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Published on October 28th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Spooky Kickstarter Updates part 3

We have had an unprecedented number of Kickstarter campaigns we want to cover this month so today is we launch our third Kickstarter article for October. We are a big fans of celebrating the spookiness of October with costume parties, candy and scary films at ATBG. My treat for you this week is a selection of 10 more Kickstarter tabletop games which feature spooky, scary and supernatural themes.

Cthulhu Wars – Onslaught Two: 

You may remember the first Kickstarter campaign for Cthulhu Wars back in 2013. It is a competitive strategy and territory control game featuring your favorite Cthulhoid monsters done up in very large scale miniatures. Each player controls one of these gods of madness and fights over control of this post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy world. This campaign is an opportunity to get in on the game and the extra content they have coming up like more gods, more maps and other content in their 7 new expansions!


PANDEMONIUM shattered its funding goal in just 5 hours and are now unlocking some screaming, new content in their stretch goals. This survival horror board game brings to life nightmares and thematic elements of classic horror with inspiration from George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” series, “Suspiria”, “Jaws” and a lot more. 1-5 players can play in a co-op, semi co-op or elimination mode and choose from a variety of pre-made campaigns with a ton of different objectives which makes Pandemonium feel like you are a character in a horror film. I really like the focus on story and bringing a large number of horror elements in a cohesive setting– without the zombies.

Escape the Nightmare:

Players are in a frantic setting of a shared nightmare and are looking to get out of it before the lurking, unknown enemy strikes. Escape the Nightmare is a quick card game about communication, card trading and restrictions. Throughout the game players will be trading cards with each other in hopes of collecting multiple sets of similar nightmare elements in order to escape; however each time a player trades a card there is a resulting effect-usually a restriction on your speech, who you can trade with and even silence you for a turn. There are more silly effects too like speaking in rhymes and restricting the use of arms and other body parts. Also all the gameplay and effects are done in real time with no turns. Players will need to work together to escape through these hurdles and ever-present danger of death and failure.

Z. Year One:

This campaign is a LOT to take in. Z. Year One the tabletop game was funded back in 2013 on Kickstarter. This campaign is money for the final push of a digital version of the game and also allows more people to get in on tabletop game that is nearing production. To me the game is very impressive–it’s a mix between resource management like Magic the Gathering and sets up different survival scenarios with characters, equipment and environment options. The game features high-production photos from Hollywood level teams. Hundreds of people are putting these versions together and taking care of a lot of the production needs. What I would like to see though is a gameplay video for the tabletop game on the Kickstarter page.

Crimson Creek:

Crimson Creek is an homage to 80’s slasher films done up in a semi-cooperative survival deduction card game. Each player takes on the role of a high school stereotype who is moving around a to different creepy locations like the cemetery, cabin, lake, etc and discover clues as to who is the killer tormenting the players and where he or she might strike next. The pace of the game comes from the exposure tracker and as the marker moves along, players must prepare and hope that the killer doesn’t find them.


You live in a world where only the beer is safe to drink and bar fights with mutants from the wastelands are your regular form of entertainment. Beerpocalypse is a drinking game that is focused on using beer as a resource instead of a punishment in game. Players are encourage to share and sample different beers as there are four different tasting areas on each player board. Players work together to win S.C.U.M fights and prepare for the final battle with Killgut-the owner of the bar Beerpocalypse. I want to see more drinking games like this that focus on incorporating strategic games and beer for a more pleasant social gaming experience.

Blackout: Journey into Darkness:

Blackout has a lot of great features in the game and campaign. First off, all the female characters are dressed like their male counterparts-no revealing clothing and no gigantic boobed miniatures. Backers have already unlocked additional gender swapped miniatures so now players can choose between badass male or female versions of all the classes. This is a post apocalyptic dungeon crawler game where players fight together in the ruins of a city against parasitic spawn. Players can level up their characters, encounter events and not only get weapons and supplies but modifications to upgrade those items. There is a lot of great game here and even more features worth unlocking. 15 more days on this campaign!

Dreary Hamlet:

Dreary Hamlet is set in a very depressing city where death is inevitable. Players look to defeat the treacherous monsters that creep into the city at night and betray their opponents in order to steal all their gold, loot and other resources for survival. Players will want to gain a lot of loot throughout the game which can heal their damage, be crafted into more valuable items or sold for more gold. Players that are eliminated during the game do have access to the death deck which they can use to still alter the gameplay. In a world set on murder, betrayal and greed, Dreary Hamlet sets up a very competitive experience.

Spellbook Gaming Boxes:

Functional and fantastical! These gaming boxes were designed to fit your gaming supplies or MtG decks and look like an old arcane tome. Each gaming box features leather covers with a variety of patterns and images players can choose to add in a custom, gold embossing. The inner flap is covered in a polished metal that doubles as a dry erase board (great for tracking hit points) and features different inserts that allows players to customize the space for their gaming purpose. A great looking product!

I hope you enjoyed the this spoooky list of tabletop games currently on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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