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Patriotic Games for Fourth of July

Get those barbecues and tablecloths ready! Fourth of July is here! If you’re looking for entertainment outside of fireworks, I have a few games to recommend for this weekend in our special holiday Top 5 List. However you spend your Fourth of July, I hope you have a lot of fun and stay safe this weekend.

timeline american history

Timeline: American History:

Test how well you remember specific dates in American history in this light family game. Players have a hand of cards and race to place the randomly-dealt events into the correct order and be the first person to rid their hand of cards. Timeline is part of a series of games with the same rules and explores multiple timelines and important subjects of discovery and events throughout history. Timeline: American History is a quick, 15 minute game from start to finish that way you can always get in a quick game while the burgers and hot dogs are cooking!

Project Overlord Memoir '44

Memoir ’44:

Draw the battle lines and break out the army men, Memoir ’44 is a classic war strategy game that is well-loved in the gaming community. If spending the day outside in the blazing sun isn’t your thing, bring the party inside with friends and family for hours of historical battle re-enactments. The base game features multiple scenarios and set ups from WWII time (sorry only one team can represent America). There are more expansions, add-ons, equipment packs, etc for Memoir ’44 than there are Dominion expansions so you are sure to find your favorite way to play this game.

trekking the national parks

Trekking the National Parks:

I first found this game on Kickstarter and really enjoyed the focus on the National Parks as a theme. Players are traveling around the United States map visiting the multiple parks and collecting trail stones from the diverse landscape. Trekking the National Parks is an educational experience about the natural wonders in our country. Playing this game can definitely fuel the interest in a family roadtrip to visit these gorgeous places in person. As an added bonus, Trekking the National Parks is even an American-made product! To learn more about the game and designer behind it, visit their official website.

democracy board game mark rein-hagen


If having heated debates about political issues is your idea of a great time, you should definitely check out Democracy. Luke raved about this game in a past review and if you can gather a group of people who enjoy debating sides of issues, even ones they may not agree with personally, Democracy can be a lot of fun. Winning the game by having the most political capital comes from forming alliances early on with other players and exercising your power as different roles in the government while pushing for certain laws which will benefit your party.

Hanabi Card Board Game


Now I know Hanabi isn’t an intended patriotic game, but there is a consensus that few things are more patriotic to Americans than shooting off fireworks for this holiday. Hanabi is all about working together to put on an amazing fireworks display. Players rely on each other to give vital information about when to play certain firework cards in order to create an awe-inspiring show. Playing a quick game of Hanabi will rev you up for lighting off the real thing once the sun goes down.

Across the Board Games would like to wish you a happy Fourth of July weekend! Happy Gaming!

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