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Published on July 27th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


Gen Con and Gen Can’t 2015

One of the Biggest Weekends in Tabletop Gaming

The largest tabletop gaming convention in the US is coming this week. Gen Con is arguably the best four days in gaming. Every year thousands of gamers attend the convention in Indianapolis to try new games coming to the market, gain exclusive promo cards, meet designers and play a LOT of games. Learn more about the full schedule at GenCon’s official website.

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Don’t Forget About the Indies

Gen Con is a big deal not just for large, established companies, but also for indie games and small companies looking for exposure. Many new designers hinge their game’s success on their showing at GenCon. Expect to see many Kickstarter campaigns launch close to, during and after the convention.

One table that you should definitely check out will be the Tabletop Co-op in Hall E. A group of Seattle designers put together a co-op space to promote their games to Gen Congoers. There are many familiar games and names in the co-op that we at ATBG have supported and played in the past including Wizard Dodgeball by Mind the Gap Studios, Titan’s Tactics by Imbalanced Games and many more. The schedule for game demos, tournaments and more are at Make sure to stop by and say hi!

gencant 2015

GenCan’t 2015: For Those That Can’t Gen Con

I can’t believe it is the end of July already. I’m always floored for the late-summer convention explosion and this year is no different. Luke and I will be preparing our own games to demo at local conventions in Seattle (DragonFlight and PAX Prime) and in early September we’ll be off to Atlanta to attend DragonCon. Once again, we’ll miss Gen Con this year.

Thankfully, there is GenCan’t – a way to connect gamers like us that aren’t able to attend Gen Con in Indianapolis. This “unconvention” grew from a tongue-in-cheek Twitter hashtag to a full-on gaming community event. GenCan’t encourages gamers to share the games they are playing over the weekend and allows participants to compete for prizes, which include some hot new titles from a variety of sponsors. This event coincides with Gen Con and runs July 30 through August 2nd.

There are a lot of prizes like games and gaming accessories available through their raffle and contest, so be sure to take pictures and share them on Twitter with the #GenCantPic hashtag to be entered into the drawing.

Follow the #GenCant conversation and get updates by following GenCant on Twitter. To learn more about the events, prizes and sponsors, visit Gen Can’t’s official webpage for more information.

Happy Gaming!

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