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March 2015 Kickstarter Updates

Hello and welcome to March! This month is coming in like a lion as many strong and favorite designers are beginning their 2015 Kickstarter plans all at once. Many of the designers on this list are presenting some innovative and gorgeous game design ideas.

Imperial Harvest:

Everyone craves a taste of the strawberries from the Imperial garden! This fantasy setting pits a team of characters against each other to protect or raid those Imperial strawberries. This two player tactical skirmish game features a modular board allowing multiple combinations to craft a complex and new challenging labyrinth each time. The deluxe versions expand Imperial Harvest to include more players. Imperial Harvest is a great addition to your micro games collection at just $15. It also recently reached BGG’s Hotness List. We will have a full preview of Imperial Harvest on Friday!

Project Dreamscape:

Dream big in this creative set collection card game. Players are part of an experiment to bring their fantastical dreams to life. Players will make and share a pool of surreal dreamscapes and will look to craft and chain together the most creative dream. The dreams collected will also contain actions that will further help the player unleash their creativity. The cards feature colorful and surreal watercolor art- perfect of a kid-friendly game. For just $16 backers will receive the card game and final print and play files.

Bad Medicine:

I am pretty burnt out on party games though Bad Medicine shows promise. Maybe it’s because of my leftover cynicism from working in medical industry, but I like the idea of creating your own pharmaceuticals (complete with a randomly assigned name) with horrendously funny side effects like projectile earwax. I just wish this game had a different win condition than the common party game trait of ‘vote for your favorite’ to get points.


I love full bleed art on game cards and Entropy uses every inch to convey a strong story of future dystopian society. 2-5 players find themselves in lost in time and trying to return to their home world from the ever-changing nexus. The different worlds were recently destroyed and mixed together making for a complex navigational challenge to the travelers. Players attempt to find the fragmented shards of their world to complete a gorgeous panorama which is the key to returning back to their home world. Gameplay is short, around 10-15 minutes. I plan on following this campaign closely as new characters and action cards will be unlocked as funding continues.

Floating Market:

From the designers that brought Eggs & Empires comes a worker placement games set in the famous floating markets of the Khlong Damnoen Saduak Canal of Thailand. Eager grandchildren will be running around the market with the hopes of gathering one of each type of fruit: Mango, Banana, Papaya, Guava, Grapefruit, Rambutan, and the famous Starfruit. The first child to collect all the fruit will be the winner and will receive a most coveted prize: the first taste of grandma’s fruit salad! There is a lot of random dice rolling and probability, making this a great market game for kids to learn but possibly too random for classic worker placement fans. Also Floating Market has a printing limit of 2000 copies, so this game is in short supply and is going quickly!

Between Two Cities:

This game needs no introduction. This is the first of many promising campaigns for 2015 from Stonemaier Games. Between Two Cities is designed by Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley. It won over Jamey Stegmaier with its partnership-driven, competitive city building game. As someone who enjoys tile drafting games but dislikes the stale and monochrome designs in Suburbia, I find Between Two Cities a much needed colorful option to city building. For just $39, backers can easily gain access to the special edition Kickstarter version which will feature more building pieces and a numbered edition with a gold embossed number. A big sell for me on this game too is its ability to scale- gameplay time is the same for 2-7 players as each team takes simultaneous actions.

Hands in the Sea:

Put on your war face, this two player war game re-enacts The First Punic War between Rome and Carthage in an epic tabletop conflict. It is a card-driven game based on another popular war game ‘A Few Acres of Snow’. In Hands in the Sea, players will take turns over a 12 turn period and attempt to capture and raid the opponent’s port. There are many roads to victory as players combine deck-building with various actions to drive their strategy forward which includes creating a legion of soldiers, securing cities through naval battles, bribing enemies, weathering catastrophic events and much more.


The designer of Pandemic brings gamers another fun, cooperative game where players are part of a secretly funded, International Rescue team. This team travels around the world in the all manner of technologically advanced, multi-use vehicles. Players will save civilians and work together to thwart their enemies evil plots. There are many reasons to enjoy Thunderbirds whether for its coop gameplay, homage to the Thunderbirds TV show or even the retro-future machines featured in the art and minis.

Titans of Empyrean:

A giant rift brings multiple flying mythological beasts into the sky. Dragons, griffons, manticores and pegasus are just a few of the creatures you can encounter. In order to establish dominance in the new Empyrean, these flying titans will battle each other to the death. This tactical two player game pits a team of five titans against each other. Each titan brings a unique ability to the table and players will fight around a hex-based map, moving their titans one by one and using various abilities and powers to help their titan team.


Queen Games is back with another artistic and robust market game that isn’t about sheep and wood. Players take on the roles of master perfumers looking to distill the most popular scents from flowers and fruit into tempting combinations. Each successfully brewed batch of perfume will go towards fulfilling orders of esteemed clients, which each have their own preferences. Players will be working to balance their resources and prevent imperfections from ruining their perfumes. As with many of Queen Games’ Kickstarter campaigns, backers also have the option to add on other games from their portfolio.

Be sure to check back on March 16th as there are even more upcoming Kickstarters from our favorite designers including Terra Nova Games, Dice Hate Me Games (newly merged with Greater Than Games) and many more. If you see a Kickstarter we missed that you’d like to share with us, please post a comment below or share the Kickstarter with us onFacebook or Twitter. Thank you and happy gaming!

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