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Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


September Kickstarter Updates

Who needs to spend money on new clothes for the fall? Not us! Prepare for the upcoming colder months by investing in more games that you can cozy up to. Here are 10 more Kickstarters that you should take a look at!


Killer Croquet:

Invite friends and enemies over to compete in the bloodsport that is Killer Croquet where there can be only one left alive. The designer streamlines rules from such fantasy sport games like Blood Bowl into a more easily-managed game like Catan. The game rules are based on croquet rules applied to tabletop strategies.

Stuff and Nonsense:

If you’re familiar with Professor Elemental, Stuff and Nonsense is the continuation of his story and players must deal with the aftermath of the previous game. This is an adventure game about a bunch of showy professors trying to hide that they don’t actually travel beyond London. Each player embarks on a journey to keep their lie alive by collecting anecdotes, trinkets and more to pad out their fake travel stories.

Hogger Logger:

The Kickstarter game with the video introduction that I just can seem to stop watching! Hogger Logger is casual party game where up to 5 players compete to be the best Hog Lumberjack. Players compete through a series car guessing challenges where other players can sabotage or help your chances through additional numbered cards and actions.

Eminence: Xander’s Tales:

This is a game that includes all of my favorite games. Though Eminence: Xander’s Tales is a computer game, it does have many elements of common tabletop games like CCGs. Players will be treated to a rich, mythology and history-driven RPG in an MMO-sized scope with tactical combat in the form of a digital card game. The fantasy world creates well diversified factions based on their interactions of science, magic and use of alchemy. The game is free to play with a promise on modest monetization by selling card packs. At only $10 for open beta access it is definitely worth the investment.

Dragon Tides:

Artistic Justice Games is back for with another miniatures game featuring action-packed dice and card action game as an homage to martial arts’ greatest. Officially licensed characters Brandon and Bruce Lee are featured in a competitive, tactical fighting game between 1-5 players. In addition to your favorite faces of martial arts, there are stretch goals to unlock a couple certain mascot and/or characters from Level 99 Games and Soda Pop Miniatures.

Slap .45:

The first game from Gnarwal Studios is best summed up by Sam Roberts of IndieCade as: “Blazing Saddles meets Egyptian Ratscrew.” This impressive list of designers including Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin have combined my favorite slap-happy card games of Slap Jack and Egyptian Ratscrew with a themed quick draw game set in the wild wild west. Players will need to outwit and outslap their opponents to support their team gang. This casual game will be great at parties but make sure to keep those drinks away from the slapping table!

Galaxy of Trian:

Choose which of the 4 organic, gecko-inspired alien race that you’ll use to explore all the galaxies of the universe. Galaxy of Trian is one of the best examples of a richly-themed game by being a spaced-up version of Carcassone. Essentially players are competing through placement of unique space tiles on a single board. Players aim to play tile combinations to create a galaxy that is in their favor.

Pirate Loot:

The creator of the Pathfinder RPG. Grow your crew, steal booty and more pirate-y things in this card game for 2-4 players. Enjoy cutthroat gameplay as a unique and swarthy pirate and complete a game in about 20 minutes. An added bonus of the game: art by Scott Kurtz and Dylan Meconis!

Summoner’s Grimoire:

Be the champion on this spiritual conflict and defeat your opponents’ avatars in a lightly themed game with similarities to Chinese Checkers. Be the first to cross purgatory to end up at your temple to win. There is also an Advanced Mode which is a different game entirely with a different scope of the universe.

Grow: The Organic Building Game:

In Grow players participate in an elaborate, collaborative and competitive tree-growing game. Players build a 3D tree together while also trying to be the player which controls the most leaves in their respective color. The game is an abstract and artistic creation that is also a lot of fun for families, experienced gamers and new players. It’s this kind of creativity and introduction of unique gameplay that help create more innovative games.

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