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Kickstarter Updates for November 2014

El Luchador Fantastico Grande:

This game by Senyac Games is a colorful card game for 2-4 players inspired by the Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling. The game’s designer Al boasts an equal ratio of female to male wrester characters which we are very happy to see and the campaign even has opportunities for backers to input their own appearance for a character in the higher reward tier. Play is simple: be the last wrestler standing by successfully knocking-out or ringing-out the other opponents with your collection of wrestling moves.


Prepare to accept one of the most challenging missions seen before in tabletop gaming, going up to a complete stranger and making them laugh. SpeakEasy is all about social challenges that encourages players to approach and interact with strangers and possibly making new friends in the process. Mind Jello Games, the Seattle-based creators, created SpeakEasy as an interactive pub game to help break down social barriers in a public setting. The game is made for bringing to a pub too which each social mission printed on reusable coasters.

Outer Earth:

Represent one of the hot new businesses in the terraforming industry in the near, fantastical future. These businesses gain their reputation and money from preparing and selling planets ready for human habitation. Simultaneous bidding and a unique stringing or path-matching mechanic while creates a visually strong and interesting game. Outer Earth was one of the TableTop DeathMatch finalists from the 2013 and has gone through an additional year of development before coming to Kickstarter this November.

World of Yo-Ho:

Sail, fight and plunder in this pirate-themed board game featuring innovative use of smart phones and physical components for an unique, interactive experience. Each player takes on the role of a ship captain (represented as wild, tropical birds in Yo-Ho), downloads the game app and sets up their ship on the map. Your phone becomes your ship and will access your inventory of goods and weapons, help you select your actions and even play out a battle between two ships in animations. With different game modes and options for group play on a single table instead of multiple phones help make the World of Yo-Ho be a more accessible game out of those that specialize in combining technology and board game components.

Cycling Party:

This is an impressive strategy board game that goes beyond miniature warfare so common in other long strategy games. Cycling Party was created by two gamers and cyclists who wanted to combine their hobbies in a game that brings realistic, competitive cycling to life. Players can compete as a manager of a famous team of cyclists working to be the first across the finish line. Players will have to work out movement strategy, avoid crashes or accidents and remember to stay hydrated. Cycling Party offers three types of gameplay each one suited to different levels or play and complexity.


Looks like Luke will be getting his Minecraft style board games after all. While all the art and style of BlockCraft are pretty much the exact same variations of block types in Minecraft, the gameplay is vastly different. There are three different game modes labeled as Mine, Build and Block Out. The competing 2-4 players attempt to either locate a specific block, build certain tools or objects or collect a set of blocks to collect their point value in those respective game modes. The different game modes are very shallow compared to the professionally crafted acrylic blocks and 3 pick axe players use to mine blocks out of the game box.

Iron & Ale: King of the Keg Expansion:

The TableForged guys are back with an expansion to their popular dwarf drinking game: Iron & Ale. Players have defeated the boss dragon and have awakened The Ancient Dwarven King of the Keg. In this expansion players will have a new card type called Ancient Relic Cards which can assist the dwarves in their feats of strength, mining and drinking. Some of the cards can even reflect the cost or punishment onto the winning participant too. This expansion also includes a dwarf king card and more meadhall challenges. If you don’t have the base game, you can purchase that too as part of this campaign!


Friends & Foes

Friends & Foes is designed by a gamer who loves classic fantasy roleplaying games that enjoys more casual and inclusive modern board game mechanics. Players can compete in a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 format where each player on team chooses a character and customizes their character by choosing two abilities.


Steampunk Rally:

Calling all Steampunk fans and lovers of dice games, Steampunk Rally is definitely calling your name. Roxley Games brings a the fervor of a mad scientist or gifted inventor into a game all about building large, complex vehicles. Powered by steam, fire and electricity players. I really enjoyed the video that was on theme, entertaining and really wow-ed me by showing the unique features of their game. Steampunk Rally features segmented tile cards which  build together a machine which recycles or produces different types of energy and powers effective weapons and tools to advance your invention in a race across the Swiss Alps.


Flat Plastic Miniatures:

Luke is always asking that companies include affordable cutout miniatures, because you can always sell full 3D minis as an upgrade or deluxe add-on. This project is an updated version of paper tokens. Instead of being flat illustrations, these are stand-ups and they are printed on a clear plastic backing. They look sturdy, detailed and colorful and at $75 for the whole of it, it’s a great deal.

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