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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


October 2015 Kickstarter Updates

We are so excited for October! The cooler weather and dwindling daylight means we’ll be retreating to our local game store or bundle up inside for an entire day dedicated to long, complex games. The flood of great board games on Kickstarter is still going. Here is our top 10 favorites on Kickstarter right now:


Last year Skiptrace was one of eight finalists at the Tabletop Deathmatch by Cards Against Humanity. Players are new bounty hunters that have their first mission which is composed of an objective, target and location. Players compete through storytelling and roleplaying to successfully achieve their mission. I can’t say it any better than the creators-Skiptrace brings together storytelling and improv in a “gateway game that eases people into roleplaying without overbearing systems”.

World’s Fair 1893:

The World’s Fair is responsible for some of the most majestic architecture around the world. Every day I see the Space Needle which is the result of the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. This game is set in 1893 Chicago and players are organizers of the World’s Fair 1893: a grand showcase and expo of the best science, technology, culture, and entertainment achievements of the time. Players will be in charge of using their influence to contract the stunning exhibits for the expo and enjoy the profit from the exhibits’ success. Players will manage many majestic exhibits in a streamlined, Euro-style worker placement game.

8 Kingdoms:

8 Kingdoms is a series of four quick card games from the designers of Imperial Harvest. The games feature set collection, deduction, bidding and gambling. Players will have the opportunity explore the different kingdoms in this Royal Strawberry world with 8 different suites representing the different kingdoms and ranks 0-21 to represent everyone from the thief to emperor. The card games are modular fits anywhere from 2-8 people. We’ll have a full review of the different games next week! Also if you want your image immortalized in the Royal Strawberry’s universe, there are plenty of opportunities to become one of the characters in game.

Spirit Island:

Greater Than Games/DiceHateMe Games has a new game on Kickstarter and I am in love with it, because it brings to games a much needed shift in perspective. European-centric viewpoints and colonization is a touchy subject and very popular theme used in board games. Spirit Island will show the other viewpoint as native inhabitants fend off invaders. The players use their asymmetrical abilities and magic granted to them by the island’s spirits and work together to defeat the threat in around 90-120 minutes.

Football 21:

Football fans and gamers can unite over this large, tailgating-friendly tabletop game. Football 21 is a dexterity game and dice rolling game which gives players as much depth and options as real football rules. If you’re looking for a sturdy, outdoor game perfect for the game day celebrations, Football 21 brings features like drink holders, dice and piece pouches and a realistic endzone for flicking field goals. Everything about this game was designed by passionate gamers and football fans looking to unite their favorite hobbies into one game.


Arsenal: Arena Combat:

Just 5 days left on this Arsenal: Arena Combat Kickstarter. This skirmish game features a mech vs mech matchup in arena combat. The last one left standing will win! Players can influence the match through equipment, events and attacks. Each player creates a deck of cards at the beginning of the game to help their mech stay on top during the combat around the hex-and-chit map and gameplay. If you love shiny mechs and want a medium length game, Arsenal: Arena Combat is already funded, plans to ship in November this year and is looking to unlock more stretch goals for their backers.

Return to Castle Dicenstein:

In theme with this spooooky month, Return to Castle Dicenstein lets players compete as mad scientists digging through graveyards for body parts to assemble the perfect creation. After your creation comes to life, players battle each other to take and upgrade their body parts using the pieces from their opponent. This game features lots of dice-rolling, strategy and a variety of components: large, palm-sized meeples, 126 custom dice and 13 different monster types with which to create your ultimate monster. Just 4 days left to back this Kickstarter!

The Great Debate: 2015 Expansion:

Lots of new topics, ice breakers and updated voting rules are available in The Great Debate expansion. If you want a social game that features serious and silly debate topics, this game is a great way to entertain a whole group of people of all ages. The stretch goals include more themed packs of additional cards and topics for the game.

Road to Infamy:

This competitive bidding game pits rival gangsters against each other in a war to be on top and rule the best crime operation in Chicago. Players will bid over contraband, bribing law enforcement and new hired hands to help their operation. In addition to bidding cards, players will use action cards which affect opponents’ bids to help turn the tables in your favor. There is plenty of backstabbing, bluffing and gambling in this 1920’s gangster game.

Innovation Deluxe:

This is a well-loved game by Carl Chudyk is getting an upgrade! This deluxe version of Innovation brings new card art (featuring more women on the cards!!), improved graphic design, all the current expansions and two new expansions. The new graphic design includes illustrated tech trees that connect together and visually show the progression of a player’s tech advancement. Players who want to just get the upgraded 3rd edition printing can get the game for under $20. The deluxe edition with all the works is $48 for the collector who wants it all.

Karnage: Dawn of Upheaval: 

I added Karnage in here for any gamers that are looking for mobile-supported tabletop games. Karnage would definitely make my bus commutes enjoyable. This game has a lot of features that roleplayers would love: party and equipment management, tactical combat, and lots of story. Players have a choice of draconians, orcs, elves, dwarves, and humans as playable characters and the designers are looking to constantly bring updates and new content for their users. Karnage is free to play and will have optional purchases. Share and support!

I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 tabletop games, accessories and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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