the world is a complex task, as it involves considering numerous champions across different eras and formats.

The main factors we consider are tournament wins, consistency, skill level, and influence on the game. These factors help in painting a picture of a player’s dominance and legacy. The game has evolved significantly, with each era bringing forth players who have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on the table.

This evolution is a testament to the sport’s dynamic nature and the ever-increasing skill level of its players. Here is a list of the best players to ever play this sport, which also include some from the early days that made a huge impact on the development and popularity of pool.

1 Efren Reyes Over 100 professional tournaments, over 80 international titles
2 Ralph Greenleaf World Pocket Billiards Champion twenty times
3 Willie Mosconi 15 World Straight Pool championships
4 Rudolf Wanderone Known for promoting the sport
5 Luther Lassiter Inducted into BCA Hall of Fame in 1983
6 Earl Strickland Multiple titles, inducted into BCA in 2006
7 Mike Sigel Over 102 major tournaments
8 Allison Fisher Multiple titles, dominated nine-ball and snooker
9 Johnny Archer WPA World Nine-ball Championship, over 60 professional victories
10 Kelly Fisher Multiple titles, including World Snooker Championships

Efren Reyes: The Magician

Efren Reyes The Magician


Efren Reyes, known as “The Magician,” is often cited as one of the greatest pool players of all time. His intuitive play and creative shot-making have set him apart.

Early Career and Rise

Reyes’s journey from the streets to becoming a legend of pool is a story of raw talent meeting relentless dedication. His early years were marked by a rapid ascent through the ranks of pool.

Legacy and Influence

His influence extends beyond titles; Reyes has inspired a generation of players with his innovative approach and humble demeanor.

Achievement Category Achievement Details
World Championships – 1999 WPA World Nine-ball Champion – 2004 WPA World Eight-ball Champion
U.S. Open Titles – 1994 U.S. Open Nine-ball Champion – 2002 U.S. Open Nine-ball Champion
Derby City Classic Wins – Multiple Master of the Table Awards – Multiple One-pocket Division Titles
Notable Victories – 2001 Tokyo Open Champion – 2005 IPT King of the Table Champion
Influence and Recognition – Global Ambassador for Pool – Innovative Techniques Contributor – Philippine Sportswriters Association Sportsman of the Year (Multiple) – Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame Inductee (2003)

Allison Fisher: The Duchess of Doom

Allison Fisher The Duchess of Doom

Allison Fisher has dominated the women’s pool with an unparalleled record of victories, earning her the nickname “The Duchess of Doom.”

Dominance in Snooker and Pool

Transitioning from snooker to pool, Fisher’s precision and consistency have been her trademarks, leading to numerous titles and accolades.

Impact on Women’s Sport

Fisher’s success has not only raised the bar for performance but also increased the visibility of women in cue sports.

Shane Van Boening

Shane Van Boening has emerged as a powerhouse in the pool world, known for his formidable break and precision play.

Rise to Prominence

Van Boening’s journey to the top is marked by his remarkable performances in national and international championships, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with.

Contribution to American Pool

His achievements have reinvigorated interest in pool in the United States, contributing significantly to the sport’s popularity and competitive spirit.

Earl Strickland: The Pearl

Earl Strickland’s fiery competitiveness and strategic mind have made him one of the most formidable players in the pool arena.

Competitive Fire and Achievements

Strickland’s intense passion for winning and his impressive collection of titles have solidified his place in pool history as a competitor par excellence.

Controversial Yet Captivating

Despite being a polarizing figure, Strickland’s contributions to pool cannot be overlooked, as they add a layer of excitement and drama to the sport.

Ralf Souquet: The Kaiser

Ralf Souquet The Kaiser

Ralf Souquet’s methodical approach to the game has earned him the respect of peers and the moniker of ‘The Kaiser’ in the pool world.

Consistent Career

Souquet’s consistent high-level play over the years has made him a model of longevity and success in the sport.

A Global Pool Ambassador

His demeanor and professionalism have made him an exemplary ambassador for pool, promoting the sport’s growth on an international scale.

Mike Sigel: Captain Hook

Mike Sigel Captain Hook

Mike Sigel’s innovative play and strategic mastery have left an indelible mark on the sport, earning him the nickname ‘Captain Hook’.

Innovation and Titles

Sigel’s contributions to pool during the 80s and 90s were pivotal, bringing new strategies to the forefront and securing a legacy decorated with titles.

Teaching and Promoting Pool

Beyond his competitive achievements, Sigel has dedicated himself to teaching and promoting pool, ensuring the sport’s vitality for future generations.

Ronnie O’Sullivan: A Snooker Legend

Ronnie O'Sullivan A Snooker Legend

Ronnie O’Sullivan, a virtuoso in snooker, has also demonstrated his prowess on the pool table, showcasing his versatility and innate talent.

Talent Transcending Disciplines

O’Sullivan’s ability to excel in multiple cue sports underscores his exceptional understanding of the game’s nuances and his adaptability to different formats.

A Unique Playing Style

His distinctive rapid playing style and flamboyant flair have not only won him titles but also the hearts of cue sports enthusiasts around the globe.

Which Country is the Best at Pool?

The United States has been a dominant force in pool, particularly in games like nine-ball and eight-ball. The country has produced numerous world champions and has a rich pool-playing culture with a large number of pool halls and a strong competitive scene.

The Philippines is also renowned for its pool players, with legends like Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante hailing from there. The country has a passionate following for the sport and a deep pool of talent that continues to perform well in international competitions.

Other countries like China and Taiwan have also become prominent in the pool scene, especially in women’s pool, with players like Pan Xiaoting and Chen Siming achieving international success.

Who Invented 9-Ball?

The exact origins of nine-ball are somewhat unclear, but it is believed to have developed around the 1920s in the United States.  It was likely derived from earlier forms of pool, or pocket billiards, as a faster, more dynamic game that could be played on the same equipment but with fewer balls, making it more suitable for short, quick games that were easy to watch and understand, which made it popular in the United States.

Nine-ball was designed to be simpler and more exciting than the more traditional fourteen.1 continuous or straight pool. It became widely recognized and was standardized as part of the professional pool tournaments and leagues.

The game’s popularity has grown internationally, and it is now one of the dominant forms of competitive pool played worldwide. Keep in mind that there is a difference when compared to other games. Therefore, start by learning the basic rules.


Are there young players who are expected to break records in the near future?

The pool scene is always evolving, with new talent emerging regularly. Players like Joshua Filler from Germany and Ko Pin-Yi from Taiwan have already made significant impacts at a young age.

What impact has technology had on the way professional pool is played today?

Technology has had a significant impact on the professional pool. High-quality cues and precise table mechanics have allowed for more consistent and accurate play.

How do players qualify to compete in world championship pool tournaments?

Players typically qualify for world championship pool tournaments through a combination of ranking points, which are earned by competing in smaller sanctioned events, and direct invitations based on past performance.

What is the most prestigious pool tournament in the world, and why?

The WPA World Nine-ball Championship is often considered one of the most prestigious pool tournaments due to its international field and the high level of competition. It attracts the best players from around the globe and has a long history of showcasing the sport at its highest level.

Can pool players make a living solely from competing, or do they need additional sources of income?

A: While top pool players can make a living from tournament winnings, sponsorships, and exhibitions, many professional players also supplement their income through other means. This can include giving lessons, selling pool-related merchandise, and participating in promotional events.

The Bottom Line

The debate over the best pool player in the world is as dynamic as the game itself. It’s not just about the titles won but also about the influence on the sport, the introduction of new techniques, and the ability to consistently perform at a high level.