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January 2016 Kickstarter Updates part 2

We’re well into 2016 and the flood of Kickstarter campaigns are upon us! There is no better month to make your indie game debut than January so you may notice that this update has a lot of campaigns because there are so many good ones out there to support! Do you have a favorite?

VENOM Assault:

VENOM Assault is a cooperative mission for the best and most talented freedom fighters looking to take down the bad guys and keep our planet and people safe. This action-packed deck building game will assemble 1-5 players to form elite members of the UN’S Freedom Squadron. As part of this squad you are tasked with working together to locate, fight and destroy the leaders of the VENOM organization known for their global acts and operations of terror. Players will work together to recruit task forces and send them out to different locations over the world to combat specific VENOM strongholds. Manage resources and risk to wipe out the enemy before they can follow through on their evil plan. VENOM Assault is a game that any kid of 80’s would be excited to play. The game is an ode to 80’s action cartoons like GI Joe and Transformers and the gameplay brings together common gameplay styles into a cooperative and engaging setting. Look for a full VENOM Assault review from ATBG later this week!

Street Kings:

The Board to Death crew is back on Kickstarter with their resource management and strategic racing game for car lovers. Players are working to become the king of the street with the best ride and driving rep in the form of trophies from different races. Players start with D class cars and work their way up the top to earn more money, fame and better, sexier street cars. There is a lot of depth to this game and players have a lot of choices to make with how to steer their racing career. Make money by entering your sweet ride into car shows and compete with your fellow racers on challenging courses that you choose. Not only does your support bring this game to life, but your pledge will also help Board to Death create more video reviews of games in the future. A win-win investment!

The Card Caddy (2x, 3x):

If you’re looking for a better way to transport and organize your card games, Card Caddy is a convenient accessory for gamers on the go. I think the creator explains the products best:

“The Card Caddy is a tabletop gaming accessory and is the only playing card case that converts to a discard tray. It was successfully crowd-funded in early 2015, began retail sales in the Fall, and is now available online and through local retailers. One of the most frequent requests during the original campaign was for larger capacity versions, and this Kickstarter will help make that happen! The Double and Triple Decker versions of the Card Caddy will hold 75 and 100 double-sleeved poker-sized cards (with higher capacities for unsleeved cards, so it’s great for games like Uno, Fluxx, etc). Snap-on accessories, which will fit onto any sized Card Caddy, will be made available as the campaign achieves stretch goals and include storage boxes, score counters, connectors and others. Rewards are projected to be delivered by July 2016.”


Karmaka is a light, easy-to-learn card game with a lot of strategic depth and jaw-dropping artwork. We recently played and reviewed Karmaka on ATBG and in addition to Luke’s praise, Karmaka is getting a lot of rave reviews from game reviewers. I love the theme of karma and how well is represented in the players’ actions and gameplay. Players are competing to be the first person to reach Transcendence on the Karmic ladder and each player begins at the lowest rung, as dung beetles. Players will play over multiple lives and will look to score enough deeds to move onto the next rung on the ladder. Players can also disrupt and negatively affect opponents’ deeds. Any action against other players may come back in your future life as affected players get to take that action card into their Future Life deck to use later in the game. This campaign is also a great example of keeping it simple: you can give $1 to support the project (for good karma too!), buy a copy of the game or buy a copy of Karmaka and Hemisphere Games’ digital game, Osmos.


I’m so excited to see Biergarten back and fully-funded in its first week on Kickstarter! This approachable tile-laying game is all about arranging the perfect outdoor beer garden and venue for Oktoberfest celebrations. 2-4 players accumulate points by drawing cards and attaching the venue additions to their personal starting tile. Players accumulate points by matching colors, connecting tables or enclosing their garden completely (which is a challenging task!). There are a lot of ways to build out your beer garden plus players will be trying to out-match their opponents to have the most points by the end of the game.  We first played and reviewed Biergarten in July 2015 and this is its second time coming to Kickstarter-this time it will see publishing with an estimated delivery date of September-just in time for Oktoberfest. Prost!


This classic auction game by designer Renier Knizia is getting a gorgeous, English edition thanks to Kickstarter backers. This new look will include new illustrations by Vincent Dutrait, rules for 2-6 players and additional components to aid color-blind players. Players compete as buyers for the famous Medici family merchants and sail all over the Mediterranean for the best goods. This game features bidding and auction mechanics with players trying to fill up their ships to bring with them back to Italy. The player with the most gold Florins at the end of three rounds wins!

Fate More: From Bits to Books:

Fred Hicks and Evil Hat are back to bring a two Kickstarter campaigns that will turn their digital Fate supplements and stand alone games into printed, rug books. The digital Fate setting books that are available in this Part One Kickstarter are: Do the Fate of the Flying Temple and Venture City. Do is an Asian-inspired fantasy world first created by Daniel Solis. It is a family-friendly setting and this printed edition will bring more art and a further look into the setting. Venture City combines Venture City Stories and a new addition, Venture City Powers into a single book all about using Fate to power a superhero setting. Luke and I love Fate for how flexible and story-focused the supplements and books are and we are really excited to bring these digital versions onto our rpg book shelf. The more love you show this campaign, the more books and goodies will be unlocked in stretch goals which means our rpg shelf will have a lot of new books!

Province Deluxe Edition:

This new edition of Laboratory’s sold out game is bigger and better. This new edition brings a double sided board with new structures that brings completely new strategy to Province. This 2 player worker placement game is a great beginner game and only takes 25 minutes to play. Two players compete to build structures, gain resources and earn the most money by the end of the game. Players share the workers between themselves, creating an interesting gameplay dynamic. Players who enjoyed the original game will love this upgraded version with bigger pieces and more stylized art and components.

The Pursuit of Happiness:

This game is a more complex and gratifying take on the Game of Life. The Pursuit of Happiness is a popular 2015 Essen game that is getting a larger, 2nd edition print. The colorful and cartoon artwork shows all the variety of things a person can do in a lifetime and players have this level of choice for their player character. Players will control a person from birth and develop their passions, accomplishments and life decisions in this worker placement game where the workers instead represent time. Players can take on projects, get jobs, buy items, establish relationships, raise families and more. Players are competing to see just how much one person can achieve in one lifetime.

Tiny Epic Western:

This 4th installment in the Tiny Epic series is one that I think finally lives up to the namesake. The Western version is a compact game with an impressive setup that works to immerse players in a Western setting. Players look to profit from a booming town by accumulating property, investing in stocks, and managing the tough people of the town. Players choose a role with a unique ability that will help them throughout the game. In addition to all these options in game, players will also be playing poker hands to win influence and if all else fails, challenge players to settle issues in a shootout using appropriate bullet-style d6 dice.

Redneck Invasion:

Redneck Invasion plays out the struggle between different stereotypical groups who just moved into the city, namely: hipsters, preppies, soccer moms and rednecks. These factions are looking to build up this boring city and invest in cultural attractions and creative businesses that they want to see. Just like in other area control games, players are looking to have more control than their opponents but what Redneck invasion does so well is allow the different factions to collaborate on certain business they build to bring something new and mutually beneficially to more than one group. Redneck Invasion is a fun, competitive game that is also very clever in how it simulates gentrification of a fictional city.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal.

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