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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Top 5 Gaming Gifts for Couples

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you gaming couples out there! Luke and I have worked together to find five gift ideas for that special nerdy someone. And no, Dirty Minds or Battle of the Sexes isn’t going to be on this list. There is more to gaming with your partner than just sex and innuendos. This list of five gift ideas will help you find a personalized present for your sweetie:

Jaipur board game

1. Two Player Game:

This is an obvious choice when talking about presents between gaming couples. We preemptively wrote a Top 5 Two-Player Board Games post last month but in addition to those games we’d like to suggest a few more. Two player games are mostly competitive but don’t necessarily cause conflict in the relationship. Two player games with Luke helps me become better at strategy and lets us connect through games and have fun! Picking the perfect game for your partner will come down to their interest in the theme, gameplay and difficulty. For those that love light-theme, heavy-strategy games similar to chess, try Battle Line, Dungeon Command or Twilight Struggle. For casual games that are easy to learn, quick to play we recommend Chrononauts, Jaipur or Ticket to Ride. There is a wealth of options out there for two-player games and we would be happy to suggest a game for you if you need help picking out a gift!

magic the gathering duel deck

2. Magic Duel Decks:

A night alone with just the two of you, lit candles and a bottle of wine can be spiced up even more with the addition of some one on one card play. I’m talking about picking up a Magic the Gathering Duel Deck. A packaged duel deck contains two 60-card decks, an instruction manual and usually two mythic rare planeswalkers which the deck is centered around. As Magic releases a new block, they include at least one duel deck in the release cycle and couples will find that the older the edition or block, the more expensive that duel deck will be. So there is a duel deck out there for every play style, mana combination and favorite MtG block. You could play as warring guilds from Ravnica; duke it out between badass planeswalkers Ajani vs Nicol Bolas or duel each other while commanding forces of Monsters vs Heroes. For those couples that aren’t interested in pre-constructed decks, building decks with your partner is also a fun way to spend time together. Luke and I have both bought each other Legendary creature cards for each other so that we might build a Commander deck around that general.


3. The Perfect Miniature:

At the height of my tabletop roleplaying days, I was participating in a monthly campaign, a handful of one-off sessions, guest appearances in others’ adventures and joining in on the official Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault. Having a specific miniature to designate each of my characters became very important to me. Having a large collection of minis would take away a lot of the effort of finding the perfect mini. For those of us that don’t have a box full of them, I recommend to first head to your local game store to search their collection and if nothing suites your fancy, there is always which sells individual miniatures from a variety of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Heroclix sets. Also there is a really cool Kickstarter coming to a close that lets players completely customize their own mini in three different sizes! Customizable 3D Tabletop Miniatures is the future of minis and it is worth checking out to see what custom options will become available.

gaming dice set

4. Colorful Gaming Dice Set:

When I first started gaming, I gladly used dice from the pound o’ dice from Chessex with all the multi-colored, leopard-spotted and dull-sheen varieties. We gamers are a superstitious lot and I always found myself gravitating to favorite dice that would “roll better” for crucial moments in a game. Once I began playing as a warlock or a paladin I begin to crave dice that would fit my character’s attacks and abilities. For my half-elf warlock I wanted a set of Eldritch green dice that looked like they were pulled from the Feywild itself. For my tiefling paladin, I wanted a set of dice that were pure, devout and regal that shined her newly polished pearl-inlaid armor. Luckily there are as many dice colors as there are variations of your rpg characters so you are sure to find a set perfect for your partner’s character.


5. Personalized Playmats or Dice Bag:

For geeky art lovers comes a gift option that allows couples to make a custom accessory for their partner to show off. Accessories like dice bags, playmats or card sleeves are always great opportunities to show your uniqueness and interests to your gamer friends and the world! Inked has a reasonable price for a custom 24″x 14″ playmat and also has some rk post options for those that are fans of his work for Magic the Gathering. There are also numerous places to find a great personalized present such as Etsy that may involve a longer search but is definitely worth supporting an indie artist and finding something unique for your loved one.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day to all your wonderful gaming couples! I hope you found this list a helpful resource while looking for a present. If any one needs a game suggest for a gift, we would be happy to help- just post your question in the comments, on Facebook or twitter.

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