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Published on November 18th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


November 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

It’s been a rainy and cold November so far. This weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and bring out the really long board games. Argent the Consortium and Euphoria are our Kickstarter favorites that come out in fall especially around Thanksgiving where spending all day playing a couple games pairs well with the holiday feasting. Now onto the Kickstarter suggestions for games that could look good on your shelf in the new year:

Security Council:

Nuke your friends in this approachable war game scenario for 2-6 players. Security Council is a territory control game with a modular board. The board is created at the start of each game by all players-so no one has prior map knowledge. Security Council was created to be a war game for newer gamers to pick up and is a great gateway to territory control and troop management gameplay. Read our full review of Security Council.

Deer Lord:

Deer Lord caught my attention for its fabulous, minimalist art and design. I also really like the mystical and occult influence in the deer mascot design. For gameplay, players duel each other to various creative challenges like tell a funny story, debate a topic, dance off, etc. Players also will have certain actions and instructions dictated by their ‘Do Something’ card–if you perform your action too suspiciously, other players can call you out and you’ll have to choose a new card. The first person to empty their hand wins. This party game funded in its first week and is looking to unlock a lot more stretch goals for their backers including Kickstarter exclusive cards.

Side Quest: 

Side Quest is a cooperative, dungeon delving experience packed into a pocket-sized card game. Players choose roles based on classic fantasy classes (Mage, Cleric, Rogue, etc) and explorer a randomly-generated dungeon to fight monsters, gain spells, buy equipment and defeat the boss! There is a weird, but charming collection of items to find in Side Quests including a corgi! I also love the comic-style art and beautifully illustrated location cards.


Islebound is another fantastical journey into a beautiful world by Red Raven Games and designer Ryan Laukrat, the same designer who brought us Above and Below, 8 Minute Empire and City of Iron. Players will travel mythical seas and build up a sea-faring nation along an archipelago. Players can build and upgrade their own ship and sprawling nation while also bringing aboard new crew including pirates and sea serpents. Just 5 days left to back this campaign!

Centauri Saga:

Centauri Saga is sci-fi adventure and 4x game based on the successful online game Universe Online. The gameplay features different cooperative goals and scenarios players can choose from to be their mission for each game. Each player commands one armada and explores the hostile galaxy just outside of their jump gate at Alpha Centauri. Players will upgrade their ships, defeat the encroaching alien menace and work together to achieve their shared mission.


This looks like a really fun game that beautifully integrates competitive trick-surfing into board game mechanics. Tavarua was inspired by the designer’s dad and his history of surfing on the west coast for over 40 years. Players will ride out to meet epic waves and attempt to out-shine their opponents with their moves, balance and surfing mastery. Plenty of take-that elements as players reveal their actions simultaneously and constantly fight for position in order to catch the most desirable wave. With art and design by the Mr. Cuddington duo, Tavarua will have a cohesive and energetic look to its final product.

Monster Truck Mayhem!:

This monster truck rally and racing game is a frantic real-time, dice-rolling game. Up to 4 players can join the race by controlling one of the cartoonish monster trucks. Roll dice to advance and attempt to jump over obstacles and leave the competition in the dust. I can definitely see this game as a great addition for families and would be a great game for children to play. The gameplay is simple and it is a high-energy game that only lasts for about 7-15 minutes depending on the size of the board. Players build the board at the start of the game and can expand the track to lengthen the race and number of obstacles. Backers can help unlock the rally mode to make the game last even longer and  give players teh opportunity to upgrade their truck in between the three races.

Draconis Invasion:

This article was seriously missing grim-dark fantasy until Draconis Invasion crossed my search. The epic armies of Draconis are on the attack. It is up to you and other mighty heroes to protect the kingdom, recruit strong and ruthless allies and kill as many monsters of Draconis as possible to win the glory and respect of the king. This is a fast deck-building game focuses on building forces and actions for combat and killing many monsters on your way to personal victory. There is a ton of unique, high-concept art in Draconis Invasion and with so many card choices each game can weave a different story.

Blade and Brush:

Thematically Blade and Brush is influenced by Hayao Miyazaki films, Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. This is a more story-driven version of a party card game that gives players the creative control of their character and responses to different dilemmas. These dilemmas are delivered in poetic haikus and players will write down and share their method of solving the dilemma as their chosen character. Players will weave together a story of their characters and journey in this shared, imaginative card game.

The Great Dinosaur Rush:

Competing paleontologists are digging up dinosaur bones and building their skeletons to show in an esteemed museum. Players have limited actions and rounds to dig up, build, steal and gain the most notoriety by the game end. With such prestigious opportunities on the line, players may resort to interfering or stealing fellow paleontologists hard work. This quick and beautifully illustrated game is the next hot game by Scott Almes, a designer known for great thematic and strategic games. Along the way, players can read up and learn about the different dinosaurs that lived so long ago.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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