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Published on March 16th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Kickstarter Updates March 2015 part 2

Wow. This has been a crazy month for board games! We have seen so many amazing Kickstarters this month and they just keep on coming. We just want to support you all and are so ecstatic to see so many independent designers and our favorite budding companies coming out with new games this year. Literally all our favorite designers, friendly local talent and budding game companies have a Kickstarter right now and I want to mention all of you!

I think this will be the first time in ATBG’s history that I break my ‘1o Kickstarters only’ limit so I can include the impressive games on Kickstarter now. We’ll try to give you a condensed version of our thoughts on these great Kickstarters so that we can fit more than 10 on this list. Here they are:

Far Space Foundry:

The Far Space Federation leads an ongoing mission of peace around the galaxy and they need your help! Players are in charge of supplying the front lines with resources and upgraded technology in this game played in two different halves. The art and design have a gorgeous futuristic feel and gives you a packed resource management experience in just 20 minutes per player. We got to play Far Space Foundry-read our full review on Far Space Foundry here.


Play as a dragon inhabitant trying to keep humans off your land! Do what dragons do best: fight, burn and hoard gold. This area control game comes with a unique components package: the game map is printed on fabric instead of a game board and features custom metal pieces for the dice, dragon pieces and various upgraded tokens.

Valeria: Card Kingdoms:

I had personally played Valeria throughout multiple stages of its development and I’m thrilled to see it on Kickstarter. Each player is secretly serving a duke and are competing to build a prosperous kingdom in this dice and card game. There are multiple types of citizens whose abilities are tied to the dice rolls. Citizens can slay monsters for victory points and help build a cohesive network to expand your city and build the coveted domains. Valeria is a unique city building game set in a fantasy setting with colorful characters.

Bottom of the 9th:

DiceHateMe Games has returned with a fast dice and card game simulating the last 3 outs of a baseball game in the bottom of the 9th inning. This 2 player game focuses on the nail-biting standoff between the pitcher and the batter. Through deduction, dice-rolling and combination of different player abilities, Bottom of the 9th adds complexity in this compact game. If you love the retro baseball cards, uniforms, and baseball personalities, this game brings nostalgia to your collector’s shelf too.

Above and Below:

I don’t often see games driven by artists but this game is covered in narrative which is supported by the illustration and animation focus. Sure to be another great title from Red Raven Games, Above and Below is an immersive storytelling and village construction game using dice and cards. Forced to relocate and start your village anew, players begin building, managing and exploring the the surrounding area only to discover a mysterious and inhabited cavern.


This competitive 2 player game puts players in the roles of two supercomputers: DEEP RED and BLU9000. These unfortunate computers are trying to prevent mutually assured destruction from nuclear war by hacking the other computer before detonation. Players take turns altering the path between them to gain the advantage. While moving around cards, the computers can trigger resistors which drastically alter the sequence of cards and creates even more tension into this hack-in-real-time scenario. These tarot-sized cards come in a deck box that players can builds out like a console cartridge. A great thematic touch!

Space Dandy Galactic Deck-Building Game:

I’m not familiar with the Space Dandy franchise but I am a big fan of Cowboy Bebop which shares some of the same setting elements. This game is modeled on the classic deck builder: players are competing to have the most woolongs by the end of the game and work towards beefing up their starting deck by purchasing cards from a shared pool. Space Dandy also adds a combat: protect your Space Dandy and attack your opponent’s in hopes of sabotaging their woolong stash. Much like Zeppelin Attack, Space Dandy looks to add more depth and strategy to the deck building genre.

El Luchador Fantastico Grande:

We’ve mentioned this card game  in a past article but have to share it again as the game is agonizingly close to its goal. 2-4 players take on the mantel of a Mexican Luchador and compete with other players in the ring. Show off your signature wrestling moves in this brawling game. We especially like Senyac Games’ dedication to represent females equally in their game. Plenty of female and male wrestlers to choose from.

Tesla vs. Edison:

“The Battle of the Currents” is the clever tagline to describe this competitive game between inventors and companies during the infancy of electricity. In Tesla vs Edison, players represent a business looking to manage electrical projects, build routes, upgrade technology and play the stock market. I’ve followed this game for a while and was won over instantly by their intricate paper money and certificate designs. Lady inventors are planned, however they are offered as stretch goals and aren’t part of the base game yet.


This quick card game is a last-man-standing competition where 2-5 players represent a oddball psychic looking to curse and defeat their fellow psychic in a duel. Set in the back of an antique shop, players will fight everyone from jazz street musicians to street-side prophets. Land curses and if all that fails just hurl furniture at their opponent using your telekinetic powers! A clever party game that grabbed my attention with its unique theme and professional graphic design.

Birds of a Feather:

Bird watchers and gamers unite under this simple set collection card game about trying to sneak a peak at rare and gorgeous birds in their natural habitat. Explore different landscapes to find the varieties of birds. While I see this game as mostly for kids, Birds of a Feather is definitely educational for everyone. As an avid bird watcher and lover of wildlife I’m excited to see a well illustrated and educational game even if the game itself is light on strategy.

Brewin’ USA:

Brewin’ USA focuses on rising “liquid gold rush” as craft brewers compete in this Euro-style resource management game of beer brewing. Players compete as beer entrepreneurs looking to establish their beer and compete for resources, play the market demand and maintain a local reputation. Many of the beers and logos included in the game come from Brewin’ USA’s partnership with local breweries in the USA. I enjoy seeing the support of growing independent companies like craft brewers and can’t wait to play this game over a cold microbrew. Did I mention this game was a Tabletop Deathmatch finalist?

Sultan’s Library:

Players search, discover and bring back knowledge from books and their travels in hope of impressing the Sultan. I am glad to see more and more non-violent games on this list and Sultan’s is probably my favorite. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding the world is the key resource and motivation for all the player characters which feature a unique selection of scholars.  *the latest post shares that Sultan’s Library is likely coming back to Kickstarter in June. We look forward to seeing their campaign and game gain more support in the summer.

Lord of the Fries:

Cheapass Games is back with their usual charm and passion for affordable and fun game experiences with a reprinting of Lord of the Fries. This game has had many small runs since the 90’s but now it is back with even more zombie and burger-flipping fun. As a fast food worker zombie, your job is to make specials of the day from the random assortment of ingredients. The base game will feature Friedey’s (burger and fry joints) and a coffee shop. There is a lot planned for this Rummy variant including additional cards, art, restaurants and more in the stretch goals.

If I missed any Kickstarter campaigns, I do apologize. Please share them with us on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll make sure to re-share your game. Thanks again for another month of great indie games. I hope to see them on game store shelves in the future!

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