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Published on March 5th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Top 5 Adult Humor Games

Board Games Aren’t Always For Kids

Welcome to a Top 5 article that is no kiddies allowed. The following 5 games are regarded as the crudest, funniest and darkest examples of adult humor. The entertainment value of each game is very dependent on all the players actually enjoying the same style of humor which means these suggestions may not be enjoyed by every group of people. I know there are games on this list that I would never play with my family though that may not apply to your family. Well set aside those shocked faces and let’s bring out the games about violence, sex and death metal!!

Cards Against Humanity

1. Cards Against Humanity:

You cannot have a list like this an not include the most popular, most offensive card game that takes Apples to Apples and includes horribly inappropriate, racist, sexist, suggestive and crude mad lib situations for adults to solve. Cards Against Humanity is the top game seller on proving that everyone out there has a twisted sense of humor. Even more shocking than your friends’ answers to ‘What You Don’t Want to Find in Your Chinese Food’ is how the brilliant writers behind the successful game are all men! To bring some equally filthy gender standard cards, visit the Ladies Against Humanity tumblr to add more cards to your collection. The CAH crew does do a couple things well though like release special convention-related packs and they get into the holiday spirit with holiday-themed cards.

nuts card game

2. Nuts:

There isn’t much hiding the innuendos in this game. In Nuts, players are squirrels collecting a hoard of nuts. The first player to 20 nuts in his or her hoard wins! Nuts has the basic gameplay mechanich of “draw-a-card, play-a-card” similar to Fluxx and UNO. The game has interrupt cards, defense cards and offense cards so players can cheat, steal, laugh and curse their way to victory. This is one of the few games on this list that can be played with kids and teenagers who can equally giggle at the silliness and puns.


tanto cuore card game

3. Tanto Cuore:

To those who could use a little more romantic company, Tanto Cuore comes packaged as a harem anime deck builder, very similar to Dominion. This game isn’t very popular with many gamers, especially women, as Tanto Cuore features  subservient female stereotypes which are very common in harem anime. Each player is the master of a household looking to fill their mansion with maids. Each maid acquired will help the player gain victory points towards the end of game or will sabotage other players’ chances of collecting victory points. The victory points are known as love or affection and it should follow that a happy, maid-filled household will bring the master happiness and a win.

epic spell wars of the battle wizards duel at mt skullzfyre

4. Wizards of Mt. Skullzfyre:

To those gamers who grew up with Ren n’ Stimpy, Bevis & Butthead and Heavy Metal, this game is for you. Cryptazoic brings one of its very own licenses into a competitive card game where the bad-ass-est of wizards compete in an all-out duel of magic and wits. While nothing in Battle Wizards is outright offensive, there is plenty of dark magic and monster references as well as grotesquely-drawn characters, spells and effects which are reminiscent of metal album covers. This game is great for friends and families unless that person really has a problem with a vomiting skull volcano.

Gloom card game

5. Gloom:

The most gruesome death has the most interesting story. In Gloom, players take on a family of misfits who all live a boring and said life in a gloomy town, but the families believe that in death all the unhappiness piled up in their previous life is returned to them in equal amounts of joy and love. The saddest life and most misery-endured family will be promised an afterlife of riches. The story, characters and game were designed by none other than the talented story-weaver Keith Baker (the creator of the popular Dungeons & Dragons setting Eberron). This death-themed game is popular in a household that values dark humor.

For those moments you feel like a little laugh and inappropriate giggle, these are five options to bring along to play with your friends and family. Do you have an adult humor game that is your go-to for parties or to play with friends? We’d love to hear your favorites in the comments, Facebook or twitter.

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