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Published on July 1st, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

July 2013 Kickstarter Updates

Take My Money!

I took up the mantle this month to research, watch and read a few noteworthy Kickstarter projects in the gaming genre. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is the perfect place for independent creators to get funding for projects without having to get loans from banks or resort to convincing venture capitalists that their business will make them a lot of money. Creators set a funding goal and work to promote their project and convince customers to help fund their project. Kickstarter projects often include funding tiers that range from access to the game rules and a copy of the game, to possibly more ridiculous rewards like having one of the game characters modeled after your face. Here are a few projects that I felt could use some recognition.

Wok Star:

Great food is another passion of mine and I salivate at the opportunity to combine food and games. Players are one big family trying to run a successful Chinese restaurant with the end goal of pleasing customers and satisfying investors. The intention of Wok Star is to create a multi-player, cooperative game that promotes individual responsibility. The game is played in real time with players taking their turns simultaneously. The longer players spend deliberating the more likely a customer will walk away unsatisfied and the restaurant will lose money and reputation. My biggest concern is what this gameplay will look like if everyone is reaching for the same things at the same time while under a time limit. I worry that Wok Star may be a game of too many hands in the wok.

Boss Fight:

Boss fight is a card game that is part Magic the Gathering, Uno and Munchkin. Multiple players are all boss monsters trying to kill the invading hero and become the final boss. There seems to be a bit more strategy than a Munchkin game with the promise of LCG-type expansions in the future to add more content. I never grew up playing 8-bit dungeon crawlers, so the retro, low resolution pixel graphics are lost on me. Perhaps the art style will be more favorable to those with that sort of gaming nostalgia.

Kaos Ball:

This is the game the made me remember that the “Remind Me” feature of Kickstarter was made for people like me who never remember what day it is. I missed funding the fantasy sports game I’ve always wanted with art direction that rivals the top board game companies. Players manage a professional kaos ball team and play simultaneously with up to 3 other players. This is a fantasy sports game in the tradition of Blood Bowl but with the ability to play four teams simultaneously. The game is promise of strategy, fun and and violent competition!

Cthulhu Wars:

Finally a Cthulhu game where I can play as the tentacley-elder god himself. This is a board-control game where players are the various elder gods fighting for domination of the earth. The sculpts included in the game are a fine representation of the scale and the horror of the elder gods. The grandiose gameplay makes this Cthulhu Wars a nice change of pace from the slow horror and investigation Cthulhu games that I am used to.

The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy:

How can I say no to a company devoted to producing 150+ unique sculpts of an all-female cast of characters that aren’t just more T&A poses?! Sure I have an insane box of 130 Bones miniatures in the mail and a serious lack of minis paints in my collection and a student loan that needs a bit more attention… But come on! These ladies have muscles, guns, whits, tech and the best detailing I’ve ever seen in miniatures. They are seen riding on WWII-style motorcycles, fighting in exoskeleton power suits and commanding legions while standing on the skulls of their enemies. If you like to paint, collect or play with minis, this is definitely a Kickstarter you should support. Clear everything off your game mantel– these ladies are worth the space.

Seas of Iron: 

Were you in the Navy? Do you like war games? Did you play Battleship as a child? Seas of Iron is for you! 2-4 players take turns blasting and burning sections of their opponents battleship and multiple crew members until there is only one remaining. The game is fast, simple and has only a handful of pieces. Not recommended for those that want to play out a Memoir 44-length naval battle.


Despite an introduction video where the creators tried really hard to alienate me as a customer instead of making me laugh, I still very much want to support this game. VivaJava is a mechanics-heavy game with a goal of creating the best coffee bean blend and does so without a giant board and 100+ pieces. There are varying levels of complexity and modular components. They have succeeded in making a 90-minute, Eurostyle game that can fit in a coffee tumbler.

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale:

Belle, Snow White, Pinnochio and many more of your favorite fairy tale characters fight to the death in this Hunger Games/Battle Royale-inspired board game. Players are fighting to survive by any means necessary. Fairytale Games has an impressive level of reward tiers including a 200 page artbook with all the game work and fairytale fan art I could want. I couldn’t resist this siren’s song: expect a full review of the game when I receive it!


In Paperback, players are a struggling novelist looking to write and publish a best-selling paperback novel. This is a card game that combines a basic deck builder with Scrabble. Players build words and buy letters to add to their novel. This is a game I am convinced that your parents will play and love. My parents and grandparents were always more about games that involved letters and words like Scategories, Boggle and Scrabble; and boy, were they good at those games! Just don’t be offended when your parents surpass you in this game too!

Something Different:

A party game that is all about “do what the card says”. This card game can support a whole host of players and looks to seamlessly integrate dexterous, creative and trivia challenges of Cranium with the ever-changing rule set of Fluxx. A player will win if he ends his turn with an empty hand. This is definitely the next party game.

Kickstarter grants access to the vastly creative games by devoted gamers and ambitious designers. With limited time and a limited amount of money to throw around, picking which games to feature and fund is a hard decision. That is why you should check out Kickstarter to see many more projects that are waiting to come to life!

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Nicole Jekich

came from humble beginnings as a Boise suburbanite with a love of Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. She attended an open board game day three years ago and is now an avid gamer and fantasy artist. Her interests are primarily in Dungeons & Dragons, dice placement and Roman-themed tabletop games. Nicole is also a fan of playing games that let her release her inner barbarian. Her favorite game currently is Far Space Foundry.

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