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June 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

This second update of June features many games with very interesting overarching worlds and narrative’s. From building up a library in a Sultan’s palace to the reels of a B Horror movie, this list of Kickstarters come from a variety of genres and influences.

Sultan’s Library:

Players take on the role of envoys sent by the Sultan to collect the knowledge of the world and bring books back to his library. Each envoy has a special ability to aid them in their journey. The art is combines beautiful comic style work and it really brings to life the Sultan’s Library world. The game itself could use less random elements and encourage more exploration to find the books. Read my full review of Sultan’s Library here: Knowledge is Power.


In the far future, humanity is threatened by the untimely collapsing of the universe. Players are part of the chosen members of the Human Organization to Preserve Existence or HOPE and are tasked with exploring harsh worlds, terraforming the habitat and seeding new life. In this semi-cooperative exploration game players get to travel far and wide the different universes, represented by a trippy 3D illusion game board. One player will be the winner and recognized for their pioneering achievement but all players will lose the game if the universe collapses.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree:

The Ragnar brothers are known for their odd themed games. Barking Up The Wrong Tree is a mash up of anthropomorphic dogs chasing cats up a variety of trees. Players can learn a lot about dog breeds and tree types from this quick card game. If you like animals in fancy clothes, there is a lot of that art in Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

Masters of Football:

I’ve anticipated this game since January this year and am happy to see Masters of Football with a strong Kickstarter debut and a load of new cartoon art. This epic football (soccer) game features a ton of strategy on and off the field. As a manager of a team, players are trying to come out as the winners of the championship series. Players will face off in a series of games using their players and strategy cards to turn the game in their favor. These football fans and board game enthusiasts but together a game that has all the nail-biting excitement into a digestible strategy game.

Sheep Happens:

Barnyard animals seem to be a common theme for humor-driven card games and Sheep Happens features a strategic battle between goats and sheep. If you like a lot of pop culture references from a lot of genres and want a light-hearted battle between friends, Sheep Happens looks to fit that need. The designers are wanting a deck of 108 unique cards and non-elimination format for 2-5 players.

Foe Hunters:

Foe Hunters is back on Kickstarter and I’m really hoping it gets funding this time around. These generic fantasy characters are done up in game art that I think rivals World of Warcraft character art; but what interests me most about Foe Hunters is the cooperative deckbuilding gameplay. Each fantasy hero begins with their respective deck of cards and characters are working together to defeat a foe while also building up their deck with equipment and abilities from the city.

Tropes: Horror Show Edition:

Cooperative storytelling with classic horror tropes and characters is a great party game for horror movie fans. In this light card game, players introduce a  character (boy scout, the jock, etc) and a location (make out point, etc) at the beginning of each round. Players take turns playing cards playing story cards to advance the scene and embellish on how the character’s horror story progresses. Players attempt to play the final end card either helping that character escape or meet his gruesome end. The player who brought about the most character end stories win!

12 Realms: Bedtime Story:

I’ve been interested in playing 12 Realms after a friend recommended it to me. Players work together to defeat a looming evil invading the multiple fantasy realms of the world. This Bedtime Story expansion adds even more heroes, scenarios and realms from steampunk to Atlantis. I’ve been craving a more adventurous strategy game filled with fairytales and fantasy that I can convince my friends to play. 12 Realms offers strategy, action management and an interesting cooperative narrative. Just 3 days left for this game!

Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers & Exotica

Eminent Domain has also been on my radar for a while and it looks like I need to get caught up. This campaign funds both an expansion to the popular space game by Tasty Minstrel Games and a full standalone card game, which has a simple premise to collect 15 victory points. I don’t really need to go into detail about this game because its popularity speaks for itself and TMG is known for producing high quality, simple and fun board games.

Civicus Dice Game:

This compact 2 player game features competing groups at the very early stage of civilization in a high fantasy world. These competing civilizations expand their settlements and grow their domain through fateful dice rolling and strategic placements. The winner of Civicus is the civilization that has the most balance between agriculture, technology, markets, temple and more. Civicus Dice Game aims to bring the civ-builder experience into a micro game format.

Dark Dealings:

In Dark Dealings players are competing to be the last dark lord standing after the local village hires adventures to take you down! As bad guys of magic and mayhem, players look to defeat the heroes and lure the the ones most susceptible to your abilities to your lair and push the other heroes to your opponents to deal with. Dark lords work on building their defenses and stopping the heroes and outlasting their opponents.
If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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