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Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Stonemaier Games’ Charity Auction 2014


We are proud to be part of Stonemaier Games’ Euphoria Ultra Supreme Limited Edition Charity Auction 2014! We are 1 of 9 tabletop gaming review sites and blogs participating. Bid on Euphoria Supreme copies (complete with GameTrayz inserts) and the highest bid will have 100% of their bid donated to that website’s charity of choice (75% of other winning bids donated respective websites’ charities).

You have one day left to put down your bid. Here is an excerpt and picture from the auction detailing what you can receive if you have the winning bid:

euphoria gametrayz

The winning bidder of each auction will receive:

–1 copy of Euphoria Supreme signed by the designers. This special version of Euphoria includes realistic resource tokens, a double-sided game board, alternate-art “faceless” recruit cards, wooden authority stars, extra commodity tokens, box sleeve, and an extra set of 24 dice.
–1 set of 16 brand-new updated recruit cards and 1 quick reference guide (a second-printing addition).
–Everything will be punched and sorted in a platinum-blue, limited-edition Game Trayz insert and organizer. (All components fit snuggly inside the tray and do not shift around, as demonstrated by the shake test video:
–Free shipping anywhere in the world.

The highest bidder out of all of the individual auctions will receive double the number of realistic resource tokens and commodity tokens.

Thanks for supporting these amazing charities, these talented bloggers, and Stonemaier Games!

For more information about the auction and to see the other bloggers and their charities, please visit BoardGameGeek.

Across The Board Games has chosen Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for our charity. This organization provides medical care and aid where it is needed most and is the leading organization responding in West Africa where the recent Ebola outbreak has claimed more that 3,000 lives. We chose Doctors Without Borders because we need their continuing aid of medical workers, education and supplies to the areas and people in need around the world. To learn more about this organization and how your donation will be used, please visit:

We are extemely grateful to be part of such an amazing, supportive and charitable community. We thank you for all your help with sharing this auction via social media with your friends and fellow gamers. Even if you cannot bid on the game, we hope that you will give us your thumbs up on board game geek and possibly donate to these amazing charities in the future.

Thank you Stonemaier Games, Board Game Geek, Doctors without Borders and you, our wonderful supporters!

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