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September 2015 Kickstarter Updates Part 2

As we prepare ourselves for the change in season, it is never to early to look ahead and think about the games to play in the new year or even beyond. We have a list of great games that made appearances from Gen Con to PAX Prime and even some that saw lots of play at our table. Here are our 10 Kickstarter Picks for September, part II:

Campaign Trail:

We had a blast playing Campaign Trail and tried our 3 of 4 different modes of play (determined by number of players) and enjoyed the slight variation across the different modes and team play. I found this competitive game of political control very intuitive and fun. The different candidate choices really challenged you to adjust your strategy and offered a lot of replayability for the game. Read Luke’s full review of Campaign Trail.

The Guardians: Explore:

The Guardians: Explore has a little bit of everything: drafting, deckbuilding, worker placement and combat in this adventure game about kids defending their hometown from monsters. This game brings to life the conflict that every child grew up imagining when they put on homemade armor and used sticks for swordfights in the backyard. The kids of Arthursburg are the only hope to defend and save the town from monsters. While this is a cooperative game, it is the kid with the most trophies at the end of the game who will be crowned the True Guardian of the city.

The Appalachian Trail Game: Special Edition:

Games sometimes serve a larger purpose than just entertainment. The Appalachian Trail Game in addition to being a game about traveling the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine, teaches basic hiking preparedness skills to beginners and inspires players to go out and enjoy the outdoors. This game is coming to Kickstarter in time to get support from the people making A Walk in The Woods- an upcoming movie starring Robert Redford who encourages the audience to adopt hiking habits to keep the trail preserved and beautiful. Players will prepare their packs, encounter plenty of obstacles and enjoy the moment of triumph after reaching the end of the 14-state-long journey with the help and encouragement of other players.

Privateers! The Golden Decade:

The vast gameplay in Privateers brings adventure, treasure and ship battles in the 18th century age of pirates. Players can sail the 7 seas and loot, pillage and plunder, but also establish trade with colonies, improve their ship and navigate the treacherous seas filled with monsters, reefs and fellow pirates. There is a lot to keep you busy in this 1-2 game with plenty of strategy and a variety of decisions.

The Networks:

I am very interested in playing The Networks because I’ve always wanted a board game experience that put me in the seat of Jack Donaghy, executive of Kabletown and GE in the 30 Rock comedy series played by Alec Baldwin. The Networks puts competing TV execs to work acquiring stars, shows and ads to play on their network. Each network starts with the same, low-budget, poor-quality public access shows and spends the game upgrading to better and better programs.

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain:

Green Couch Games is back to Kickstarter with another colorful, engaging and compact card game. It’s a race to the end of the mountain for a group of engineering students who are testing our their new rocket powered skis, which have the unfortunate consequences of starting an avalanche and waking the yeti up from his slumber. The first student who reaches the bottom of the mountain first and in one piece wins the game. Avalanche at Yeti Mountain is simple, fast and competitive and makes a great icebreaker game.

Garbage Day:

I used to play Bottle Topps all the time as a kid. It’s an abstract dexterity game where players balance tokens on a platform and continue to stack them on top of each other until the whole thing comes crashing down. Garbage Day combines this dexterity challenge game from my childhood with backstabbing elements and a very relateable goal: avoiding taking out the trash. We’ve all had experience with procrastinating and trying to leave the garbage for another to deal with–now that conflict comes to a game and the winner is the one who successfully deposits their garbage without spilling over the pile of disgusting food and trash.

Mech Deck:

This scrimmage mech game caught my attention because the miniatures feature modular pieces that players can use to build a custom mech each game. In addition, players can choose from different pilots which also have different abilities which add to amount of customization available for each mech. Players battle to be the last mech standing in a dice-rolling combat system. Resulting hits and damage cause mechs to lose their pieces so timing and resource allotment is vital to make sure your mech survives!

The Best Damn Gaming Coins 2:

This is quite an inflated Kickstarter campaign title but after looking at the quality, variety and artistry in these coins, I have to agree: these are the best damn coins for games I’ve seen. This campaign brings 7 new designs to their portfolio, 5 of which come from Asian cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Mongol, Persian and Indian designs. The coins are beautifully crafted and feature art, writing and motifs associated with the different cultures and time period. Also available are the first 13 sets of coins which include covers everything from ancient to medieval and pirate to fantasy style coins.



This header image sucked me right into Fellowship’s campaign-it isn’t everyday that I see character on the front page of an rpg that reminds me of myself. This rpg is about bringing together a variety of players to face an unspeakable evil (the Overlord) which is destroying their world. In the similar stories like Lord of the Rings and Zelda, these heroes must band together to defeat the enemy and save the world they love. Each hero represents a type of people, group or community and helps build up what kind of group they are. Fellowship is as much about adventuring and fighting evil as it is about building relationships between cultures and forming lasting friendships through a great ordeal.

I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 tabletop games, accessories and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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