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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


September Kickstarter Updates pt 2

We have 10 more Kickstarter’s for this month that are worth looking into. Represented in this article: Seattle-based designers, the periodic table and lots of gorgeous art and design. Enjoy!

Girls on Games:

Elisa Teague is the driving force behind this focused compilation book intended to provide guidance and mentoring from ladies in the tabletop gaming industry to ladies who want to join or are interested in that industry. There are many familiar and new faces to me and each professional will be adding a chapter addressing topics, sharing advice and sharing experiences work in a male-dominated industry. Backing this project will help support diversifying the tabletop industry and encouraging more women to become game designers and have a hand in the game industry.


If you love cyberpunk, tactical games and ruthless combat, Slaughterball is a game that will satisfy your gaming needs. In the far, dystopian future, people enjoy this widely-popular blood sport where genetically upgraded and engineered athletes compete in an arena. As the player, you manage and control one team in a skirmish combat where the last one standing, wins. Choose between the Valkyries, Carnage, Nemesis or my favorite teams so far, Swords of Damocles. Support to unlock even more teams!


I can’t stop raving about how beautiful Vye is. We wrote up a full review of the game Monday if you’d like more details. This 2-4 player competitive kingdom building game is all about timing, card placement and using your families’ influence to build the largest kingdom and fracture your opponents’ kingdoms. It is a great game for beginners, kids and makes a great party game. Learning and playing Vye only takes around 30 minutes and by backing this campaign, you can unlock even more gorgeous land cards and special ability cards which add more strategy to the game.


This game aims to spice up the periodic table into a game about learning about the elements in a creative, out-of-the-box way. The veteran game designers of Terry Miller Associates bring the elements to life by giving them unique personalities as illustrated on the cards while also including all the element’s stats. The base and 10 extra game formats featured in this Kickstarter are very small in scope and use the element information in a series of simplistic matching, guessing and various trick-taking games. This definitely is a better and more fun way to remember the elements than flash cards!

Knee Jerk:

Another party game which features finishing sentences created by you and your friends. A series of three cards are laid out in succession to create an open-ended situation like “I feel panicked–at the beach–because I saw…” and the first person to answer gains the leftmost card and must live with the first answer that came out of their mouth. I can see this being a very fun, brief party game but could also land you and your friends into awkward situations as the answers come straight from the imagination and reactions of your peers. Thankfully, there aren’t a series of confusing Kickstarter tiers- you can buy the game for $10 and that’s it. Simplistic.

Fast Food Legend:

The year is 1959 and fast food service is experimental and a very new way to serve food. As an investor in California you are trying to build up your chain and gain wealth, fame and a lot of laughs along the way to becoming one of the greats of the fast food industry of the future. While I do enjoy the concept of competing business men and women in the fast food industry there are some definite issues with this game in regards to trademark (referencing cards in the game as actual fast food chain names) and varying design and art styles on the game cards. The theme is scattered and the Kickstarter doesn’t show off much of a prototype which is very important when your base card games is priced at $50.

Space Movers:

Enjoy a space exploration and adventure featuring art style and feel of your favorite retro future shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Back to the Future. You are a crew member of the spaceship Liberty. Your character’s story begins in a comic book and continues in the board game which features a unified look and feel to the comic book. It is a cooperative exploration and transport-goods game but with a unique dice rolling feature where each die for checks are rolled inside the boxer cover one at a time and players can try to hit their previously rolled dice to try and change their result.

New Salem:

Players are townspeople looking to start life anew in the city of New Salem without the influence of witches and the impure OR a player could be a witch looking to capitalize on the new town and bring paranoia and strife to the new town. New Salem is a card game where players are building a new town by drafting, building and trying to root out who the witches are in the town without placing blame on a fellow puritan. The art featured in the game is by Andrea Olgiati who is known for his ‘grotesque noir’ characters and design which really helps give New Salem a creepy feel.

Skyway Robbery:

It’s like Ocean’s Eleven in an airship. Gather the most talented, gravity-defying crooks to help you plan and pull-off the largest heist in the skies. Players work together gathering equipment, avoid airship crew members and grab all the loot you can. This cooperative game is huge and features a gorgeous array of art, high quality tokens and and pieces without the use of stretch goals and more funding.

Rise of the Kage:

It refers to itself as the ‘Stealth Ninja Miniatures Board Game’ which sums up most of the game. Players can participate in a guards vs Shadow Wind Clan match up. One player controls the guards looking to bring order and stop the ninjas from completing their missions. The remaining players team up as ninjas looking to complete missions and objectives such as taking down rival families and clans. Gameplay can be as stealthy or as recklessly as the players want but they must deal with the consequences of their strategies. Plenty of poisoned shuriken for everyone.

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