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Published on January 7th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


January 2016 Kickstarter Updates

Happy New Year! We watched fireworks, drank champagne and rang in 2016 with a strong resolution to play more games. After a relaxing holiday break we are ready to start 2016 right with 10 Kickstarter campaigns that hit the ground running in the new year:

Avignon: A Clash of Popes:

With less than 20 cards in the entire game, Avignon is a wallet-sized game that will go anywhere you do. This is a two player micro game where players are competing for the position of pope in 14th century Italy. Players will take turns pushing, pulling and even excommunicating characters in an attempt to gain their influence and vote for pope. This is a quick game that anyone can easily and quickly play through during down time. The print and play is available for those that want to play right away, but contributing just $8 will get you a printed copy of Avignon.

Nemo’s War: Second Edition:

Enjoy all the risk and reward of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea exploration and adventure in this detailed solo play board game. As Captain Nemo you are in charge of keeping your ship and crew in top shape, retrieving sunken treasures and retaining your own sanity as you take on all the challenges on the high seas. I personally am not a fan of solitaire games but for those of you who want a challenging, story-heavy game that’s received enough positive support to bring about a second printing, be sure to check out Nemo’s War before the campaign ends on January 28th.


This quick card game is all about controlling the intergalactic real estate market and pleasing your picky clients. As realtors, you’re looking to please the varied furby-like alien creatures that want to inhabit your solar systems. Take turns placing aliens down in your or your opponents’ solar systems and use their special abilities to come out ahead with the most victory points. Each alien race has a unique requirement or multiplier which alter the victory point count. Meanies for example are -1 victory points but if a solar system has Meanies more than any other race, they score 3 points instead each. This game is a cute risk management and interactive card game great for kids and furby-alien lovers alike.

Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting:

The name says it all. This game is about pitting dinosaurs against each other in a tactical gladiatorial combat. For those that enjoy with hex and chits games, Ultimate Dinosaur Fighting offers a lot of challenge and replayability from placing terrain to card upgrades to the 9 different stated-up dinosaurs you can choose from. This game fits 2-6 players and games with more players tend to go more quickly (as 6 raging and upgraded dinosaurs can cause a LOT of damage). The versatility in the combat comes from the different options to upgrade your dinosaur through Tech, Mutations and/or special Training which sounds like a lot of fun too me. UDF lets you put lasers on a Triceratops-what more do you need?


CitiesUp is a city building simulation game with a lot of crunch. 2-4 players act as investors in a city and are trying to build the most buildings, supply those buildings with utilities and reap those sweet tax rewards. Gameplay is very complex and players will look to manage their resources and navigate the demands and opportunities of the city. Players can build three different types of buildings: residential, commercial and industrial. Each type has unique buildings which give their investors certain rewards based on their relationship to other buildings in the center board. I love games that create a very visual representation of the game’s progress and the buildings in CitiesUp are represented by cubes stacked on top of each other literally forming a mini, 3D city in the center board.

The Daring & The Doomed:

This debut game by Runehammer Games features 144 unique pixel art cards that players will use to build, defend and hoard supplies for their kingdom. The gameplay is simple as each turn players will draw one card and then play one card. Each player is working to be the first kingdom to collect 20 gold to win the game. There is a variety of strategies and ways to win gold. Players can enjoy set collecting food, building defenses to thwart their opponents and supply their kingdom heroes with weapons to fight off monsters. This campaign only offers the printed cards so backers will need to provide their own dice and coins or tokens to track gold.

Attack of the Killer Kittens:

This quick, player elimination card game is on par with games like UNO or Nuts where players battle each other to be the last kitten left alive. Each player has 9 lives and take turns playing cards to a stack in an attempt to rid their opponents of those 9 lives. Attack of the Killer Kittens features cute, cartoon cats and the gameplay is simplistic for even kids to pick up on their own. I do wish there were more different types of cards to extend the replayability and strategy of this game. The elimination can also be quick and brutal as certain cards like Kitten Armageddon can instantly eliminate a player if they don’t have a defensive card.

Dice Bazaar:

This dice game features simple ‘roll and buy’ gameplay. There is a bazaar with various items for sale and players will buy these items with a certain specific number and faces of dice. The more expensive the item, the more dice they require for trade. The winning strategy is to block opponents by buying items before they do and trading up lesser items for more expensive items. Players will try to end the game with the most expensive collection. This is a great filler game and a great gateway game for more complicated dice rolling games.


NeoMercs brings you a customizable collectible card game where two players compete using a 60 card deck filled with powerful psychics, mercenary training and a new advanced nanotech drug, TIK, to fight off their opponent and collect NeoStars to win. NeoMercs is a setting-rich game and has a lot of photo-realistic art that really immerses you in the setting. Instead of just a life total objective, players can play different missions which change up the objective of the game; but will still need to collect 12 NeoStars to win. Unlike many other CCGs, gameplay is faster and games will take around 15 minutes.

Dead Man’s Draw: Captain Carcass:

Dead Man’s Draw is getting a deluxe version including new art, components and a beautiful tin box to commemorate this reprinting. This was a popular game made by Mayday games and licensed by Stardock Entertainment (a name I haven’t heard since playing their MOBA, Demigod). This card game for 2-4 players is a fast, press-your-luck game of set collection. Players will try to score the most points by collecting one of the six suits in the game and scoring them, but will have to be careful to not “bust” and lose everything. Enjoy digital card games? Dead Man’s Draw is also available as an app!

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal.

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