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Published on April 10th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Tabletop Day and Local Gaming Events

It is almost the weekend! I hope you have a full day of gaming planned for tomorrow, April 11th for International Tabletop Day. Each year, game stores and gamers are encouraged to hold a public gaming event to build a friendly and social community around tabletop games.

While this game-packed weekend may not be a deviation from your usual weekend, Tabletop Day is a great opportunity to get out and visit your friendly, local game store, see what new games are out and meet local designers and companies. You can visit and find a registered event in your area.

Raygun Lounge 001

We’ll be here at Raygun Lounge in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. It is a cozy place where games, beer, cider and prizes are abundant.

If you’re in Seattle, join us: Across The Board Games, Raygun Lounge, Gamma Ray Games and A Podcast [,] For All Intents and Purposes tomorrow April 11th for games, beer, cider and prizes. Also in attendance will be many local and indie designers showcasing their games. Expect appearances by Game Company No. 3, Rock Paper Scissors Games, Laboratory Games and Passport Games.


Create Your Own Game Event:

Luke and I were happy to once again lend our voices of experience to Episode 44 of A Podcast [,] For All Intents and Purposes. This week you are in for a treat. With the upcoming Tabletop Day, we discuss with Andrew how to go about creating a gaming event in your area. We also dish on our current favorite games: Argent the Consortium and Skulldug! Have any other suggestions? Let us know if the comments!

We tend to stop this podcast by at least once a month to talk about games, community trends and nerd news so if you have started, give their previous episodes a listen!


The Gauntlet: Moxtropolis 2015:

The team over at Mox Boarding House are the best at hosting and organizing gaming events in the name of charity. On May 16th, teams will compete in a series of tabletop games and challenges. All money raised will benefit the local chapter of Hopelink: a charity whose mission is to support low-income families and the homeless on their way to self-sufficiency.

For more information and to help donate to this cause, visit the Moxtropolis charity campaign page. Please help spread the word! Charitable gamers have already raised $21,000 of their $30,000 goal.


International Worker (Placement) Day:

Rise up fellow gamers! Another fun event we have planned comes on May 1st, which is more commonly recognized as Labor Day across the globe. Across the Board Games would like to recognize the labor and struggle of the hard working meeple. Gamers are encoraged to bring your favorite Worker Placement game to Raygun Lounge anytime after 6pm on Friday, May 1st.

I plan on bringing the topically-relevant worker placement game and one of my favorites: Euphoria by Stonemaier Games. Players must keep their works happy and uneducated in this dystopian society. Gamers also always have the option to give the working meeples a break and play one of the many tabletop and card games in the Gamma Ray Games game library.

Here is the official Facebook event page. We hope you will join us for this special event!

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