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Published on August 15th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Kickstarter Updates August 2014 Part 2

We have so many Kickstarter campaigns in mid August and a lot that just launched that we don’t have on that list. With GenCon starting today Kickstarter is overflowing with unique ideas and very colorful game design. If you want us to promote a campaign or game you like, let us know on Twitter and we’ll be sure to share it!

Clockwork Wars

Clockwork Wars is a strategy game that fully embraces the need for gears on everything. While I’m usually not a supporter of generic steampunk settings, this game has gone out of its way to add unique factions not usually found in fantastical settings like Mongrels and Troglodytes and combines magic, steam tech and living creatures into very absurd combinations (i.e. steampunk squid). Gameplay features battling for areas and buildings on a modular hex-based map and includes a technology tree to advance your civilization.

But Wait, There’s More!

From the creators for TMG-published Belfort, comes a game that is guaranteed to solve that problem faced by many gamers: boring party games. But Wait, There’s More offers a simple solution: pitch your next big infomercial-esque product to your friends making sure to explain the additional features (which are randomly drawn) and how they fit into this exceptional product. Prepare your best Billy Mays voice!

Pack-O-Game Series

Chris Handy is looking to produce a ton of casual, beautifully illustrated and unique gameplay gateway games that are the size of a pack of gum. A pledge of $24 will get you 4 games in this series AND access to any stretch goals-all of which are additional games. Microgames are coming in full force and with added efforts like this campaign, I hope playing games in bars increases.

Lift Off!

These little aliens are battling for their lives trying to get off their homeworld before it explodes or a monster loose on their planet eats them. 2-5 players are working together to survive and get to the eject pods but as resources and pods become scarce, it’s every alien for themselves! A light-hearted survival game with minimal backstabbing, this is a great family game.

Designers & Dragons:

I’ll need to make room on my art history and philosophy shelf for this set. Evil Hat Productions is bringing a 4 volume set of the history of roleplaying games from the 70’s through 2000’s. Shannon Appelcline has collected over a decade of research . Included in the layout of the history of some of the well-known designers, companies and franchises will also be pictures of the original cover art from many books throughout the different eras. This is a collectible item that every RPG gamer would love to own.


I’ve been waiting for an spycraft board game for some time and [redacted] looks like it will deliver! Multiple players are sent on top secret missions to recover intel, partner up and destroy any evidence or enemies that cross your path. While searching through the various rooms, hacking computers or preparing your weapon arsenal, players may choose to team up, betray each other or simple ignore one another-but that all depends on your mission- should you choose to accept it.


Enjoy Civilization-esque empire building in a much more condensed format. With more than 400 cards, two-players can build in 8 different eras of world civilizations from Aztecs vs Conquistadors to the space race of Russia vs US. Completing play in one era is about 30mins and players can scale to a longer experience by playing more eras one after another. Era serves as a great gateway into larger and longer 4x games.

Agents of Smersh: 2nd Edition:

This is a different kind of spycraft game than the previously mentioned [redacted] and to most, Agents of Smersh needs little introduction. Players travel the globe encountering obstacles along the way while trying to twart and take down the evil master scientist. Gameplay is more story-driven by a choose-your-own-adventure book filled with hundreds of pages of possible outcomes to your characters predicaments. Those results are both good and bad but all come together in this fun, group storytelling experience that is great no matter if the team wins of looses.

Lone Wolf:

I usually am not swayed by tabletop RPGs on Kickstarter because there are so many and I already have way too many on our collective shelf that I haven’t played yet BUT Lone Wolf came highly recommended by a friend. Lone Wolf is an epic fantasy game that tells your heroic tale as you journey around Magnamund. This RPG is designed for minimal prep allowing DMs to start sooner and players to get into the game faster. The art expresses a story of a world that I am immediately interested in and promises gameplay and exploration for both new and experienced gamers.

Nautilis Industries:

Players compete to establish and grow their business by mining resources, selling them at a high market value and purchasing stock in companies that are all set in the time of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This game is like the big sister to Harbour with a more unique and engaging theme. Players can collect different resources under the ocean and can manipulate the market in their favor or against their opponents which dictates who will have the most successful business at the end of the game.

The Lounge:

A fan of Mafia and Werewolf wanted to create a set of cards and a game similar to those role deduction games with fully-illustrated cards. The art featured in The Lounge is a gorgeous homage to 1920’s fashion and speakeasy themes. Their are 3 groups: Mafia, Town or Other. It’s the characters with ‘other’ motivations that really interest me as they deviate from the normal allegiances and game pattern. The Lounge would make a great addition to those who have Werewolf and The Resistance.

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