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Published on February 11th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Top 5 Two-Player Games For Couples

A Romantic Game Night for Two

On Valentine’s Day I am looking forward to those four inviting words that every gamer couple out there loves to hear: “Let’s play a game”. Now I’m not here to spout lovey-dovey advice on what games are the best for your relationship as I’m sure you already know what each others’ likes and dislikes are; but this list includes a couple of romance-themed games meant to spice up your gaming routine.



Some like it hot and with Scoville the hotter, the better. Scoville is a unique take on the classic Euro game where instead of sheep and wood, players will be planting and breeding pepper varieties. Players are racing to harvest specific breeds of peppers to fulfill town produce orders or to cook them in your award-winning chili recipes.

The pepper garden won’t be too overrun in a two player game and you probably won’t be fighting over sections of the board. Scoville comes from Tasty Minstrel Games, a company known for publishing accessible worker placement games great for new gamers but still offers challenging mechanics for veteran players.



What’s more romantic than a quiet evening with a nice bottle of wine? I recommend setting the table for two and pairing this classy worker placement game with a pino noir (or moscato if you enjoy chilled white wines instead). Viticulture will take about an hour to play for new players, however finding your pattern of play comes easily. Cultivate your winery through building structures, planting vines, harvesting grapes and aging your wines for the future wine orders. At the end of the game players feel very accomplished having created a successful and thriving wine business.

I’ve heard of multiple players introducing this game to non-gamers who found the idea of building their own winery an exciting challenge and an experience they previously didn’t expect to find in board games. If you want to learn more about Viticulture, read Luke’s review here.



Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? In Splendor, you collect big rocks and flashy, colored gems without the hefty price tag. Every player will feel wealthy and endowed with piles and piles of gems, mines and wealthy patrons. Splendor is the modern deck building game with a simple focus on building a point-generating machine. There isn’t much story in Splendor but there is plenty of gorgeous art which build an implied story.

Players collect different types of gems to pay for certain buildings and mines. These buildings offer discounts on future purchases and as the game progresses players attract patrons who have acquired taste in gems. Splendor is a simple, 30 minute game that is great for gamers of all abilities and was a popular Board Game Geek title for 2014.

love letter L5R

Love Letter:

Remember when you passed your admirer secret notes in class thanks to the trusted classmates? Well Love Letter is kind of like that experience, except all players are competing to get their love token closest to the princess in order to woo her. Competing for her affection comes with plenty of risk, deduction and sometimes luck to get ahead of other suitors. Love Letter isn’t a robust game by any means and the 2 player version is exceptionally quick- lasting around 10-15 minutes. The game takes place over multiple rounds where players try to thwart each other’s attempts to send their letter to the princess. The player who got their letter closest wins that round.

If neither of you are into the Victorian base set Love Letter’s publisher, AEG, created multiple themed variants like the Legend of the Five Rings, Munchkin Loot Letter and a Christmas themed Letters to Santa edition. AEG even partnered with Cryptozoic for popular licensed versions with Adventure Time and The Hobbit (due to release in the future).

tales of arabian nights box cover

Tales of Arabian Nights:

Pick up this game if you are prepared to go on a crazy adventure together filled with gold-laden secret caves, cursed artifacts, and power-crazed Viziers. Choose a legendary adventurer and begin their tale anew with Tales of Arabian Nights: a story-driven game done in the style of a choose your own adventure novel. Playing this story game is much more about the journey than a victorious, point-driven conclusion. In fact, a player will have very little control over their character’s story as every encounter is completely random and mostly dictated by luck.

With that in mind, Tales is a great evening of unpredictable stories and little expectations- one of you may become a wealthy, respected sultan while the other becomes a destitute, commoner who is always imprisoned. Either way, you each will have quite a story to tell. I introduced Luke to this game a couple weeks ago and he had a blast. Learn more about the experience in our article: Spin Tales like Scheherazade.


Whatever games you and your sweetheart play this week, we hope you have plenty of fun! If you’re looking for even more two-player games we have another article with even more games. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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