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Published on July 30th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Seattle Unpub Games and Designer Recap

I’ve had a few days to think about the crazy success of our first Unpub event. There were parts that went very well and some that could use improvement for the next event. Overall we had an amazing turnout of designers and players who were all here to support indie games!

I’d like to write a short recap all of the games that were at the event with helpful links to let you find out more about the game and its designer. We have amazing 15 designers and games to cover with lots of pictures too!

food truck showdown

Thank you Angela for this wonderful picture. She’s our reigning Food Truck Queen: her end score total was double the competitions’ scores!

Food Truck Showdown by Luke and Nicole (that’s me):

Luke demoed the game that he and I have been working on for the past year. Players compete to be the best food truck in town by hiring staff, completing recipes, winning awards and more in this strategic card game. You can blame myself for the tasty food art that has players salivating throughout the whole game. Continue to follow us on Across The Board Games on Twitter and Facebook for updates on Food Truck Showdown.


(Sorry about the poor photo quality!)

Spectrum by Glenn:

Spectrum is a fast, easy to learn party game that is a unique take on card-draw and casual pattern focused games like Uno. Instead of trying to just mess with other players, each player is trying to reach specific goals that net them points. A goal is achieved from stacking your cards in a certain order which must follow the rules on the cards. The best way to test Spectrum yourself is to visit Glenn at the Raygun Lounge– the venue that hosted this amazing event.

destruct sequence disengage

You can play this game at Gen Con 2014!

Destruct Sequence Disengage by Game Company No. 3:

Dave is a master of putting together prototype games and his latest game, Destruct Sequence Disengage, is a timed-cooperative game where players must deactivate the destruct sequence on their space ship that was turned on by the mischievous cat! Dave is the guy responsible for saying “Hey, Seattle is awesome. We should host an Unpub event!”. And the rest is history!

If you’re at Gen Con this year, stop by the Game Salute booth to meet Dave and give his big box game ‘Oh My God, There’s An Axe in my Head’ a try. As a diplomat at the first meeting of the League of Nations, you must escape from the axe-throwing Swiss with your life but life-threatening situations can make for some excellent diplomacy with your fellow diplomats. For more info and to follow their games’ progress, visit their Facebook and website.

mystery inc


Mystery Inc! by Kainoa:

In this co-op board game, players take on the role of your favorite meddling kids! Players work together to find evidence to unmask the creeps haunting the mansion. This is a fun adventure game that brings back all your favorites about those lovable characters and adventures in Scooby Doo. The best way to test Mystery Inc! is to find Kainoa at the Raygun Lounge.


Bigfoot and Scrapbots by Rick:

I was lucky enough to play a full game of Bigfoot with designer Rick. In Bigfoot players are researchers looking to collect enough evidence to prove Bigfoot’s existence and gain fame in the scientific research community. His second game, Scrapbots is a televised sporting event where players build their mechs from the scrap heap and then send them into the arena. It’s a ‘last robot standing’ competition as players try to gain points by knocking off parts of other scrapbots. This battle royale robot game was picked up by Clever Mojo Games and will be coming down the production line! Follow both games’ progress through BGG.


BANE by Gamesicle Games:

I’ve seen a couple iterations of BANE and this latest version has new art and a handy reference card to assist players-both look amazing and ready for Kickstarter! Werewolves, Vampires and Silver-weaponed Humans vie for control over one another is this card game of clever play and bold moves. 

You might remember that we reviewed their first game, Junkyard King a couple months ago which is available on GameCrafter. We eagerly await BANE’s Kickstarter and to make sure you know when it goes live follow Gamesicle Games on Twitter, Facebook and their website.


Okay, this isn’t actually a progress shot of the game but will get you in the mood for playing it.

It’s On The Ship!! by Mike

I unfortunately didn’t grab a picture of this game by Mike. This game is for those that want to romp through space with an unpredictable alien killer aboard their ship. As an Alien fan, I would love to try ‘It’s On The Ship!!’ in the future and hopefully, I won’t be the first one to die.

If anyone has further links or pictures of this game, please contact me at nicolejekich(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Shadow Kingdoms

Shadow Kingdoms by Isaias:

I can’t wait to see as this game develops. Players build and expand their kingdoms using gameplay mechanics that any player can easily understand. The variety of custom kingdoms you can build is enormous. You can buy city defenders, merchants, monks and more while also killing monsters and buying land. If you enjoy any of these big titles: Dominion, 7 Wonders, Kingsburg and Tiny Epic Kingdoms- Shadow Kingdoms is a must try!

Isaias’ name is familiar to those who are fans of his Game Salute published game, Sunrise City which came out in 2011. We’ll be sharing more about Shadow Kingdoms as the game progress. In the meantime, connect with Isaias on BGG and leanr more about Sunrise City through Game Salute.

wizard dodgeball

The floor is just like the one in gym class. I think I skinned by knee by just looking at this game.

