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Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


July 2015 Kickstarter Updates

Hello July! The constant heat and brightness from the day orb has many of us gamers in Seattle flocking to public spaces to enjoy AC, a cold beer and a board game or two.


Compete in the black market game to make potions and conjure powerful magic in Apotheca. The first Apothecary to create three sets of three different potions wins the game and gains entry into The Secret Potion Society. This bold theme of alchemy brings together spacial strategy, deception and deduction into a quick tile game.


As gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, you are the powers of the universe and demand the worship of mortals on the earth. More and more citizens are turning away from prayer and piety so it is your job to put the fear of god(s) back into them by sending down a torrent of deadly monsters. Send in gorgons, attack cities and scare people into worshiping at your temple again. The god or goddess who won the most faith by the end wins the game! Full card art and gorgeous renditions of classical Greek monsters give Monstrous even more allure.

The Gallerist:

If you love complex market simulation Euro games, it is worth checking out The Gallerist (which only has 4 DAYS left in their campaign). The player represents a mega art manager: one part art dealer, museum curator and artist manager all rolled into one goal: build the most wealthy and lucrative art gallery. Players will compete for artists, gallery fame and influence in international markets in order to grow their own prestige. The set up reminds me a lot of Pret a Porter: a French game with a similar focus and goal except the player represents the fashion designer looking to start their own business and successful line of clothing.


EFFWORDS brings together the casual, party game and Scrabble tiles to deliver an entertaining word-creation game. From a group of 7 tiles a lead player forms a completely fictional word to which the other players will submit a card with a definition. The lead player decides on his or her favorite definition and play continues. It is a straightforward game and lets players add their creative touch in making up the words.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes’ Call and 2nd Edition:

The successful 4x micro civilization game is back with its second edition printing and brand new features as well as the opportunity to pair the Heroes’ Call expansion in one pledge. The expansion has a new resource, new territory maps, new races and added heroes. Build, Defend and Learn in this great gateway Euro-style game.

Blood Oath:

Vampires, Humans and Werewolves will never be able to live peacefully together, will they? In Blood Oath, players choose one of the factions to represent in a card battling game. Each player commands a leader of the faction and summons hoards of your kind to fight off your enemies. The recommended gameplay is a 3 player free for all with the winner being the last faction standing alive. Blood Oath features an intuitive turn combat format and tactical unit placement (there are 2 flank positions on the player mate) combined with various strategy from leader, character and spell abilites.


Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape:

Just as the game implies, players control a group of prisoners plotting to escape their prison. In order to make a successful escape they will need to gather items to Macgyver them into useful tools. The prisons must collect these items in the different rooms of the prison without being caught by one of the cards. These bad guys (and hopefully maybe some bad gals too? *hint hint*) steal items from each other and actively work against each other because the first player to get two of their prisoners out will win.


Is my favorite game on the list in terms of theme, price and casual card gameplay. Hocus combines poker and magic spells in a competitive hand management game. Players are attempting to be the first to score a number of points. At just $15, Hocus is an accessible game at that price and it includes different levels of difficulty to suit different gamer’s abilities.

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