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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


September 2015 Kickstarter Updates

Welcome September. This past month was a blur. We just came back from an epic PAX Prime weekend and we have tons of games on the brain. Some of these indie titles on this Kickstarter list were even at PAX. I hope you enjoy these 10 indie games and products we liked on Kickstarter:


I got to see a game of Shootout at PAX as the designer stopped by the playtestNW booth and demoed a couple of his upcoming games, including this fast-paced wild west competitive card game. Players build up their hands in secret by picking up more powerful cards in exchange for discarding weaker cards from their hand. At the end of the first round, all players lay down their hand in a shootout-the last one standing wins the round and play starts again. It’s quick, fun and fits a lot of people for a quick game at a party or convention.

Blackwater Gulch: Savage Beasts:

Gatormen, spiked swamp-dwellers and pistol-wielding human gangs fight for dominance in this weird west horror miniatures skirmish game. This campaign is just to create the Savage Beasts pack, which is the setting’s werewolf faction, but the add-on level lets you pick from the previously released minis from the collection. If you want to bring some ferocious werewolves to your rpg campaign then you should back Blackwater Gulch.

Madzzle: Jigsaw Puzzle Reinvented:

While I know it isn’t a tabletop game, jigsaw puzzles are enjoyed on a table. Madzzle is a project that looks to bring families together for an educational, strategic and interactive experience that isn’t on a screen or tech device. There three puzzle varieties each with their own mini game and beautifully illustrated puzzle of the Amazon, under the Bermuda triangle or a world map. The design is very colorful and the games are more challenging for children. Madzzle could serve as a good gateway between puzzles and board games.


Tabletopia is a revolutionary new product that can benefit both gamers and designers. This digital platform looks to digitize thousands of board games and allow for online play with gamers across the globe. I would definitely scroll down their campaign page to see the depth of this platform. Tabletopia would also allow designers to create digital versions of their games with ease by uploading card art for their templates, using pre-rendered game pieces (like meeples, cubes) or even allow artists to import their own 3Ds sculpted minis. This is a most impressive product!

Trove: The Crystal Caverns:

Trove is a fascinating exploration in asymmetrical win conditions using a classic fantasy narrative. Players can take on 1 of 4 roles in Troves: the knight (a female knight even!), the goblin hordes, the red dragon and the cave itself. Each role has their own set of abilities and separate win condition which revolves around the other characters in the story.


For those that love abstract strategy games, LESS is a ‘game like chess but less’. The board set up, rules and win conditions are very simplistic but allow for 100,000 combinations. LESS design is elegant and easily allows players to set up a game for two or expand the game to include 4 players in a team competition. LESS is also very practical as the board game pieces also serve as coasters making this game great for public settings, bars and outdoor use.

GemPacked Cards:

Eduardo Baraf is back with another casual, colorful and interactive board game on Kickstarter. GemPacked Cards is a game based on his iOS puzzle game. Players can craft different gems, separate them into their primary colors and fulfill different gem orders while racing to the end of the game. The flow of the game relies on a player’s understanding of primary and secondary colors. The reference to specific colors along the spectrum mean that this isn’t a colorblind-friendly game unfortunately. GemPacked cards is a great learning tool for kids and a fun strategic game for the family.





Cogs in a Machine:

Build Gizmos, Whirligigs, Thingamabobs in this press your luck dice game between competitive gnome workers. The game ends after a player builds their 5th component. The player with the most points wins! We’ve had the opportunity to play this game at past playtestNW events and found Cogs to be a lot of fun. I find that the team play game allows for even more strategy and tension. Also the Supervise action is an asymmetrical ability that each gnome has and can use to alter their opponents’ turn.  Cogs in a Machine is a lighthearted theme and easy to learn. My only critique would be to add some ladies and non-white gnomes join the builders.

Booze Barons:

This is a competitive deduction game set in the 1920’s prohibition era. Players take on the roles of rival mobsters looking to brew, deliver and profit off of their secret booze while avoid getting caught by their opponents. There is no player elimination and Booze Barons rewards players for paying attention on opponents’ turns as one of the key victory factors is trying to guess and catch the rival mobsters with their signature brew.

Kings of Air and Steam : Worlds Fair

Worlds Fair is an expansion to the base game Kings of Air and Steam and brings more technology, new characters and new player boards to this competitive steampunk game. Scott Almes has been hard at work to bring this expansion to this gorgeous world of zeppelins, cogs and Victorian fashion. The campaign is very simple which I like a lot: buy the expansion for $25 or if you missed out on the base game you can get the base game and Worlds Fair expansion for $70.

I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 tabletop games, accessories and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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