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Published on January 15th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


January Kickstarter Updates Number Two!

I thought that the Kickstarter gaming world would be a little more at rest after the holidays, just like most retailers. After working many customer service jobs, I’ve witnessed many of the deserted stores and quieter mall parking lots in January every year. Apparently there are a ton of designers out there that aren’t about to wait until spring to unveil their new idea. We have TEN MORE games that are worth taking a look at on Kickstarter and some of them are plowing through their stretch goals.

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tiny epic kingdoms board game

Tiny Epic Kingdoms:

Exactly as the name suggests, Tiny Epic Kingdoms is a Euro-style game that fits in your pocket! 2-4 players compete in a race to build their kingdom, learn powerful magic, expand their population and go to war with other factions if needed. Their funding is already double the size of their goal so expect even more factions to choose from after the basic four (Humans, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves). Across The Board Games received a prototype copy and if you want a full review of the gameplay, check out Luke’s review!


Theory 12 Games wanted to create a replayable two-player board game set in space. What the creators have come up with is a large scale game which can fit 2-8 players aboard an abandoned space station. Each player represents an alien species commando squad which have come aboard the abandoned vessel to steal technology that will help their respective species survive. Players will have to battle a monster, the vessel’s security measures and each other aboard this massive space ship!



Big Box Fresco:

The art graduate in me tells me that I have to fund this game. Fresco: Big Box Edition will have players competing to finish their ceiling fresco first to win the Bishop’s favor and you will explore many other realms of art in the process. The box includes the Fresco base game and all TEN mini-expansions. For those that are fans of the other well-known Queen Games board games like Amerigo, Via Appia and Alhambra, they are offering game bundles in their reward tiers.


Four Tribes:

Four Tribes aims to be a casual and engaging two-player game set in Norsia, a fictional nordic country. Each player represents a country which has been at war for many years. Each player needs to end the war and claim victory but to do that, they must gain the favor and support of the Elders. Each Elder comes from a tribe with different strengths to help your force. With Standard rules, Advanced play and potentially four-player gameplay, Four Tribes offers much replayability and will add a casual war game to the shelf.


In Chaosmos, the creator puts it best: you are playing against the players and not against the game. Imagine a combination of Indiana Jones, Cosmic Encounter and Old Maid and you’ll be a little bit closer to understanding Chaosmos. Players are aliens traveling around planets and solar systems seeking an ancient artifact, the Ovoid, that will save their species from the destruction of the Cosmos! Players will need to lay traps, trick and attack their opponents while on their search hoping to gain more information to the Ovoid’s whereabouts or to steal it from another’s possession.

ultimate werewolf cards

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition:

Your favorite hidden roles party game is back! Werewolf gets a facelift with even more content like new roles, new game design and a TON of new art. They have an amazing list of stretch goals too, which includes alternate card art illustrated by famous board game cover artists.



Japanese: The Card Game:

This is a completely different game than the rest on this list. Japanese the Card Game isn’t about winning or gathering victory points, its reward is learning Japanese. The card game is similar to Mad Libs as players are taught to form sentences in Japanese and shown how to form those sentences in a proper, grammatically correct way.




In addition to being a great example of well-done sprite art, Villages is a competitive card game based on the Rummikub set collection model. Players are competing to lay down a matching set of three cards to help expand their kingdom and collect gold. Easily portable and east to learn, Villages offers a casual game with a retro twist.




Fief is not your everyday territory and faction control board game. Players represent noble families in 13th century France who are looking to gain territory, titles and wealth. Those perks come with ruling over towns to gain the title of Earl, Duchess or Bishop.  What is the most unique feature of this game is how players can form alliances in the form of marriage with other players. Married players combine their victory points and can win as a unit; but  if the union becomes sour watch out because their are ways to get an annulment or plan the untimely death of your spouse!




You don’t have to be the Swedish Chef to cook together in Burgoo! Tasty Minstrel Games is on a roll and has produced another micro game! Burgoo is another ‘pay what you want’, tile game where players are looking to be named the most notable chef. Players gather ingredients and all them to the pot in the center. The player to successfully add all their ingredients win! Burgoo is a micro game at the recommended micro price of $5.



And there you have it! Ten more games that your could add to your expanding gaming library. As part of our new additions to Across The Board Games, each Kickstarter campaign we mention in our Kickstarter updates article will have a picture. That’s 50% more pictures! If you feel that we missed a campaign that is worth mentioning, let us know in the comments, on Facebook or twitter.




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