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Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Welcome to Burger Dice, Can We Take Your Order?

Our Review of Burger Dice by Matthew Gravelyn

With the summer months upon us you might need a game that pairs well with your outdoor grilling and casual summer camping trips. Burger Dice is a quick, simple game about pushing your luck and building the most burgers in a competition to become the new head chef.

I like that Burger Dice is very compact. Everything you need is shown below and the dice can easily fit into a leather pouch, dice bag or tupperware. I prefer to play Burger Dice and all quick dice games of the same nature like Zombie Dice, Dice of Crowns, etc outside on a picnic table usually with a cold iced tea and eating lunch with the family. Dice games are a good summer and outdoors game because you don’t have to worry about cards flying away when the breeze picks up or staining the cards with food and dirt.

The dice in Burger Dice are very robust and would be a sturdy game to take with you anywhere. The Game Crafter game copy uses stickered dice, so  I do warn against getting the dice wet too much or else the sticker might peel away.

Burger Dice

Anywhere from 2-6 players can participate in this race to make burgers. Burger Dice is very simple and anyone can play who can roll dice. The decision players will be faced with each turn is whether to keep rolling or take their current points and pass the dice to the next player.

If you’ve played black jack you will understand Burger Dice. In Black Jack, a player is trying to get the highest score closest to 21 without busting and going over that number. In Burger Dice players are looking to accumulate the most points possible on their turn through building burgers without wasting 4 ingredients. Once a player wastes 4 ingredients, their turn is over and they collect no points.

Players are racing to be the first player to reach a certain number of points which changes depending on the number of players. Players are also welcome to adjust the victory number to speed up or lengthen the game depending on interest and time commitment of the players.

Burger Dice

To simulate burger making, players will align the burger ingredients they roll on their dice into vertical stacks showing an exploded view of what goes into a burger. On their turn, a player will roll 3 dice at a time and begin allotting those rolled ingredients to the different burger stacks.

Building burgers in Burger Dice comes with a couple rules: A burger must always start with a bun on the bottom of the stack. To complete a burger and score it for points, a burger must also have a bun on top of the stack. Another rule is that a burger can’t have any duplicate ingredients between those two buns. That’s it.

Players continue to roll three dice at a time, build burgers, set aside waste (ingredients they can’t legally can’t use to build a burger) and then choose to either a) roll 3 more dice or b) take the points and pass the dice. Only completed burgers (with a bun on top and bottom) will score and a player calculates points by adding the number of ingredients in the burger not including the buns.

For those that like understanding the probability, there are 5 unique ingredients : bun, pickles, burger patty, ketchup and cheese. The 6 sided die has a bun icon on 2 faces and the rest of the die faces feature icons of each of the other ingredients.

Burger Dice

Hmm, should I waste the cheese to complete my second burger or start a new order?

Burger Dice is a game I first game across at a playtestNW event at Mox Boarding House last year. I’ve seen kids, families and adult gamers alike sit down and enjoy a couple rounds of Burger Dice. It is a game with a low rules threshold and takes just 10-20 minutes of your time.

The choice of roll or don’t roll feels pretty mindless and turns go very quickly. Our 3 player game lasted just 15 minutes and served as a great warm up before we dived into more complex strategy games. I look forward to seeing this game get the professional production treatment someday with custom dice and burger-themed packaging.

Right now Burger Dice is available on The Game Grafter for $16.99 (and is a staff pick!) and you can always download the rules for free if you want to build your own copy.

Burger Dice

Burger Dice received a Staff Pick by The Game Crafter

The designer of Burger Dice, Matthew Gravelyn, is a host at various playtestNW events and you can listed to his game design tips and experiences on the Designing Cardboard podcast.

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