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Published on July 16th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


July Kickstarter Updates Part 2

We can’t believe it’s halfway through July already! Even with the heat of summer upon us the number of indie games on Kickstarter continues to grow. We have 10 more games for this month that are worth your hard-earned lemonade stand money:


This time YOU are the zombies and the enemies that you’ll be beating down are the humans who are trying to gang up on you and prevent you from enjoying their brains. This is a co-op card game or players can pick a side of the conflict and play again each other in the common human versus zombies manner. There’s an attempt here towards making a different zombie game and there are different zombie types that come into play. The two types of gameplay are also a plus as it doubles its replayability.


For those that are unfamiliar with this organization, Unpub or The Unpublished Games Network “is a growing community of game designers, publishers, players, retailers and artists working towards the creation of new and unique table top games that will keep people entertained for generations to come.” They recently create a Kickstarter to help back their 5th convention and to help fund their efforts to grow the hobby and reach of indie designers’ games. Oh and if you’re in Seattle, Across The Board Games is helping host an Unpub event July 26th– you are welcome to attend and play games from local designers!


Terrene Odyssey

Speaking of cool, indie designers, Chris Solis- one of the people who made Terrene Odyssey will be demoing the game at the Unpub event we linked above. Terrene Odyssey is a coop combat-heavy game focused on the combat system of a JRPG and is set in a fantastical but destabilized world. 2-4 players can customize their starting cards and strategies to fit with their party composition. This customization allows for playing many different strategies.


Speakeasy is a social deduction game that is even better as a party starter. From 10-20 people can join in on the fun with a role, a point and a password. Password cards definitely have my attention as players find other players that are part of their faction (part of the mob or feds) by casually dropping their password in conversations. Speakeasy isn’t static as the flow of the game depends on the players and isn’t turn based. This is a simplistic game that can be as grand and fun as the players make it out to be. It’s a great alternate to murder mystery parties.


This multi-faction strategy game pits multiple players against one another in this pseudo-futuristic world of robots, beasts and high-tech weaponry and armor. Players can customize their general’s strategies, soldiers and even the initial layout of the objectives. The ability to customize the battle map and the use of card stands instead of expensive miniatures make Factions one of the most affordable strategic war games I’ve seen.

Official ElfQuest Adventure Card Game

I unfortunately do not remember ElfQuest but for those that are big fans of the license, world and Wendy and Richard Pini this game is for you! As a group of elves new to the world, you must help your fellow elves survive the harsh lands and evil monsters in addition to raising a family in your clan. Play through scenarios with 1-4 players in this harsh and fantastically illustrated world.


Cards: the Attackening

Gather your best Attackeners together and battle for bragging rights. Cards the Attackening is a competitive card game for 2-4 players where pixel characters gain pets, weapons and more to attack and defeat their foes. This game could fall into the same pitfalls as Munckin where players choosing who to fight can often stonewall the game, but hopefully the added evade cards will be enough to prevent that from happening.

Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds

The creators of the Mouse Guard comics and roleplaying game have come together to create a light, abstract strategy game that comes from the Mouse Guard world. Those familiar with the comics may have seen Mouse Guard characters relaxing and playing a game featuring mice-head pieces. Now that game is a reality! It is for two players, is easy to learn and is a quick game for gamers, kids and families. The game features a board with plastic pieces and cards that determine movement of those pieces.

Stand & Deliver

You get to be the bad guy in this game. Become the most notorious highwayman or highwaywoman in Stand & Deliver. Hold up carriages to gain notoriety, potential alliances and lots and lots of money! This is a quick card game (15-30mins) that can be played with 1-6 players.


Beasts of Burden

Go through a dungeon and avoid traps, kill monsters, trick your competing adventures and all the while face the most difficult burden to adventures: too much loot! A large part of this casual card game will be managing your inventory but it won’t be as easy as sorting by rarity in most games-certain monsters and challenges require different items. It’s a gamble going into a dungeon and this game offers a new look into how best to prepare for those dungeon challenges that lie ahead.

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