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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


We’re Going to PAX Prime!

PAX Prime, the largest of all gaming conventions in Seattle, is coming in TWO days and there is a lot of be excited about. This is PAX Prime’s 10th year in operation so I’m sure there will be lots of bells and whistles to celebrate their anniversary. This is also the 6th year Luke and I have attended this con; however this will be our first year attending as game designers!! We’ll be showing our upcoming game Food Truck Frenzy along with 23 other games by local designers at the playtestNW booth located on the third floor of the Olive 8 hotel.

Food Truck Frenzy PAX

Want to Play Food Truck Frenzy?

Here is out playtest schedule for all of PAX weekend:

15 pax ftf

Play Games, Meet Designers, Win Prizes

We’re really excited to be playing out game alongside many local designers with some great game ideas. PlaytestNW is an event that aims to bring designers and gamers together to playtest upcoming games. This community of welcomed feedback and fun gaming experiences will help build better games.

Any PAX Badge holder can be a playtester. Just stop by our booth, play a game and fill out a feedback form to be entered into our giveaway. Playtesters must be present to win prizes and games, gift cards and other goodies will be raffled off every few hours. These prizes were generously donated from many local game stores and publishers in the Washington area.

PAX Location PNW

If you’re attending PAX or just want to stay up to date on what we’re doing, what we’re playing and the awesome games we’re seeing, please follow us on Twitter @board_crossing or follow the #playtestNW conversation.

Happy Gaming!


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