If you would like to support Across The Board Games and help it to grow, consider pledging support via our Patreon page. Patreon is a third party platform that specializes in crowd funding ongoing projects like blogs, webcomics and podcasts. Like Kickstarter, you can back at various levels, which have different reward tiers. This acts like a voluntary subscription service, where those who would like to pay for our content are welcome to, while keeping the site free for those who would rather not pay.

Why start a Patreon?

With the rise of Kickstarter funded board games, the gap between board game player and board game designer is getting smaller every day. The board game industry is influenced by its customers more than any other game industry. It is our goal to be a voice for positive, community oriented growth in the world of board and card games.

To do that, we need to be able to dedicate time to playing and reviewing games, to go to conventions and playtesting events- and as the old adage goes, “time is money.” Nicole and I have recently entered the board game development world as writers, theme consultants and game designers under our company name WhiskeyGinger.

As the main contributors to Across the Board Games, we have had to sacrifice time dedicated to the site in order to work on paying projects. If we want to increase the time we devote to Across the Board Games (and we do), we need to increase its ability to support our endeavors.


Now Vs Future

At the moment we publish 12 to 15 articles per month, organize public playtests of unpublished games and attend game conventions in the Seattle area. We are also active members of the Game Designer’s Clubhouse and playtestNW. On average we spend 10-20 hours a week playing board games and at least as many designing them.

We would like to continue producing the same content that you already love and expect from us, but we would also like to expand that content further to: designer diaries, a monthly newsletter and a weekly YouTube series. You are also sure to have ideas on content that you would like to see produced and we are committed to producing articles you find interesting and/or useful.

We hope that you will consider supporting us by pledging your support on Patreon.

If you’re short on cash and still want to help us out — Share this page with a friend or on social media. Any help getting the word out is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

-Luke Turpeinen
Founder, AcrossTheBoardGames.Net
Co-Owner, WhiskeyGingerLLC

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