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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich


Top 5 Games Which Are Better When Drunk

Summer conventions are upon us! Comic Con, GEN Con, Dragon Con and PAX Prime are filled with opportunities to network and meet fellow gamers. Board games are a common ice breaker among strangers and booze is a perfect catalyst to prevent those awkward silences. Below are 5 games that I highly recommend to pair with a strong drink and a group or friends (or soon to be friends) for a great time. Oh, just be sure to read up on the board game etiquette rules first.

epic spell wars

1. Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

Have your drop shots and thick, 10% ABV stouts on hand, Epic Spell Wars is not for the feint of heart! The best wizards need a constant supply of alcohol to keep up with the competition. Players are the most epic of the wizards looking to defeat their other magical opponents in a fight to the death. These aren’t Harry Potter waify spells coming after opponents–players can attack opponents with face-melting, poisonous swarms of locusts in just one spell! The outrageous spell combinations and Ren-n-Stimpy style art humor make this game a easy crowd-pleaser. While there can be complex strategy involved, players are able to ignore all the spell timing and play the most ridiculously-sounding spell and still have a great time.

Cards Against Humanity

2. Cards Against Humanity

An Amazon best-seller and all around top party game of 2013, Cards Against Humanity (CAH) should come with a warning: do not play if you are easily offended or are not a horrible person. Also, this game is NOT for children as I’m sure children would not find the humor in the idea of Santa giving misbehaved kids brain tumors. CAH is for degenerates like myself who have a dark sense of humor who also enjoy playing Apples to Apples after their third whiskey ginger. This is technically a competitive game as players try to “impress” fellow players by submitting their most horrid answer to questions like, “What will keep me warm in the winter?”, “What is heaven full of?” or “When I poop, what comes out of my butt?”. The best answer to the question gains a point in the form of the question card and the game continues in a circle until some reaches a predetermined number of points or until everyone passes out at the table. For those looking for answer samples, ‘Tom Cruise” works well for all three questions and my other favorites are too inappropriate for our site. Whether you like CAH or not, there is no denying that this game has created a flood of place-n-play party card games for adults especially apparent on recent Kickstarter campaigns.


3. Agricola

Agricola is an award-winning game about building, maintaining and growing an efficient farm and household. It is also a complex resource management and work placement that I enjoy playing only when I’m drunk out of my mind. I find buying animals, sowing crops and providing for my family loses its charm after the first thirty minutes. I live 33% of this gameplay in real life anyways and having to carefully manage which pens can hold how many cows does not hold much excitement for me normally. Four tipsy players means every action has a little more urgency and I have often found myself yelling at other players about preventing me from getting any vegetables or cursing their bonus points for being able to support a baby. So basically this calm, spreadsheet game becomes more entertaining after a few drinks as players fling sheep, scramble for grain and hastily build stone houses to keep their farm fed and family comfortable.


4. Fluxx

Multiple versions make Fluxx a perfect versatile game for any party situation and includes a wide range of themes to accommodate any nerdy palette. There are ten versions of Fluxx with a Wild West theme and Fluxx board game currently in production. My favorites include normal Fluxx, Martian Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx, which adds a healthy does of meta game elements like players having to speak in silly voices. Fluxx is a game about building a game and games starts with two simple rules: a player must draw a card at the start of his turn and play a card. As players gain more cards, they can alter the rules, set up the win condition, steal player items and receive items that prevent them from winning the game. The ‘do as the card says’ rules of Fluxx make this game simple for anyone to learn and play after their third glass of Merlot.

Robo Rally Board Game

5. Robo Rally

While I personally have not played Robo Rally, it comes highly recommended by a couple of ATBG’s authors. Robo Rally delivers just what the title implies. Grab a group of friends and a cold 18-pack of Rainer and watch a good example of why intoxicated people shouldn’t operate heavy machinery. Each player has a robot, a set of movement actions and multiple opportunities to make bad decisions. Players play sets of movements at once and follow a specified turn order similar to X-Wing. The robots are affected by the placement of other players’ robots on the battlefield so quick maneuvering and thinking ahead are the keys to survival and winning. I’ve heard that drinking players tend to do movements that are more reckless in order to win that often end in their robot falling into the abyss.

Really any board game can be enjoyable while drunk unless of course that game is Twilight Imperium where players would be asleep before their turn even came up. Do you have a favorite game to play while tipsy or is there a game which you find is more enjoyable while under the influence? Please share your favorite drunk games in the comments, on our Facebook and/or twitter page.

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