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Published on August 19th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


This is My #GenCon50 Hype List…

If I Were at Gen Con

Hello ATBG fans and followers!

I have returned to share the games I’m most excited about at this year’s Gen Con. Yes, sadly, I am not part of the momentous milestone that is #GenCon50 in-person but I am living vicariously through the many tweets, pictures, and shares from my fellow gamers.

As part of the #GenCant crowd, I still have a healthy weekend of game events planned. I’ll be trying out my recently arrived Kickstarters: By Order of the Queen and Tiny Epic Quest on Saturday. On Sunday I’ll be playtesting games with playtestNW.

Now with over 500 individual game titles featured on BGG’s huge Gen Con preview list, I had a difficult time picking my favorites. My hype list features my favorite publishers that I’ve covered many times before on ATBG and it also includes some popular titles currently trending on BGG. Tell me what you’re excited for at #GenCon50 in the comments!

Now let’s get to the games!


Daily Magic Games: Booth #2956

A shoutout to our friends at Daily Magic Games! Make sure to stop by their booth and play all the colorful and strategic games set in Valeria and beyond! 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard’s Tower* is making its debut at Gen Con and is by game designer Nick Sibicky. You play as one of five thieves looking to steal the ultimate score of artifacts, gems, and more magical items from the tower of the illustrious wizard, Alazar. Players descend the 8 floors in a race to pick up the items that will earn them the most Prestige by the end of the game.

*Daily Magic tweeted today that they have 3 copies left…

Psst! Also, the former Daily Magic Games’ title, Go Nuts for Donuts, will also be at Gen Con at the Gamewright booth. Just look for the cute donut faces at the Gamewright Booth!

I’m Loving the Diversity in Games This Year!

I mean, just look at this image again! (All this amazing art featured in the cover image and below is by Leah Artwick.)

sparkle kitty

I have shared many Kickstarter games for their inclusion and diversity in their character art. Many of those games are at Gen Con (Spirit Island, One Deck Dungeon) but I was happy to find new games that I had not yet come across.

The vibrant header image above comes from a game called, Sparkle Kitty. The princesses in Sparkle Kitty features a spirited group of ladies in many ethnicities, shapes, and styles. It’s a social game of spell slinging that is great for all ages. I wish I knew more about the gameplay, but for right now, I’ll keep ogling at the art.

I found Cursed Court on the BGG list and was interested in the political intrigue that featured hidden and public information in a quest for the throne. Luke and I are working on a political game, with similar elements of deduction and secret affiliation so I look forward to giving this one a playthrough:

Cursed Court

Cursed Court image from BGG.

I also found Crossfire by Plaid Hat on the BGG list and recognized the colorful, dynamic character art as belonging to Jen Zee: known for her art in the indie video game hits Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion.


Crossfire is a 5-minute group game (5-10 players) where two sides are in conflict over assassinating or protecting a Raxxon VIP. Avoid hitting bystanders and be crafty with your choices in order to be on the winning side.

The Familiar Names & Games

fireball island

Restoration Games announced their next old classic game they’ll be restoring: Fireball Island. Fans can expect a classy rework of the original with new art, gameplay, and more.

I’m not fond of many IP board games coming to shelves, but a collaboration that I just can’t miss is a Scott Pilgrim themed game designed by Keith Baker!!

The Grimm Forest is at Gen Con after having a huge Kickstarter success. Collect resources, build houses and recruit your fairy tale friends for help in this accessible strategic game.

the grimm forest

Now, what are you most excited for at #GenCon50?

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  1. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:


    It’s been too long since we last a post. Great to read your thoughts and impressions again. Hope you’ve had a great summer. I, too, shared in the momentous occasion through Brawling Brothers and Blue Peg, Pink Peg tweets and Facebook entries. Maybe next year, as I’ve been asked by both Rio Grande Games and Academy Games to assist at their respective booths and teach games. Unlike Origins, GenCon never struck me as a “gaming” convention as much as a “working” convention, so we’ll see. Anyway, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


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