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Published on November 17th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Kickstarter Updates: November pt 2

We are sure that these next two months will be very busy for you. Between traveling, seeing family, picking out presents, shoveling snow and stopping to enjoy a hot chofolate, make sure you look at these games on Kickstarter. I recently finished some reviews on Kickstarter games I received recently (Belle of the Ball and Burgoo) I can vouch for taking time and a bit of the budget to invest in games by these indie designers. It will be worth the wait and are great gifts for yourself for next year.

Firewall://Hack the Planet

We haven’t seen a dedicated dice game in a while on Kickstarter, but luckily Firewall has returned!  “Firewall seamlessly blends dice placement, area control and player interaction into a quick and interactive game.” That is what we had to say in our review of the prototype last year on Kickstarter. It has returned with a cheaper game price and even a print and play version delivered on a floppy disk. If you ever wanted to Hack the Gibson in a compact game and have a strong nostalgia for retro technology, definitely check out Firewall.

Paper Toss:

Paper Toss is designed to be a family friendly, competitive card game all about delivering the newspaper and getting around the hazards that come with the job. This could be angry dogs, trash cans on the side walk, or even a bad toss which results in a broken window. It looks to be just as competitive and casual as Uno and if you remember the old Paper Boy video game there area lot of similarities and references to that video game within Paper Toss.

Soccer City:

For sports fans young and old, comes Soccer City, a beautifully illustrated strategic sports game. This is a soccer simulation game and will feature a ton of cards which will determine movements, reactions and various defensive and offensive actions through out the game. Soccer City promises a lot of depth to create the best tabletop simulation of the sport.

Oddball Aeronauts 2: Double the Trouble

Mechanauts and the Free Kingdoms are two new factions coming to the Oddball franchise. Double Trouble is a stand alone expansion for the original Oddball game and in addition to the new factions, you can now have 4 players in this quick, competitive game of dirigible dog fights. If you don’t remember our support of Oddball at their first campaign, know that no table or playing surface is required: the gameplay all centers around arranging and then showing cards at the top of your deck. If you liked the original, this expansion will add double the fun and should be delivered even quicker than the first game.

Crop Cycle:

This 2-5 player card game covers the exciting world of farming without all the physical labor. Crop Cycle is a resource management farming game-a genre that we have seen a lot of. What helps this Kickstarter stand out is the use of modern farming techniques and equipment in the cards and art. Crop Cycle is also unique as the images featured in the game come from pictures and images of the Manitoba farming landscape: the hometown of Crop Cycle’s creator, Trevor Lehmann.

New Bedford:

DiceHateMe Games is back with another Kickstarter campaign for a game about whaling and town-building in the historic early 1800’s in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The game is set in the historic town known for helping lead the United States into the industrial revolution by being one of the largest sources of whale oil. Players are looking to build the town, send out ships and collect whales to be processed. As the game goes on it is more likely that players will catch less whales and encounter more open seas–this is a reference in game to the over fishing that actually occurred in New Bedford and other cities.

Helvetia Cup:

Two football/soccer simulation games in one Kickstarter?! I couldn’t help but put Helvetia Cup in here because unlike Soccer City, this game is set in a fantasy setting. It is a two player game featuring a variety of fantasy races that you can unlock: dwarves, elves, succubus and…bears! That’s right, there are armored bears in this soccer game. The base game includes dragons and mad men which come as pre-painted figures and gameplay looks similar to Blood Bowl.

In a World of Dinosaurs:

Looking at this game, I wish I were a paleontologist. Players compete on two boards representing the same chunk of land. One board is from millions of years ago during a time when dinosaurs roamed and the other board is that same land in present day where paleontologists are digging up and piecing remains of dinosaurs for their museum collection. This is the most unique game on this list and I look forward to seeing this game on store shelves. Even with those main objectives there are more surprises like an event deck and cards to assemble the fossils and bones you found. Even incorrect or mis-matched parts are part of the game-an incorrectly pieced together dinosaur is still sure to attract attention at your local museum.

Thunder Track:

Thunder Track is the action-packed sequel to the Turbo Rally Card Racing game. I’ve never seen a better organized rally racing game. The track is composed of a series of facedown cards. Landing on these cards and flipping them could help your card advanced on the track or could uncover and hindering trap. Players have a hand of cards to help them out of sticky messes or to hinder their opponents. The cards also include weapons and upgrades to your car to help you win the race just like you’re building your own Mach 5. The game doesn’t come with vehicles but I’m sure we all have some old Hot Wheels lying around that are begging to give this race a try.

Merry Go Round:

I wish I had played this game before trying out Robo Rally. Merry Go Round has a simplified and cute concept: each player is a carousel animal who wishes for freedom and is trying to leave the merry go round. In order to leave, the characters must plan their movements around the ever changing and rotating board. It is a quick game for children and only lasts about 20-30 minutes but is a great gateway into more difficult games that require planning ahead. Also and added bonus: no violence in this game!

Black Hat:

There are no do-gooders in this game. 2-6 players compete as Black Hats: hackers that are trying to access personal, secret information for personal gain or just to be destructive. The gameplay features a series of competitive trick-taking rounds which will reflect the positioning of your character on the board. Players must plan accordingly to exploit the systems and navigate barriers all the while trying to prevent their opponents from doing the same.


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