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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

November Kickstarter Part Zwei

I couldn’t resist! With many new game launches after the first November Kickstarter article, I had to mention all the great games that have come out in the previous two weeks. This is your second Kickstarter spotlight article for November. There is quite a variety of games on this list and to find out more about the game click the title of the game to go to their Kickstarter page.


Dreaming Spires Kickstarter Game

Dreaming Spires:

Secret Games company is set to release its first board game for those academia lovers. Players compete to build their own Oxford College and work to achieve the best reputation. Look to recruit the best minds and talented writers to your school including C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tokien and Osacar Wilde. The overall look of the game is very scholarly and definitely hits my interest in old, establish academys.

Keyflower: The Farmers:

Another Keyflower expansion is coming to America through Game Salute! For those that have followed closely to the other base game and expansions that have come through Kickstarter should definitely be looking to add this expansion to their collection. This expansion focuses on players building their own village through agricultural production.


Camp Grizzly Board Game

Camp Grizzly:

For all those gamers with a crossover love of the horror genre, Camp Grizzly is a game for you. Players are camp counselors investigate the odd goings on at a summer camp and follow the gruesome trail left by a psychopathic killer. Definitely a game that is NOT for children. The preview card art shows plenty of gore and interactions with players and game endings is very gruesome. The stretch goals add even more survival games and subsplots to expand the horror story much like sequels do for movies.


Fanfiction fans: now is your chance to shine and gather inspiration with a party game for you and friends! Slash combines many genres of characters and friends compete and debate on which character pairing makes the best couple. This game looks like a lot of fun and is a new twist on the Cards Against Humanity by encouraging group storytelling.

Iron & Ale:

A drinking game for your inner dwarf, Iron & Ale pits friends against each other in sacred Dwarven combat: drinking contests, feats of strength and mining precious gems. This games looks to satisfy a crowd of social drinkers looking to combine a game with meta-contests. Iron & Ale is making its second attempt at Kickstarter and are starting out strong!


lets pumpkin

Let’s Pumpkin:

A family approved game, players work to move pumpkins to safe tokens and reveal the board hopefully avoiding traps set by wicked witches. The game feels like a combination to Minesweeper and Settlers of Catan. I have an obsession with pumpkin products but Let’s Pumpkin still feels lacking in theme. The addition of 3D pumpkin tokens does add personality but I also feel that those custom tokens are the reason this game is $46- a high-priced game to market to families.

Villains and Vigilantes:

Based on the roleplaying game, players face each other as Villains or Vigilantes which includes unique characters. Play through your own comic book arch with plot twists, missions, defeating enemies with your powers. Stretch goals add more powers, characters and scenes. I feel this game suffers from too many artists producing art for this game and needs a more cohesive style.

Call of Catthulhu: 

The perfect unison of cute and creepy, Call of Catthulhu provides the weirdest crossover of interests into one game. I don’t think the world needs more Call of Cthulhu games but one with cats? I don’t know how to feel. Players are cats investigating and stopping the Old Gods from taking control of the world, all outside of the humans’ gaze. I hope they plan to show more production art as I like the cover art pieces but I want to see what the game may look like before supporting.


dark star


Ever wanted to play in your own space opera? DarkStar lets you represent a faction in space with lofty goals and unique abilities. The game states Dune, Diplomacy and Cosmic Encounter as its influences, which should promise an epic battle between players looking to colonize or conquer the inhabited universe.


Pick a team and get racing! Thrash-Car is game of fast cars, tricks and talent where teams compete to be the best and fastest. Players can choose a team of hippies, hill billies, soccer moms or elderly groups to compete each with their own special abilities and cars.

The King’s Armory:

The King’s Armory is making a second comeback to Kickstarter defense fantasy board game for two players. An epic battle of tower defense and resource management set in the Middle Ages’ fantasy. With this second attempt, I’m liking the direction of the artwork and can’t wait to see more!

Wrapping it up

This list is probably one of the best so far since I’ve started these Kickstarter articles because there is a very wide range of games here. From casual to competitive, for groups or two players, I insist that there is a game on this list that you will like and there are always many more to come! If you have more suggestions for Kickstarter games or would like Across the Board Games to review a game or prototype, please contact us on our Contact page above, on Twitter or email me: nicolejekich(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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