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Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


July Kickstarter Updates

Happy Fourth of July to all our American readers and Happy July to everyone! We’re excited to welcome a hot month full of sizzling Kickstarters from a variety of game designers. Speaking of game designers, if you’re in Seattle we are helping to host an unofficial Unpub event July 26th from 12-6pm PST at the Raygun Lounge. The event will showcase over 10 designers and their unpublished games, including Food Truck Showdown: a prototype card game by our very own authors Luke and Nicole. and their unpublished games! Come and play games with us and for more details here is the Facebook event page. Now without further delay here are 10 Kickstarters worth backing:


Tiny Epic Defenders:

This is the next game in Gamelyn Games’ line of pocket, micro games set in the fantasy Tiny Epic Kingdoms universe. Tiny Epic Defenders comes after the battles in TEK where the different kingdoms must defend the capital city and other landmarks from an approaching hoard of evil in this fast-paced cooperative game. Players will be scrambling together to defend against a random enemy deck of epic monsters while also gaining artifacts all in about 20-30 minutes of gameplay.


Gothic Doctor:

Gothic Doctor is the kind of creativity and slightly unusual game theme that I want to see more of! Gothic Doctor is set in 1850’s London and you, the player, are known for treating the most dangerous and odd patient cases that other physicians refuse to treat. Players are competing to earn the most money for this gothic physician practice by treating werewolves and mad scientists all the way to the premium clients of Dracula and Mr. Hyde. This is a hand management and set collection card game where players administer treatments like silver acupuncture for the werewolf and Laudanum for the asylum patient.


Again, this is another unique card game coming to the market. Gorgeous art and a deduction theme that isn’t like Coup. Something suddenly went wrong in the lab and you and your fellow scientists are infected with a toxin. You all must work together to find the antidote to the toxin by sharing the research you have gathered while in the lab before you all die! Will the scientists be truthful and share their research or will this turn into a game of deception, greed and unethical experimentation?


Last Starfleet:

Prepare for a cooperative adventure card game set in 41st century space! You play a resilient human who is a captain of a star ship answering a distress call after a catastrophe hits a human colony. You and the other players join forces and use their deck of cards featuring upgrades, items and crew members to help solve the issue and create a lasting human colony in space. The story sounds pretty vague but the diversity lies in the captain and ship choices. The variety in art and decks will mean that each captain and crew will play a bit differently.


Island Dice:

This hex-based island adventure game features 21 dice to help tell the story. Players find themselves on an unknown island filled with monsters and natives. You and the others must survive the island and each other if necessary. Players can choose to work together and use their dice rolls for peace with the native tribes or can attack and kill all the other players to be the victory, which is pretty dark for a dice game for 8 years old and above. There looks to be lots of dice rolling and pressing your luck in a 1-2 hours of gameplay.


Dungeon Lords (5th Anniversary):

Zug zug! Come build a dungeon! This classic game is getting a reprint with a new big box to hold the base game, expansions and improved token pieces. As a Dungeon Lord you are creating a dungeon filled with traps and monsters which is built by your minion workers. Adventurers will come to take on your dungeon’s challenges and test your constructed death trap. Gather points for having a successful dungeon and being the most evil dungeon lord! This game was designed by Vlaada Chvátil, a designer well-loved for his games Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, Mage Knight and more.


New Dawn:

We’re happy to see more designers creating legacy games meaning creating games that are based in the same universe or designer world. Luke wrote about this and theme in a recent article. It’s a great way to get gamers invested in your games by having a shared and connected story throughout all of them. New Dawn is the thematic sequel to Among the Stars (a galactic, diplomacy centric card game from Kickstarter this past April) and features alien races looking to rebuild the galaxy by exploring those planets destroyed in the great Purge. As an explorer, you are in charge of exploring planets for resources, capturing bases, establishing facilities, inventing new technology and sending supplies to the Alliance to stave off war. Again if you like the sci fi alien world of Mass Effect, New Dawn is definitely your cup of tea.


Scrapyard Empire:

All right Steampunk fans, this game was made for you! Compete in this Willy Wonka-esque competition to win an eccentric inventor’s fortune by building large machines out of the scraps of his junkyard. Following blueprints, players will work to build, trade and sabotage in order to be the first with a completed machine. It’s a quick card game that will be filled to the brim with goggled characters and robots with gears.

Shadows of Arkham:

This Seattle-based team of designers set out to create an homage to Ameritrash games in the form of one of the most overdone settings: Cthulhu; however,  I wouldn’t discount this game based on its overused source material. The intro video is very genre-aware and the game is said to be about normal citizens unraveling reality and dealing with consequences of uncovering the dark forces and is NOT about combat. Thank goodness! With the beautiful thematic art and bringing the focus back to everyday citizens in a small town, I feel that Shadows of Arkham not only realistically captures the Cthulhu theme but is also a unique game.



Dungeon Escape:

I played a lot of memory games as a kid. Most featured pairs of images of food, animals, houses, etc and were pretty boring and basic ways to train my brain. Dungeon Escape is a twist on classic memory games where kids and adults play as fantasy heroes looking to collect the most points through matching pairs of cards. There are also pairs of cards that initiate a battle to steal cards from another player. The game is very simplistic, is played in a matter of minutes and features high quality generic fantasy artwork sure to inspire a kid’s imagination.

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came from humble beginnings as a Boise suburbanite with a love of Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. She attended an open board game day three years ago and is now an avid gamer and fantasy artist. Her interests are primarily in Dungeons & Dragons, dice placement and Roman-themed tabletop games. Nicole is also a fan of playing games that let her release her inner barbarian. Her favorite game currently is Far Space Foundry.

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