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Published on May 15th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


May 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

Hello friends! We are halfway through May and there are a lot of great Kickstarters coming to a close and about twice as many campaigns starting up. The list this week features a lot of different games. We have everything from werewolves, cyberpunk, pirates, high fantasy and secret fae-powered cabals.


We’ve watched BANE grow from a simple prototype to a full-blown game as we playtested each new version by Gamesicle Games over the past 18 months. Players are hunters competing in multiple engagements trying to beat opponents in a test of wit, skill and luck by playing cards from their hand. The three suits represented by Vampires, Werewolves and Humans are shuffled and randomly dealt to each player. The cards vary in speed and strength against the different factions. Players always look to capitalize on opponents’ cards in order to avoid becoming prey. The tension and feeling of uncertainty in BANE makes for a memorable experience. We recommend that you #JoinTheHunt on Twitter. If you want to read our full review of BANE visit my Join The Hunt article.
lord of the dead

Lord of the Dead: 

Lord of the Dead is a ode to classic compact chit and hex games of the 70s and 80s. This two player games pits the villagers against one of the Lords of the Dead who is looking to unleash his undead army from the villagers’ graveyard. If you like a lot of strategy in a game with little art or cost, this game is a great investment. Just $8 for the game in the US. Just a few days left on this one!

Shadowstar Corsairs:

Explorer the unknown and establish trade using your letters of mark. As space corsairs, players get to explore and navigate a beautiful and treacherous galaxy for rare materials worth lots of money and fame. This game focuses on the ships (a component that the designer took extra care on creating) and a multi-strategy approach. Players can flight, buy and politic their way to victory. Just 4 days left for this campaign!

Skull Tales:

This epic game of sailing in this more fantastical re-imaging of the Caribbean sea. Players take on the role of one character looking for gold and prestige in the seas. The game is divided into three separate phases (Adventure Phase, Voyage Phase and Port Phase) that all interconnect and help build a characters gold and prestige. Skull Tales features a lot of high quality resin miniatures, but I am most excited about fighting off the sea monsters previewed in the campaign.

B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss:

Cool Mini or Not is back with another game filled with some of the best miniatures I’ve ever seen. The conflict is a very simple, generic issues in D&D style fantasy worlds like B-Sieged. A rift is spewing abyssal demons on a nearby fortress filled with the village heroes. Like a tower defense, players are hunkered down in the center of the board and enemy units move in from the outskirts. In addition to the obvious combat and the ‘protect the messenger’ objective, players can visit parts of the fortress to buy weapons, repair the fortress, gather spells, and even drink at the tavern.

Requiem Vampire Knight:

If all the previous campaigns were too “cutesy” for you, might I recommend Requiem Vampire Knight featuring a mix of gothic horror, fantasy and Hellraiser. Based on the comic world Resurrection, this two player game brings the very unique factions to life in a combat and area control game. Lot of figures and beautifully illustrated cards- this is definitely some of the most detailed, gothic-inspired art I’ve seen.

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower:

If you wanted to play in a cyberpunk world of hackers, assassins and megacorporations, Human Interface: Nakamura Tower will scratch that itch. With characters and situations very similar to Ghost in the Shell police force, robots and criminal drama, this board game brings skirmish and tabletop rpg combat elements for multiple people. Just 4 days left for this campaign too!


Cauldron is a ‘take-that!’ competitive alchemy game where players collect reagents for their potions and brew potions to grow their magical power. The reagents are scarce and players are scrambling in this arms race filled with mushrooms, spider webs, frog legs and much more. I would love to try this game which features quicker play and a refreshingly humorous theme than other alchemy games I’ve seen out there. Players take on different magical archetypes which feature their own unique abilities to use during the game.

Thinking & Drinking:

Tabletop Games are a great way to meet people, share in a common social experience and put away our phones damn phones once in a while! Thinking & Drinking is a large deck of cards with head scratching questions for your friends to answer over a drink at a local bar. This isn’t a game with a winner though players are free to add rules if they like. Thinking & Drinking aims to foster conversation by asking questions like, “What mythological creature do you wish existed?” and more. There are multiple categories and cards feature sponsored local beers of Philadelphia. We are big fans of #DrinkLocal and like the designers goal to feature local breweries in his game.


Tinku is a simple drafting game that features a deck of all orcs and goblins. Players begin with an Orc Lord looking to amass the largest army by the end of 12 rounds. Players take turns betting for the opportunity to draft a card from the face up selection. As their army grows, certain units have abilities to alter opponent’s bets by sniping off characters and more. A great filler card game for those that enjoy orcs and goblins in the spotlight.

Cabals: The Board Game

Cabals is a tabletop version of an online CCG of the same name. Various secret and magical organizations influenced from lore around the world come together in this conflict of forbidden arts and control of the underground. These inventive factions try to overpower opponents and gain magical dominance and strengthening their purview. The modular board extends to fit more players and combat features deckbuilding an effective offense and defense against the other players. I’m putting my support to the Danann Covenant: aristocratic women who want a return to fae magic and expand the faerie influence.

Golem Academy:

All of my favorite animes were put into a blender and game out fabulous in this colorful, action-packed battle arena with heroes and their magical pets companions called golems. Players choose from the unique characters and their adorable Golem creature (ranging from a fire-fuming hound to a pufferfish named Cheeks) and “beat the ever-loving bejesus out of your friends” in head to head fight. Golem Academy looks like one hell of a fun time and hits all of my thematic preferences in gaming: lots of kickass chicks, diverse group of characters, adorable creatures, super combo finishes and lots and lots of puns. Just 5 days left for this one!

I definitely stretched our normal showcase of ten Kickstarters. There are just so many great games that I want to see fulfilled. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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