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Published on October 16th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


October 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

I’m not surprised to see the large amount of Kickstarters going on right now. October is a popular month to get the financial support of backers (especially US backers) before everyone is busy with holiday stuff and spending money on family, traveling and the annual celebrations and obligations.

This list has a whole lot of anticipated titles and many creative games by new designers. This is definitely going to be a difficult month to decide what to back. We definitely have more than ten this time and I would like to see these all successfully funded.


The highly-anticipated 4x game by Stonemaier Games set in an alternate history in Russia. Dieselpunk galore! Russian military robots and snipers with pet Siberian tigers! You can be assured as a backer that this project will be a success and the final product will be excellent. Jamey Stegmaier has shown his dedication to providing a quality product to backers with his previous projects, Between Two Cities, Tuscany, Euphoria and Viticulture. The only question you should ask: just how many stretch goals will backers unlock?

The Ginger Wars:

This lighthearted holiday game pits six competing gingerbread dukes against each other in the fight for crown! Ever since the disappearance of King Gingard, the remaining dukes must win in combat to claim the crown and will make their way to the top piece by piece. Players take turns playing battle cards against their opponents and winners take a piece from the loser. The more missing pieces, however, the more battle cards the player will be able to place.

Kodama: The Tree Spirits:

Action Phase Games has teamed up with designer and artist Daniel Solis to bring an accessible and visually entertaining card game of Kodama. Players are “branching out” and growing their trees limb by limb to please the Kodama, tree spirits, who are looking to cultivate a healthy, happy and populated tree. Players add cards to their tree by connecting and growing existing branches being careful to leave room for growth of mushrooms, bugs, flowers and more.

Master Thief:

Players compete as different thieves hitting the same museum in the night. These thieves use actions to steal valuable items (many of them notable works of art in real life), swipe items from opponents and protect their own items from being stolen. Each player represents a thief with a preference for a certain item type and gain bonuses at the end for having these types of items. The gameplay is quick and lasts until the action deck runs out which means players will be stealing, swapping and stashing a lot of items during the game. Just a few days left to support Master Thief!


This survival game set on a space station comes from a couple veterans in the game industry and a lot of thematic art by Miguel Coimbra. The astronauts on Argo must escape from their space station before the invading Xeno aliens get them or the available escape pods are all gone. Players are trying to get the most of their team out and can sabotage and set up opponents for failure by moving around the Xenos and pushing them into unexplored territory. The gameplay is familiar to other, aggressive survival games I like (Skulldug! and Survive) and Argo brings Alien-inspired elements to their survival board game.


On the flipside of being stuck in space, Spaceteam is a cooperative game where players assemble to fix their space ship before time runs out. Players are assembling a 6 piece puzzle of their space ship and these pieces are scattered throughout the deck. Each player is also in charge of repairing malfunctions that come up in front of them. There are no turns and players are racing to fight the clock and the chaos of the game before time runs out. Spaceteam has turned many heads at many indie conferences and is the second game from one of the designers that brought the widely-successful card game of Exploding Kittens. Spaceteam is also exploding their funding and stretch goals.

Clear for Takeoff:

This designer is obsessed with planes, flight and complex strategy games. Combine those two interests together and you have Clear for Takeoff: a simulation game set in the 60’s where six competing airlines look to be first to take off from JFK. The game comes with a realistic runway, plastic airplane minis and full-colored cards detailing all the realistic trials and bumps players will have to navigate in order to be the first off the ground.


7th Continent:

Players start the game as wealthy, resourceful and famous explorers who all have developed a strange curse after returning home from a successful expedition into the 7th Continent. Now these explorers must return to face the 7th Continent again and fight the gruesome landscape and terrible beasts. 7th Continent looks to bring a race-to-the-finish survival and pulp adventure game into a board game with exploration, combat, research and crafting. This Kickstarter also brings exclusive promo cards and 3 expansions which brings over 1000 cards to an already largely replayable game.

Kill Doctor Lucky 20th Anniversary Edition:

The indie game that brought a more interesting game of the murder mystery genre to the table is celebrating its 19.5 year anniversary with a special, new edition. Kill Doctor Lucky features a group of conspiring people with their own goals and reasons for wanting to kill Doctor Lucky. It is a race to kill this old man but players will have to thwart their opponents and outlast the Doctor’s luck. Kill Doctor Lucky was the first game by Cheapass Games and this campaign will bring it back out of print so make sure to get in this one!


These steampunk deckbuilding game is a race to grow your budding company. Players will hire employees, construct buildings and dispatch units all in an attempt to gain brass, the most valuable resource on the planet. Players compete to become the most successful and innovative company and earn the most brass by the end of the game. This deckbuilder adds additional strategy with special company abilities and chances for sabotage.

Halfling Feast:

You can’t be filled of Kickstarters yet, just one more bite! Halfling Feast is a competitive eating card game where endearing Halflings stuff themselves to victory on sweets, pies, cakes and more. In this eating competition players will also be able to sabotage their opponents with spells and steal away items from opponents. Halfling Feast is only up for a couple more days! Last chance to get in on this game.

I hope you enjoyed the this list of tabletop games that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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