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Published on November 1st, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

November Kickstarter Updates

Welcome again to the November update of what hot games are available to fund on Kickstarter. Here is a list of ten games that stood out to me and this article is full of veteran designers looking to create even more games! Names like CheapAss Games and Flying Frog make an appearance on this month’s list.

Links to the Kickstarter pages of these games are in the title.

Shadows Over Brimstone Kickstarter Board Game

Shadows of Brimstone:

Flying Frog cranks out another dungeon-style adventure game with Lovecraftian monsters and lore. In this Old West setting filled with gunslingers, Indian scouts and saloon girls, players must track down an unspeakable horror deep in the mines. The Kickstarter was funded in a matter of hours and it is easy to see why. Flying Frog brings the same level of production to its new games AND two different scenarios, each its own full dungeon crawler and both are available on Kickstarter.


Hack the Gibson and enjoy a night of computer tech jokes while playing Firewall with friends. It is well-executed dice game with a territory control element and is great for 2-4 players or as many as 8 players if you buy two sets of the game. Games are quick, easy to learn and a great ice breaker at board game nights of conventions. Across the Board Games previewed a prototype version in October. Visit this link to read the whole article.


City Council Kickstarter Board Game

City Council:

Ever thought that you could run your city better than those in charge? Well City Council is a game that lets you play in that fantasy. Players work as city council members to run the city and keep pollution under control, fight crime, create jobs and balance a city budget. A player that successfully runs the city will receive the coveted position of Mayor. Just don’t be surprised if running a city isn’t as easy as you thought.

Greedy Wizards:

A simple set collection game where two players are wizards battling over sweet slices of cake. Cast spells and duel the opponent to win a piece. I’ve seen so many Rummikub variants pop up on Kickstarter. Set collection is a well-loved and easy game to produce and reskin making them inexpensive games perfect to padding the gaming library (or Christmas stockings *wink wink*). Greedy Wizards takes about 20 minutes and is great for all ages. For more set collection game play, also checkout Draw Blood on Kickstarter–a card collection game played between 2-3 classic horror monsters.


Get Lucky Box board game

Get Lucky:

Cheap Ass Games is back with another addition to the Dr. Lucky line of games. Get Lucky is a card game version of the 1996 board game version where players are fighting to control the perfect situation in order to kill Dr. Lucky. This game is all about the murder attempts and less about mystery. It is a faster paced game than the board version and players get to understand a little more about the suspects’ back-stories and motivations. We had the opportunity to play with the game’s creator James during Geek Girl Con ’13. Check out Luke’s full review that released earlier this week.


From the creator of Puzzle Strike and Yomi, Pandante is poker-type game with more even more deceit and even more pandas! Multiple players are trying to have the best 5 card spread but watch out as bluffing and lying are part of the game and other players can challenge your validity. (Editor’s Note: This game was put on hold on 10/29. Please visit the Kickstarter and Sirlin Games’ website for details)


Colony Clash Kickstarter Board Game

Colony Clash: Insect Warfare:

Mantis, Beetles and Flies, oh my! 2-4 players control a set of bugs in a quest to be the first to claim the most snacks. There is a starter deck for each insect race with each race having unique abilities on the battlefield. First player to 100 snacks wins but players will also have to attack and defend their hoard from other players’ armies.

Monsters & Maidens:

A low-investment dice game by Clever Mojo Games, Monsters & Maidens comes from a simpler theme of knights in shining armor rescuing maidens captured by burly, evil monsters. Clever Mojo Games to me has always been a company that produces high-quality games which have a mass appeal in gameplay and theme; however I’m not too thrilled about seeing the Damsel in Distress trope being rehashed and reinforced through their game–even one that looks cartoony and harmless. Haven’t we had enough of this in media? Is it really necessary to keep enforcing that stereotype of the damsel in distress to kids? I think Monsters & Maidens was worth mentioning to point out that we do not need more games with this theme. Keep the simplistic gameplay and production, but I would like to see a different theme.

brew crafters board game

Brew Crafters:

From Dice Hate Me games, comes another game sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Players are beer brewers looking to create the most efficient and successful brewery. The game is Euro-style resource management game reminiscent of Agricola and Power Grid: Factory Manger. Each player starts with the same brewery set up and works their way up by managing production, discovering new recipes and increasing distribution.

Party Games:

I mentioned a couple of moths ago that the popularity of Cards Against Humanity would make an increase in indie casual card games! After trying to pick ten games for this article, I found that I might as well list all the casual card games together. So if you want to get in on the inexpensive, quick, fun offered by Kickstarter party games then check these out: Karaokards combine a card game and karaoke with friends; The Meta Game is here to promote intelligent conversation among friends and gamers; BEARD! a card game where friends race to grow the longest beard; No Benefits lets you make fun of the worst experiences from past jobs; What?!?Oh is a card game for couples that focuses on memory and TWO ROOMS AND A BOOM is a highly anticipated deception game similar to Resistance and Mafia.

If we missed any Kickstarter that you believe requires a mention, let us know in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter. We at Across the Board Games also love to do reviews of prototype games and Kickstarter games. For more information or to contact us regarding your game, feel free to email me at nicolejekich(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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