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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


May 2015 Kickstarter Updates

There are no signs of stopping this wave of Kickstarters coming our way. As you’ll see, we’ve played and reviewed many of the games on this list and are excited to play more of them that are en route. We have a lovely list of 10+ Kickstarters that are worth checking out this month.

Button Bashers:

I have never played a game that better emulated the feeling of playing a button masher arcade game than this Kickstarter gem. Button Bashers brings an odd list of original characters with backstories and a variety of unique abilities in a fast card game that features intuitive gameplay. Right now, this game works best as a 2 player game but tag team fights are also an option. Read our full review of Button Bashers here.

Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone:

We recently played the prototype version of Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone. This two player game is a race to exit the crumbling universe and dive into before the wormhole closes. Players control a crossover display of ninjas, robots, pirates or spies. The promise of action and tense decision-making was not as well supported by the mechanics and it left a lot to be desired. You can read our full review here.

Millennium Blades:

My recent love of the complexity and thematically-obscure Argent Consortium game rocketed me into fandom status for all of Level 99 Games’. Now their next product, Millennium Blades is making waves for tackling a simulation games which emulates a collectible card game and the people who play it. Plenty of colorful characters, special abilities and complex, modular gameplay expected.

Barnyard Legions:

Your favorite farm animals are geared up and ready for battle in this hilarious casual tactics game. The legion lines have been drawn and players command an army of Romanesque animals in a tactical combat game of tick-tack-toe. The first player to get five in a row wins. We’ll have a full review of Barnyard Legions next week!

The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game:

The creator of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is back with Apocrypha. Lone Shark Games’ focus is to create a card game roleplaying and storytelling at the forefront. This hour-long cooperative game pits players with latent supernatural abilities against the hidden horrors that are always in the shadows. The game feels like a campaign as players grow, learn about their past and uncover secrets. Really excited about the depth of gameplay here.

Bill Shakespeare is Dead:

‘You bite your WHAT at me, sir?’.Bill Shakespeare is Dead is a party game full of improv, laughs and of course inappropriate humor. 5 or more players act as actors, producer and director of the Globe Theatre who have the unfortunate duty of haphazardly making up a script since the great writer, Bill, is found dead. This party game encourages working together as a group and points or having one winner isn’t really the focus.


Fill up your six-shooter with your favorite brew and get ready to play Alewood! In this drinking-focused party game, players are trying to collect bounty on outlaws in order to earn a train ticket out of town. The piano player, deputy town drunk and more are the vigilante citizens you have to choose from. Roll the dice, use action cards and make sure your don’t run out of ammo (that would be your drink). Expect a full review of Alewood soon-we’re going to sacrifice our livers for a night to play this fun game.

The Siblings Trouble:

This cooperative pocket-sized card game was a Tabletop Deathmatch finalist this year. Siblings Trouble calls back to our inner child looking for adventures outside of the backyard. As one of four siblings, it is your job to go and have a grand adventure filled with trouble and discovery. Step out into the unknown with influences from Goonies, Dungeons and Dragons, Boxcar Children and more.

The Titan Series:

The biggest names in gaming have come together to offer a game package of epic proportions. The big names include some of the original creators of Magic the Gathering, James Earnest of Cheapass Games, Mike Selinker (also running the Apocrypha card game listed above) and many, many more. This Kickstarter aims to set up a club/membership to this series where this program will deliver 3 games a year.

Dreams of Ruin:

Imagine if the Doom Tree from Sailor Moon infected the Toxic Jungle from Nausicaa and added a little bit of Phyrexia plane magic—and just maybe you’ll have a small idea of the world in Dreams of Ruin. This rpg caught our attention because the two references include Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and the Black Road from the Chronicles of Amber. This epic-level setting is for a campaign of high level characters looking for crossover plane adventures. We’ll have more on this rpg by Exalted developer Geoff  Grabowski later this month and are especially excited to talk about this Kickstart-to-the-commons project.

Zombie Mutation-City of Mayhem:

This zombie game caught my attention because of its multi-level environment. As in most zombie survival games players are put into semi-cooperative gameplay. Gather precious resources like food, weapons and other supplies. Players are trying to reach the helipad and leave with as many survivors as they’re able. This game promises lots of variety, a challenging survival experience and the potential for teammates to mutate into a zombie themselves!



A magical shepherd has transformed his goats into dark creatures using magic. Two shepherds duke it out and pit their creations against each other in this fantastical deckbuilding game. The creators have lots of plans to add more goats to the game and hopefully start the development of a tournament scene for Gruff.

Foe Hunters:

This cooperative deckbuilding game is the best parts of some of my favorite games (Sentinels, DC Deckbuilder) married together with classic World of Warcraft fantasy style art and characters. Players fight a large foe together using their starting deck of cards and other cards which can be purchased at the city. As the game progresses, players will look to use their character’s ability and strengthen their deck of cards from the city. The fantasy characters work best as a group and each perform vital roles to a party’s success.

Whew that was a lot of Kickstarters! Well have even more campaigns to share with you this month! If you’d like us to add or share your campaign, feel free to share it with us in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter. Thanks!


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