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Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich

January Kickstarter Update

Welcome to 2014 everyone! We’re ready to kick off the new year with supporting independent developers and gamers! Here is your first list of Kickstarters in the new year and a majority of them are two player games perfect for you and that special gamer someone.


Tricked-Out Hero:

Your favorite 52-card deck games get a fantasy facelift! The suites have been altered to show stats. Compete in a dungeon delve with friends where unlike Munckin, players are competing to have the most gold at the end of the delve. This is definitely a lengthy game which estimates about 30 minutes per player.

Ruckus: The Goblin Army Game:

It’s about time someone paid attention and gave Goblins their due! Ruckus is a 2-player competitive game where each player drafts a team of goblins from 4 different factions to create the ultimate skull-crushing team. Combat is arranged in a pyramid formation with up to 3 different ranks which is similar to the Warlord LCG.


MegaMan The Board Game:

This game does not need an introduction as the funding for this favorite Capcom-licensed character is WAY beyond its original goals. Despite having a well-known license and flashy figurines, the gameplay for the MegaMan anniversary board game is unknown. One player runs around a level encountering multiple villains all under the control of other players until the final showdown against Dr. Wiley. Either way the game won’t stop people fighting over playing as MegaMan.


As a lover of any Roman-themed game, Palantine feels like a future addition to my gaming shelf. Rome is crumbling and players control wealthy noble families looking to seize control of the empire. This is a game of strategy featuring trade, war and politics; however, the creators have said that this game does not favor the experienced gamer and that it looks to equalize the players. For those that really want to get in theme the game will also be translated into Latin.


Is a two player game where each player is a king or queen of their castle and work towards ruling all the land. There are many facets to the gameplay and to maintain and grow their castle a ruler will need serfs, a spouse and children, knights to fight in their honor, supplies and maybe even some dark magic! Rules and cards are all available on the Kickstarter page and at $15 for the whole game, CASTLES is a great buy for a portable game.



Duel Fighters:

Remember those TV shows that would pit a ninja against a samurai and speculate who would win? Well now you don’t have to hire aspiring actors and low-grade CGI to get the same effect–Duel Fighters let’s you have that battle! This game features 75mm high-detailed miniatures of your favorite fantasy character types like the raging barbarian, aloof dark elf, the noble crusader and blood-thirsty orc. Play the epic battle in a fight where anything goes–tricky movement, feints and sand in the eye and more can be used in this game. All that matters is victory!

Cross Hares: Testing Ground:

A couple veteran gamers are looking to redo beloved board games of their past. 1A Games is taking inspiration from path-based games like Fireball Island, Indian Jones and more and modernizing the game design to better fit the adult gamer audience. Players chose a unique, stated-out hare to play during the adventure. Since there are multiple cards and discoveries along the board path, their are many options available to the characters. The varied opportunities to change up the game including mini games that only unlock with specific dice rolls allow Cross Hares to be played multiple times with different results.



If you have a love of bikes and are looking for a casual card game to play with friends, Geared combines those two favorite past times! Players are looking to complete and score as many bikes as possible. The first player to reach 1000 points is the winner. There are multiple bike cards to help with constructing a fancy bike but there are also action cards which players use to alter other players’ bikes and sabotage their plans. A game is about 20-30 minutes and is a great for kids and adults!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb:

This game is what would happen if you crammed all the unsolved mysteries episodes into one game. There is a secret tomb that has appeared in the Bermuda Triangle. It has famous names like Shangri-La or El Dorado and you are just the expert to go on this insane adventure. Players will compete for the tomb’s secrets against the guardians, mythical creatures and other interested parties like the Illuminati. This mash-up pulp-adventure game is sure to please any conspiracy gamer and lover of the unknown.


Antillia: Lost Cities of Gold:

Odyssey Games’ plan for Antillia is to create a game that would encompass a dungeon crawl and interactive roleplaying game elements in a board game that would accessible to any level of gamer. Players are adventurers who discover a long lost island of gold and are looking to gain the island’s treasures. The dungeon is created and explored through dice-rolling and a buildable map made of up to 40 different map tiles. I’m a lover of Aztec art and mythology and hope their might be some of those themes in the game or better year, Aztec monsters!

Ten independent designers and companies are looking to start 2014 with a successful project! If there are any projects we missed let us know in the comments, on Facebook or twitter and who knows, we may write up another Kickstarter post for this month.

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came from humble beginnings as a Boise suburbanite with a love of Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. She attended an open board game day three years ago and is now an avid gamer and fantasy artist. Her interests are primarily in Dungeons & Dragons, dice placement and Roman-themed tabletop games. Nicole is also a fan of playing games that let her release her inner barbarian. Her favorite game currently is Far Space Foundry.

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