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Published on November 2nd, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


November 2015 Kickstarter Updates

We hope you all are as excited as we were about gaining an hour this past weekend–we used our time wisely and played an extra hour of board games! 2015 is winding down and it is a great time to see what games are on Kickstarter now that will be the talk of 2016. Here are 11 Kickstarter tabletop games, products and accessories we are looking forward to seeing next year:


We are very excited to see ManaSurge on Kickstarter because Luke and I had a hand in some of the creative development and editing. This spell-slinging card game is best described as ‘Uno with fireballs’ as various suits of magic spells and metamagic spells have special abilities to affect the outcome of the magical combat. 2-5 players compete as dueling wizards looking to control the World Crystal by collecting a number of its shards. ManaSurge is a game that came out of playtestNW: community-driven events focused on bringing game designers and playtesters together to build great games! Please help support and share our project!

Wolf & Hound:

This is a team-driven game about being responsible shepherds in the Alps. Teams will take turns drawing and playing cards which move the wolf or the hound around the board. If the wolf ever starts its turn on your pasture, your sheep runs away. The hound saves sheep and brings them back to the pasture. It’s a quick team deduction and card management game. The Wolf & Hound campaign ends this week so make sure to support it soon!

Raid & Trade: War on the Streets:

This new expansion for Mage Company’s Raid & Trade adds new scenarios, new gangs, new hitchhiker characters, a co-op mode and more. This desolate future pits marauding gangs against tough nomads in tactical, dice and item-driven combat. The winners will gain entrance to the legendary oasis of The Golden City. The art, miniatures and story are very colorful and I enjoy the unique renditions of the last survivors in this post-apocalyptic setting. Just 6 days left to support the expansion and get in on the base game of Raid & Trade.


Scientists and crew aboard the first underwater research station must fight to survive against deep sea creatures and mounting structure failures. This is a cooperative action and adventure miniatures game where players will collect helpful items, level up stats and abilities and look to capitalize on tactical advantages to defeat the underwater creatures. One of the unique features of Fathoms is the use of water which can rush in through breaches in the station. Water moves and flows around the board and affects both the players and enemies.

Alkemia: Destiny’s Recipe:

Alchemists assemble! Only the most resourceful alchemist will have what it takes to gather, synthesize and create items from the magical reagents of Alkemia and unlock the most coveted item, the Crest of Creation. There is both cooperative and competitive gameplay options and players can really get into the alchemical crafting as game time is estimated at 90-150 minutes.

Goat Army:

Goat Army is a competitive card game where teams fight and challenge each other to battle with crazy, cartoon goats with a love of pop culture costumes. Gameplay is divided into a series of tricks where players play damage and leadership cards in turn. Players can also challenge opponents to duels, double dares and enjoy different gameplay options. The first team to win 25 territories wins the game!

Tiny Swords:

This tiny, quick card game features a rock-paper-scissors combat system and relies on a bit of luck to win. Two players will have six cards in hand (three swords and three duel cards) and will work to reveal and remove all their opponent’s swords piece by piece. Each sword and duel cards have different abilities which will affect the combat and can turn a defensive situation around for a crafty player. The bubbly and bright art features fantastical designs in a similar thematic style as Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Scott Pilgrim.

Super Dungeon Explorer: Legends:

The 2nd edition of Super Dungeon Explorers is on the way and the Legends set will feature a new starter box and set up campaign play where players can level their characters and craft epic items to use in their adventures. I always love the chibi art and minis with Super Dungeon Explorer and this campaign will be bringing new content with the same high-quality sculpts. The RPG and campaign modes will make this game even more replayable as players can now level up and grow their favorite characters with each dungeon encounter.

Yokai Battle:

Players battle on a shared modular board to claim five terrains in the spirit realm. Players will use their monster cards for tactical combat and place their monsters in optimal positions to defend their terrain. Players can also use traps, items and spells to affect and aid them in their battles but will have to manage their chakra points to pay their cost. Yokai Battle is a spirited competition between 2-4 players and is a quick 20-30 minute filler game.

The Sugoi Series:

This series of beautifully illustrated games feature three compact, tactical 2 player games. The games are Yokai no Mori: a movement and capture game where enemies can play captured pieces from their opponent; Sensei: a strategic tile movement and path construction game; and Siam: a puzzle game where rhinos and elephants look to dominate the other with their strength by being the first animal to push a rock off the game board. These games were designed to be rules light but deep with strategy that will keep a pair of players engaged for many games.


If you’re a DM or game master who needs a digital tool to organize a campaign (especially for remote players and games), Skirmish!VT is a good option. This program features a top-down view and the ability to customize every nook and cranny of your tabletop campaign. The Skirmish!VT boasts a large content library of tokens and maps and each stretch goal will add even more. Best of all, this won’t be a subscription-based software-players pay for the content once.

I hope you enjoyed the this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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