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Published on September 24th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Interactive History of Kickstarter

Cool Visual Data with Kickstarter Campaigns

Polygraph recently released their interactive data map which included a collection of 100,000 Kickstarter campaigns. The campaigns were divided by city and color-coded to represent 10 different sub categories like music, film, food, etc. The purple spots represent “games” which includes board games, video games, roleplaying games and board game accessories. The size of the spots grow larger or smaller depending on the number of backers that supported a project. Kickstarter spoke to the importance of this visual data by stating:

“The study puts numbers behind some of our anecdotal hunches… and shines a light on trends we hadn’t yet noticed.”

So if you like data, get ready to dig into some fun stats and numbers!

(Unfortunately this is data only for United States Kickstarter campaigns. I would love to see what this international data looks like too!)
polygraph kickstarter

Looking for Purple Spots

I enjoyed hovering over the purple spots to see what were the most popular game-related campaigns in the different cities. Some were not surprising: Cheapass Games accounted for the larger Kickstarter campaigns in Seattle: Tak had more than 12,000 backers and Pairs had nearly 8,000 backers.

I also perused the different cities that have one HUGE Kickstarter game campaign which unsurprisingly were the popular, party card games. Did you know that Secret Hitler had 34,565 backers?! The explosive popularity of party games like, Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens and Joking Hazard, showed that their success was impressive compared to other all other campaigns in the other categories.

polygraph kickstarter

Getting away from the large cities, there were quite a number of game campaigns scattered throughout many cities. I saw that Soda Pop Miniatures has a HQ for their Kickstarter campaign in Boise, Idaho (my hometown!) and easily makes up the top 3 largest game campaigns in the city.

polygraph kickstarter

Useful Data as a Reviewer and Game Designer

I now have access to information on a lot of successful campaigns and an easy way to find games, companies and networks of designers that I have not run into yet. Our Fund It Friday articles is a way to share games and companies that may not have as much outreach but a lot of times I miss campaigns. At any give time there are over 200 tabletop campaigns on Kickstarter so I’m bound to miss a few but this visual data allows me to search through the successful campaigns and find the ones I missed and follow the ones that pique my interest.

As a game designer using the ‘Games by City and Community’ map to show the most successful campaigns in each city is a great way to better target your game or campaigns outreach. I can select a city and see what were the top 3 campaigns in the city and from there research why this campaign was so successful. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a campaign’s success but with this data I can easily isolate and look at the games in our same community or find games that share similar audiences I’m trying to reach.

With this map I can also see physical hubs of backer activity where there is a greater interest to back games on Kickstarter. As a designer looking to travel to conventions and promote my game this data influences where I might see a greater interest in my game. There are many possibilities and ways to use this data to further improve our game creation community-What do you find most useful or interesting about the data presented in Polygraph’s this visual graph?

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