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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

September Kickstarter Updates Part Deux

Holy Crap! We saw way too many new Kickstarters pop up in the last two weeks to leave them until October, so here they are: ten more games of September 2013!

Road/Kill Ultimate:

Think Mad Max meets Robo Rally. Players are battling to stay alive in this post-apocalyptic future using their personalized four-wheeled death machines! Using details car minis, players maneuver down the road avoiding objects and blasts from enemies, while trying to shoot down anyone in their path. With scale-able play and rotating board tiles, Road/Kill has a lot of re-playability for its players.


A party game for heist fans! Larceny accommodates a large group of people and is less free-form than some other prominent party games. Players compete in this casual game to capture wealthy scores like heavily-guarded rubies, a well-stashed casino vault or world-renowned painting by a famous Italian artist; however each score has a catch where players submit their best skills to overcome the obstacles to get their payload! Competitive, fun and casual, Larceny aims to raise the bar on party games by giving them more structure and objectives. Look for a full review of the prototype later this week on Across the Board Games!


Golem Arcana:

These minis campaigns just keep getting better and better. A Seattle game company, after successfully funding and launching their first Kickstarter-funded video game, is back for more in the world of large-scale miniature combat. Commissioning art from well-known artist and former Guild Wars lead concept artist, Kekai Kotaki, backers can enjoy a unique set of golem miniatures creature from Kekai’s imagination. If that weren’t fancy enough, the game is integrating iOS and Wacom-like pens features to help with tracking rules, hit points, character powers and even the ability to save the game digitally!

The Amityville Project: Probos:

This will be a competitive horror game set in an asylum for 2-4 players. Players are NOT detectives or adventurers, but instead you play different personalities vying for control within a detective’s head. Each personality is try to kick out the competition by controlling creepy aspects and revealing secret fears of the other characters. At first glance the gameplay feels very scattered with multiple boards, pieces and figures. What is most intriguing is that Probos is just the first of three games that will share one connected storyline but completely different gameplay.

Capo dei Capi:

Those who love dice games and 2 player competitive action will be thrilled to support Capo dei Capi or “The Boss of Bosses”. Two players are rival crime bosses in New York City during Prohibition and your goal is to become the best and most respected crime boss of the neighborhood. The dice are resources used to purchase influence, distribute bribes and invest in the various crime infrastructure. This game will show you that bad guys get to have all the fun!


Lords & Ladies:

Love Gosford Park and Downtown Abbey? Wish you could partake in your own period drama? Then support Lords & Ladies: a dice game for 3-5 players looking to preserve and strengthen the family name through marriages, wealth and reputation while crushing the other high-society families through gossip and financial ruin! To those fans waiting between seasons, grab your friends, bring out the tea and crumpets and create a few dramatic episodes of your own.


The four elements return again in this competitive tile movement game for multiple players. The board is small and the game is quick! It kind of reminds me of those pocket tile puzzles I used to play with as a kid. The basic mechanic of those puzzles was that only one piece can be moved at a time and movement occurs by switching it with another tile. Codinca gameplay is similar and players are looking to make moves that are advantageous to their win condition without complete an opponents’. Think of this like a multiplayer Bejeweled where you’ll have to make your own explosion sounds.


Who doesn’t love playing as a god? Sangoku recreates an ancient battlefield where gods fight to control the heavens, earth and hells. Players put influence into each realm and fight it out with other players. After playing Blood Bowl: Team Manager, Sangoku seems similar, in that players recruit “star players” or monsters to help fight for their side and take down the other gods. Also, the art is a gorgeous, Japanese watercolor style with colored pencil.

Cult Classic:

Players are aspiring cultists looking to make it big! Cultists take the brunt of gaming jokes as they are throw-away minions, but in this game they take center stage! At first glance, Cult Classic appears to be a very similar game to Steve Jackson’s beloved Munchkin where players are competing for followers, equipment, etc and it also contains a Munchkin style humor in the art.

 Stack and Attack:

Made to be a casual game that introduces casual players to deck building games, Stack and Attack says it all in the name. Players are Neanderthals looking to build a stone tower to impress the gods but must finish their tower first. Players only need to worry about rocks and what to do with them: get more rocks, stack more rocks or throw rocks at opponents.

Most of these board games are slated to ship in time for Christmas which could explain why September is so full of new games coming out! I know that there will be plenty of board game-shaped boxes under my tree this year! If we missed any Kickstarter that you believe requires a mention, let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter.

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