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Published on January 2nd, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


January 2015 Kickstarter Update

We’re here! It’s officially 2015 which means you can look forward to another year full of new games. I can’t wait to see all the new ideas that independent designers will bring to Kickstarter. This January list is a little light on entries. Typically, there aren’t many Kickstarters right after Christmas. Many people are keeping a tight hold on their wallets and limit their spending…at least for a couple weeks.


Queen Games is back with another Big Box edition of one of their most popular games: Lancaster. Noble families compete to gain esteem and power in England under King Henry V. Control countys, win conflicts using knights and stack Parliment to pass laws in your favor. This box includes the base game, 4 modules to diversify gameplay and an Edo expansion for $85. Big Boxes will not be available for retail stores. For double the price, you can also purchase past Big Box versions of Alhambra and Fresco.

King’s Kilt:

Ascend the ranks from commoner to king to ensure your clan’s dominance. The clans included in the game are represented by their tartan patterns and family names (I found the complete list of registered tartans on Wikipedia).  If you like back stabbing, quick card games, King’s Kilt looks like a lot of fun. Unique: I am a big fan of the card design-it is simplistic, elegant and reads well. The game is set up in a pyramid format where players are literally ascending the different levels.

The Lord of the P.I.G.S:

Republic of Meridia, a melting pot of Southern Europe cultures, is a fictional setting during a time of economic crisis. Players represent four big leaders of Meridia who have task of tackling social and economic improvement of the region. Unique: Players have two paths to lead Meridia’s prosperity: towards social stability and improving the standard of living for the everday citizen OR continue to grow your own wealth, line your pockets and attempt to quell the rising social unrest.

12 Realms: Ghost Town Expansion:

A party of fairytale characters adventures into the Ghost Town realm to rescue a captured character. This is an added expansion for the 12 Realms game and features a new board, art and final boss scenario. Gather the local sheriff’s lost items, find your lost friend and defeat the ghostly apparitions to escape Ghost Town.

Robot Factory:

Nothing is wrong with a little workplace competition in Robot Factory. Up to 4 competing assembly line robots work feverishly to successfully build the best robot faster than their competitors. Work fast but not too fast or else you might slip up and end up being disassembled on line yourself! Unique Feature: To gather pieces from the assembly line, players will navigate a modular and ever-changing board of conveyor belts (kind of like Robot Rally). Planning the trajectory of parts to your robot creation looks like a lot of fun with a lot of potential for unfortunate mishaps-Better get on this campaign soon. It ends in 2 days!

That’s all folks! We wish you the best in 2015 and look forward to sharing even more notable Kickstarter games with you. If you would like us to include a Kickstarter campaign that isn’t on this list please share the campaign with us in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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