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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


June 2015 Kickstarter Updates

I am especially grateful for board games in these hot summer months. After walking around outside, nothing beats cranking up the AC, enjoying a cold beverage and the company of friends and family over a board game.


The spiritual successor of Glory to Rome is here from one of the original designers, Carl Chudyk. Just as his previous games, Carl brings card format with multiple uses in a game of commerce. Players are workers competing to make and sell the best items to tourists out of their Buddhist temple. Mottainai looks very similar in design and theme to Chudyk’s previous games–I would like to see more variety; however a $12 copy is a great deal.

Iron League:

Just 6 days left for Iron League: a modular robot miniatures battle arena. The Iron League features Irons: robots who fight in a fantasy sports league for entertainment. Two players face off, head to head and look to even upgrade their weapons. Iron League’s most unique feature is the ability to swap out the weapons and devices from the minis themselves!

Deal With It:

I have never had a problem with socially drinking at parties; but if you’re heading to college at the end of summer and are looking for a card game that focuses on drinking and forcing your friends to drink, Deal With It is your game. Similar to other drinking games like Kings, players build the rules and actions that force other players or yourself to drink as a punishment–all in good fun. The ‘draw a card, play a card’ format makes Deal With It easy teach to new gamers and party goers.

We Have Goats:

This hilarious games has players competing to herd three goats back to their respective pens. Players place tiles to lead the goats back to the pen, invest in specialized goat-herding technology and avoid the wacky natural disasters that opponents can play on your goats. Goat-nadoes, goat-drones, goat-namis and more make We Have Goats and excellent ‘take that’ game to play. Read Luke’s full review of the prototype copy here.

Street Kings:

Street Kings is a flashy worker placement game from the crew at Board To Death, a prominent tabletop review site. This game features everything you love about cars and racing. Players can upgrade their cars, hire crew, race in various locations and show off their cars at the car show. The theme is well-integrated into worker placement mechanics and has lots of customizable features in game for car enthusiasts.


You can never have too many dungeon crawlers, right? Middara is a game type I’m quickly becoming fond of–players are cooperating through an expansive dungeon crawl and each player represents a character with an attachment to a prominent family. In addition, players can customize their characters in a variety of items and characters by spending experience gathered during the dungeon crawl. Middara features an extensive world and story and players can develop and challenge their character in many ways-even death or defeat in combat doesn’t end their story–it just becomes part of their narrative.

10 Minutes to Kill:

This short game features deduction and a host of anthropomorphic characters. The board features 16 characters who are all secretly hitmen. Each hitman is trying to eliminate 3 secret targets. Each downed character brings more difficulty as cops begin popping up. Players can try and thwart their opponents and reveal their identity to give themselves and advantage and make it even more difficult for their opponents to make their kills.

The Dwarves: The Saga:

The generic name is pretty off-putting, but then I saw that this game has been around for a while and is based on a series of German books. In this game, players take up a dwarf character looking to defend their homeland,Girdlegard, from the evil seeping into their boarders. Players complete a series of quests and overall the game is easy to learn but will take a while (60-90 mins or more) to play.

World of Mythology:

World of Mythology features a great selection of character art to represent four pantheons of gods: Greek, Egyptian, Norse and Slavic. The game is similar trick taking games as players participate in a series of rounds: each round one of the pantheons is the trump suit; however the different gods and goddesses feature different abilities and secret cards to help players score additional points in this competitive game. More pantheons and ability cards are in the works!

Dino Dude Ranch:

With all this Jurassic Park hype, it’s nice to see a game that features a bunch of cute dinosaurs that just want to eat their favorite foods (that aren’t humans). As a dino rancher, your task is to round up dinosaurs in your pen by luring them away with their favorite foods. Players compete to attract the most valuable and rare dinosaur in this kid-friendly game.


‘Nasty, brutish and short’ is the best way to describe Melee. This game comes from the Coup designer and compresses all the features of a war game into a 20 minute experience. Players compete for the throne by gathering land, troops and money. Each player starts with limited supplies and try to grow their influence and power over a short time. Melee also features great art and a great price–especially if you have purchased their previous games.

If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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