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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


July 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

We’re halfway into this month and all the heat hasn’t affected the constant flow of tabletop Kickstarters. In addition to games, I have included a lot of campaigns for board game products and accessories that we feel are worth mentioning and supporting. And I may have added some rpgs and story games. What can I say, I like a lot of different games ūüôā

100 Swords:

Gamers are loving 100 Swords! It is a quick a dungeon delving card game for two players and includes streamlined deckbuilding mechanics. Players are racing to find riches and valuable swords through the dungeon rooms. Accumulating loot happens quickly and players work on slaying and avoiding monsters in their path. The dungeon concludes with a boss fight and all this gameplay happens in about 20 minutes. Read our full review of 100 Swords by Laboratory Games.

Roll Saga:

This simulation baseball game was made by a passionate, former baseball player who is looking to bring the fun of baseball to tabletop format. Realistic stats and a fully-detailed experience are the focus in Roll Saga. Players have control over so many aspects of the game like pitching, base running, coaches, field shape, etc. Roll Saga aims to create an intricate experience of baseball, but there are multiple ways to play from the long 2 hour game to the shortened 20 minute game. I do wish the game had art like character portraitsРjust something to add a little color and visual excitement to the game.

TerraTiles: Coasts and Rivers:

These terrain maps are large and perfect for any roleplaying or miniatures game. ¬†A full box covers 24 square feet. These hexes also feature some of the best landscape art I’ve seen. This Coast and Rivers set is the second set by these designers and it was the set voted on by the previous TerraTiles backers. If you want an easy-setup, beautifully illustrated landscape for your rpgs, please consider backing TerraTiles.


Cheapass Games is back with a speedy card game. Brawl was a game Cheapass Games released in the 90’s and features a very 90’s arcade fighter motiff. This Kickstarter will fund a¬†reprinting of all the original six player decks. In this game, 2 or more players take on a character deck and fight each other.¬†The game is played in real-time and helps make Brawl a very fast, casual card game that anyone can enjoy at anytime – especially those who have a soft spot for 90’s fighting arcade games.

Swords and Bagpipes:

Deduction, treachery and a lot of tartans are in Swords and Bagpipes. This multiplayer game lets players represent a Scottish clan leader from the medieval War of Independence. Just as the conflicts in Braveheart, players can choose to defend Scotland from the English invaders or betray their fellow Scottish brothers for wealth and glory. For those that enjoy a good social deduction or shifting allegiances game, Swords and Bagpipes is sure to please.

Rivals: Masters of the Deep:

Players take up sides in a war that’s been brewing underwater for many years. It’s Cog (steampunk, land-dwelling divers) versus Nautilus (tentacle faced, water-breathers) in this tactical miniatures game set in the Lurk, and underwater landscape. There will be battles with opponents and the random creatures of the Lurk – even man-eating coral and angler fish! I’m excited to see a tactics game set in a unique, underwater world and hope that with a successful campaign, we’ll get to see more games in the World of Rivals.

The Shattered Crown:

If you want an epic fantasy war game with historical conflicts, Arthurian legends and political intrigue, let me introduce you to The Shattered Crown. This war game brings a lot of minis to the table and lets players command a vast army led by a Leader, Mage and Hero. The Shattered Crown looks to combine tactical, war game strategies and the use of magic and spells into one big battle for the throne. The animal-riding characters are what drew me in. I wish I could see more mounted characters or ones that were more diverse rather than the generic elves, humans and dwarves divide that is common in fantasy games.

Cardboard Clothing:

Cardboard Clothing was founded by Justin Schaffer of Terra Nova Games and his friends Jerry & Sierra Lanier to provide a way for boardgamers to express themselves and their love of the boardgaming hobby. Their designs are subtle and feature classy references to some of your favorite board games like Ticket to Ride, Power Grid, 7 Wonders and more. There are also meeple ties and bowties available in this campaign. All products are made in the US in Colorado and Utah and the designs are created by passionate board gamers.


Reaper Miniatures: Bones 3:

It’s back! Hold onto your wallets, because Reaper minis is back with their 3rd Bone campaign. If you’re ever looking for a deal on a lot of miniatures from¬†fantasy, modern or¬†medieval worlds, this is the campaign to jump on. We have enough unpainted Bones minis to last us a while, but if you’re looking for a collection of your own: $100 dollars gets you a huge base set of minis, plus access to additional minis, large, scale dragon add-ons and more! The last campaign gave backers a total of 150 minis for their $100 pledge- such a good deal!


This collaborative storytelling game comes from a passionate, local story gamer who wants to bring people together to make a world they love… and then destroy it. 2-3 players create a society and pick a societal hubris. Then through the lens of the hero and supporting characters, players will share the destruction for the society along the lines of their hubris. The creator, Caroline Hobbs, has playtested Downfall around Washington for the past 2 years and has gained many fans. You might also recognize here illustration work in another local storytelling game we love, Kingdom. I’m very excited to back Downfall and bring friends together for this collaborative tale of creation and destruction. Luke and I love story games and the opportunity to build a fantastical world.

I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 tabletop games, accessories and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!


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