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Published on September 30th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Kawaii Tactical Combat

 Krosmaster Arena Tournament at Raygun Lounge

Recently Kai (a dedicated Krosmaster and Wakfu fan and Raygun employee) set up the Krosmaster Arena bi-monthly tournament as a way to bring Krosmaster fans together to play the game. Holding the tournament in a game store space like Raygun is a great way attract new players too. It is hard to ignore the cartoony, 3D terrain and full-color chibi character minis running around a board bashing opponents, summoning creatures and gaining loot.

Luke and I are fans of the minis game but we didn’t know anyone else who played. These tournaments have helped me meet others interested in Krosmaster and gives me more, regular practice playing Krosmaster against a variety of character combinations. I normally shy away from  competitive games, but with the opportunity to win prizes (miniatures, extra dice and game terrain) even participation prizes while becoming better at Krosmaster seems like a win-win.

krosmaster tournament

Picking a Team:

For a Krosmaster tournament a player can select any combination of characters so long as the total value of their rank is equal to 12. Players can have a nearly infinite number of mini combinations and players can feature any array of ranked minis. You can spread the 12 rank among three characters or ten characters. The number of minis a player wants to control is completely up to them.

krosmaster tournament

Krostmaster characters rank from 1 to 6. The higher the number, the more bananas your stats and abilities are. The 6 rank characters have a ridiculous amount of cheesy powers. My rank 6 in the game was Nox- a large, shiny robot with teleporting abilities. The downside of having a high ranking character is the death of that character is enough to lose the game. Players could also have a lot of rank 1 and 2 characters on their team. Having more minis to overrun your opponent has its advantages but lower ranking characters tend to die more quickly.

krosmaster tournament

There are trade-offs between minis and different team builds. My favorite aspect of Krosmaster is the team build: finding ways to combo different character abilities together to form an unstoppable force. Sometimes that team combo is weak or strong against a different team types. I’m looking forward to the future tournaments as a way to grow my skills and experience with tactical, miniature gameplay.

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