Wizard Dodgeball by Mind the Gap Studios

Wizard Dodgeball is a fast-paced, two player game that lets you play dodgeball as aggressively and mercilessly as you did as a kid without the potential injuries. It hits that nostalgia button really well and successfully makes a sports game interesting-plus there is magic! If you want to know more, we’ll have a full review of Wizard Dodgeball up next week.

You may have heard of this game before because it was one of the Tabletop Deathmatch finalists! On August 1st, Wizard Dodgeball will be available on Kickstarter and we’ll have the link up on our site. In addition, I got to play ZtoZ which was a very fun party game where players must speak words and phrases in their best zombie impersonation without cracking a smile or laughing. I didn’t get very far, but if you think you and your friends can get past the first 2 cards, you can find ZtoZ on DriveThruCards. For more information about Mind the Gap Studios’ games and where you can play them visit their website  and Twitter.


tango down

Tango Down by Pegasus Project Games:

Tango Down is a cooperative card and dice driven game in which players take control of an elite international counter terrorism unit known as SATRN (Special Anti-Terror Response Network). Team based communication, taking action, and effective decision making are required to successfully take down tangos while securing objectives. Tango Down is a well-done first person shooter game in tabletop format. 

This modern setting deckbuilder will be one of the first of its kind and will be on Kickstarter soon. Visit their website, Facebook and Twitter for updates and more information about Tango Down.

an gorta mor

An Gorta Mor by Danny:

In An Gorta More, players are chiefs of Irish clans who hope to dominate Ireland after the Famine, planning out their clan’s migrations for the coming year and manipulating other clans’ movements. War game strategists are sure to enjoy this game about domination of Ireland and the gorgeous map where their strategies take hold. I met Danny at this event for the first time and look forward to seeing more games from him in the future. We will share An Gorta Mor as it develops further.

last stand

 Last Stand by Jeston and Angela:

Last Stand is a great cooperative game that features teamwork and frantic survival. Take on the infected by building bases, upgrading them and collecting supplies from neighboring areas. Each player is a character with a unique ability that helps each player assist in their survival. Gameplay is best described as a small-scale Pandemic taking place in a town rather than the globe. The smaller scale doesn’t dumb down the difficulty at all and if you’re looking for a challenge, I recommend Last Stand!

Find out more about the game, creator and production at Last Stand’s BGG page.

skulldug closeup

Skulldug! by Jon:

I want pulp games to be as prominent as zombie games in the future! Skulldug focuses on the aspects that make the pulp adventure and exploration genre so unique: treasure, traps and treachery. This is a competitive game between 3-5 Indiana Jones-esque adventures. Jon will definitely be at future gaming and Unpub events in Seattle and we’ll be sure to share information on Skulldug! as it develops and to read more about their game please visit their write up here.

quarantine z

Quarantine Z by Alloyed Creations:

Quarantine Z is a cooperative zombie survival game where one player is a zombie trying to eat the brains of humans while the other players work to survive and not get eaten. You’ll enjoy lots of mayhem and maybe even victory!

Quarantine Z is available on Amazon (technically it wasn’t an unpublished game but everyone had a lot of fun playing it!) and updates can be found on their Facebook Page. Visit their official website for more updates on upcoming games.


These are just a sample of books that I would love to bring to this game.

Bring Your Own Book by Matthew:

All you need is a few books to participate in this casual game of fill-in-the-blank and Apples-To-Apples style party game. Bring Your Own Book is is a game of borrowed phrases, where players with books follow prompts to take text way out of context. The game can be as fun as you desire and I would love the opportunity to bring a ton different genre books to the table. In addition to being a light-hearted game, this will also help you show off your book collection and maybe encourage others to read your favorites

This game will be coming to Kickstarter soon. To receive updates about Bring Your Own Book, you can sign up for the email list here.

maciavelli the prince

Machiavelli: The Prince by Rock Paper Scissors Games:

Players conquer principalities following Machiavelli’s rules of warfare in this twist on the deckbuilder game. You can pay for mercenaries, hire leaders, or antagonize your own people into fighting for you. Luke says that “Machiavelli is one of the most condensed deck building games I’ve played- it really distills the essence of what a deck-builder is. By focusing on deck-optimization, Machiavelli feels like the perfect blend between eurogames and deck-building games. “

Rock Paper Scissors Games has made some wonderful games in the past that we’ve played including Salem and Fool’s Gold. To find out more about their games, please visit their Facebook Page.

I had the pleasure of meeting all these amazing people and I highly recommend that you check out each and every one of these games. I was overwhelmed by the talent and diverse games that were at this Unpub event and I look forward to hosting another in the future!

You don’t have to take just my word for how awesome this event was- Card Kingdom resident and prominent board game review Maggibot recapped her experience playing games at this Unpub event on their blog. She thinks Unpub events will start becoming more prominent-we sure hope so!


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