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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


May Kickstarter Updates

We’re very excited that May is here! After a winter filled with polar vortexes, we all could use some sun, gaming with friends and fresh games and ideas to support and share. Here are ten Kickstarters for May 2014 the we recommend checking out:

stratagem kickstarter


If you’ve been waiting for an abstract strategy game to add to your collection, Stratagem is definitely a game to support. 2-6 players compete over scoring points in gameplay that feels like a combination of all the abstract strategy favorites we used to play: Checkers, Sorry, Uno, Chess and many other inspirations. Stratagem is broken down into simplistic turns and gameplay that can be taught in only a couple minutes. We had the pleasure of playtesting the prototype game and found that the more players is always best as it leads to more interaction. To read a full review, please visit this article.


eggs and empires kickstarter


Eggs and Empires:

I’m glad that this fantasy card game takes the usual suspects of the hero to peasant classes and all the ones in between. Instead of sending them to an arena of death, players send the town members to the top of a peak to collect valuable dragon’s eggs. The game exaggerates the tongue-in-cheek task of collecting eggs in a the same way that games like Agricola take a mundane premise or theme and make an interesting game of it. Eggs and Empires looks to be a good strategy game for new players and experienced gamers while also having the advantage of being just $16 per copy.


frankensteins bodies kickstarter

Frankenstein’s Bodies:

Congratulations Operation, the competitive surgery trend is coming back! In Frankenstein’s Bodies, you are an evil scientist set out to create the perfect Frankenstein body, but your fellow scientists are trying to do the same. This won’t be as easy as pulling a switch though, as you and the other players will be running around the lab trying to find suitable body pieces, preventing infection and making sure your fellow scientists don’t steal your monster’s body parts! Across The Board Games received a prototype copy of Frankenstein’s Bodies and we’ll have a full review coming up for you soon!


yardmaster kickstarter


I got excited because I thought it would be a game about competing grumpy old men in a neighborly rivalry, but instead it’s about trains. The good news is that Yardmaster looks to be a casual train game where players are competing by unloading freight in a train yard and sending them off to specific train cars. This resource matching game will be a casual and quick game and will hopefully be unique enough to compete with the big casual train game-Ticket to Ride.


nothing personal kickstarter

 Nothing Personal- The Expansions:

If you missed the Nothing Personal boat the first time, this Kickstarter will let you purchase the 2nd printing plus all the expansions! The world is full of conniving gangsters and only you can expand and control the family. Each player controls a mafia family and looks to recruit more and better gangsters. These expansions will introduce femme fatales, iconic gangsters of history and the familiar faces of Tom Vasel of Dice Tower and possibly your own (if you want to immortalize your face in a game)! In the game you have a responsibility to your family and players will try to gain respect and grow their familia through influence and respect.


rise to power kickstarter

Rise to Power:

Rise to Power looks like you’re playing in a Dylan Cole painting. Humans have discovered a new power source and of course, look towards a way to utilize and monetize a new age of discovery and economic boom. Players have been contracted by their government to extract and build gorgeous and powerful cities from the new power source, Prism, in order to gain influence and prestige for their city. This is a beautiful game with a thematic nod to space opera art combined with the love of city building games. Even more attractive is its $25 AUD + $8 shipping to the United States making it an international game that is easily sold and shipped to gamers outside of Australia.


black forest kickstarter

Black Forest:

Set in a small, evil-ridden village of Black Forest of Germany, players take on the roles of villagers looking to rebuild and defend their city- but there is a traitorous werewolf among their ranks! Black Forest fits 3-5 players in a semi-cooperative game and looks to combine your favorite gameplay styles from worker placement like Agricola, 7 Wonders card drafting and “hidden roles with a traitor” like Shadows Over Camelot or Battlestar Galactica. If this game is love at first site-then you’ll be please to know a reward tier lets you order the base game and first expansion!


march of the ants kickstarter

March of the Ants:

March of the Ants is a colonization and army-building game scaled down to the scope of an anthill- without losing complexity and fun! Players are competing ant colonies in The Meadow looking to build, survive and conquer the other nests through evolving your ants and customizing your civilization. There are three distinct classes: workers, soldiers and queen ants which players can upgrade and with 24 unique upgrade abilities, March of the Ants has lots of replayability and lets players test different strategies and upgrades throughout multiple plays.


transylvania kickstarter

Transylvania: Curses & Traitors:

Monsters in Transylvania?! Say it ain’t so! I love adventure games and Transylvania: Curses & Traitors is a highly-anticipated Kickstarter from Wibai Games. This well known location gets a steampunk makeover and features a variety of adventures seeking out a way to break the curse that has monsters and horrors terrorizing the town. The game is semi-cooperative like A Touch of Evil and will have a modular board that grows and is customized as players explore Translyvania in a way similar to how Dungeon Command reveals hidden monsters and treasure. Players seek knowledge and clues to break the curse travel in their travels but also run the risk of being cursed themselves and turning into one of the hideous monsters that ravage the town.


the agents return kickstarter

The Agents Return:

Less than a year later after their success with The Agents, the sequel and stand-alone game is back with the same characters but with a new story and new cards. Hailed as one of the most clever and fun espionage card games, The Agents Return will feature your favorite characters battling to stay alive against their fellow spies and mercenaries after the Agency disbanded. Complete missions, take out fellow agents and enjoy the unique double-edged card gameplay where players choose tactical placement of character abilities and points that both players can potentially benefit from.


Here at Across The Board Games, we want to support and grow the gaming community by promoting and playing Kickstarter and other games from independent designers and small companies. If you want us to review your prototype game, please read our FAQ for restrictions and guidelines, then email nicolejekich(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you!

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