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Published on January 16th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Kickstarter Updates January 2015 part 2

These Kickstarters are bursting out of the gates to kick off another year of supporting designers, artists and fledgling game companies in 2015. This big list of games offer innovative game components, outlandish themes and hearty remakes of classic games.

The Cones of Dunshire:

Too much time on your hands can lead you to some crazy ideas. For Ben of Pawnee, Indiana all he wanted was to create the ultimate strategy game. From the fictional setting of Parks and Recreation The Cones of Dunshire was brought to life by Mayfair Games. Now you can collect cones and outwit up to 11 other competitors with the deluxe edition: $500 for a game upwards of 10 feet in size. (Regular edition to hopefully follow soon). I recommend sipping on a home brew of snake juice and wearing some funny hats to create the ultimate gaming experience.

Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge

The first game out of the games of Game Designers Clubhouse (a new project to support indie games and designers by long-time Game Salute and Clever Mojo Games guy David MacKenzie). As a hepcat, a hipster of the 40s and 50s, you are looking for the best night out in the fanciest and most niche cocktail lounge. Players expand their social connections and build a clique of cool cats. Keep score by hanging the appropriate number of blue monkeys neatly displayed around the rim of your very own martini glass. Alcoholic beverages are not included, but all the cards feature drink recipes to create your own cocktail party and gaming night.

Tiny Epic Galaxies:

The third installment in the ever growing “Tiny Epic” world series is Tiny Epic Galaxies by Scott Almes of Gamelyn Games. Similar to their previous games in their franchise, Galaxies will also be a micro resource management game where up to 5 factions are competing to expand their galactic control by colonizing planets. Just like Robo Rally’s movement orders, players roll dice and use the results to activate specific actions in a chain. This assigned order of actions creates interesting strategy combinations and places a large importance on timing.


Four hundred years ago, Europe was tangled in a massive conflict that rearranged political and religious boundaries. This 30 Years’ War from European history that ended up being as pivotal for Europe as the Civil War was for establishing America. Dirk Henn and Queen Games created an intense strategy game with around 2 hours of play. Gain control of the most counties, build infrastructure, feed your populace and defend your territory from attacking players. Unpredictable events cards and a using a dice tower to resolve battles sounds like a harsh time if you have a run of bad luck but I have never been disappointed by a game from Queens Games.

Eastwood: Deadliest Gunslingers:

I’ve been enjoying the number of ‘high noon’ western showdown themed games I’ve seen on Kickstarter. I am always a fan of people taking a single deck of cards and adding a couple character cards, pieces and a new shiny set of rules and presenting an entirely different game. Eastwood is a war-type card game where people are quick drawing cards and playing their sequence in hopes of shooting down the opponent. What this game is severely lacking is female and people of color characters. I need a game with choices (even if they are fictional ones) besides white dude with a mustache.

Spirits of the Rice Paddy:

Focusing on the sophisticated irrigation , Balimese farmers will compete to produce the most efficient and plentiful rice paddy. The unique water resource, flows from the higher elevation of the ride paddy and trickle down your field. Players will need to play around the limited water supply and its unique movement to ensure all their fields are watered. Also farmers will draft certain spirit cards at the beginning of the game to help their fortunes or possibly cause them some trouble during the game.


Deluxe Orlèans:

Have you had your fix in a Euro-style medieval trading game this month? Well then you might want to jump on the Orleans campaign. Tasty Minstrel Games is bringing this French game to the US. If you want an upgrade to metal coins and tokens, it’s just a $2 add on and this dense Euro game is still under $60 (for US backers at least). Establish trade, build up your cities and even hire scientists in this medieval themed setting.

Gang Up!:

Climb to the top and rule Crimetown by performing crimes with your motley crew of fellow crime lord aspire-ers. Perform these crimes successfully or betray a fellow successful player to take the rewards for yourself. All is fair in this 1920’s, prohibition era of zoot suits, tommy guns and large diamonds and shiny objects. The different criminal archetypes are all present though I would have liked to see a female in that biker brigade team. The art is punchy and very deco. So if you like extremely competitive games combined with Gatsby-era characters and plights, Gang Up is perfect.


My many years playing red mana Magic decks and roleplaying barbarians have not prepared me for the level of blood, gold and glory await me in Conan by Monolith Board Games. Straight off the pages by Robert E Howard, Conan and his many companions are available to play-including three varieties of ass-kicking ladies. One overlord versus a team of players and their fighting force clash in a 6o minutes of play. The combat is an rpg style using minis, gems and plenty of gorgeous art and tiles depicting the immersive Hyborian world.

Space Slugs:

A quick-paced card game all about stranded space slugs looking to get off a the Desolate Moon. To do that they must gather one of each color of slug to activate the one escape pod. One of each color ensures that one of each color survives. Space Slugs is a card game similar to UNO where players are actively sabotaging their competitors chances of getting off the moon and ensuring your own survival.

Run Fight or Die!

I’m still burnt out on zombie games, but this video definitely kept my attention and the team is very enthusiastic about promoting a theme-heavy game of survival. Players take a player tile and two other location tiles and place them in a column. The column of tiles show the distance from the spawning zombies. The closer the zombies are to your character tile, the more your surround space will be filled up with undead. It’s the usual strategy of gathering weapons, equipment, travel to locations and kill a LOT of zombies. The three expansions for Run Fight or Die! are also part of this campaign if you already own the base game.

We are looking forward to next month’s Kickstarter Updates’ list as it will include returning campaigns for games that we want to see succeed such as Wizard Dodgeball and Goblin’s Breakfast. We also look forward to the upcoming Siege of Verdan Kickstarter campaign and to learn more about this approachable war strategy game, read Luke’s recent review.

See you in February!

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